Thursday, August 18, 2011

Give Us Youse Money Or Our Alien Overlord Pals Will Kill Youse All

Globowarmthinkery has become a colossal Monty Python skit.

Australia, accept the carbon tax or Gilliard will make a collect call to outer space and her xeno mobster friends will descend and ravage the landscape with their laser beams.

You couldn't make this stuff up. It's too crazy. I'm just relaying this madness, that's all.


Anonymous said...

Modern "scienmajifism". They could have made a career in writing second rate scripts for straight-to-video b-movie trash but they opted for what pays better with much less effort. Applying their effeminate sensibilities to "aliens" being alerted about climate change. And stuff like that gets "reported".50 years ago anyone talking like that would be deemed a psychopath. When you hit such low mark it's not difficult to imagine what's next.

Anonymous said...

This calls for a Mastodon moment -

- deadman

Anonymous said...

Tex, I hope you read the comments below the Guardian article. Some really funny stuff. And it doesn't look like many online readers are buying this crap! It doesn't matter what anyone's personal views on the existence of other ETs (besides us), the bottom line is Cooper was right that the control freaks would use the threat to further concentrate and centralize power. I mean if 9/11 was the neocon's Reichstag fire, then this is the globalist's 9/11. Von Braun even allegedly let it slip that a faux alien invasion would be their final gambit.

Anonymous said...

Was the Disclosure Project background for this or the first hints of the dual situation (both a reality of aliens and a false scenario used for advantage)?

One of the members of the Disclosure Project said Werner Von Braun warned that the "last card" in the game (after rogue nations and terrorists) would be an alien threat. He lamented the weaponisation of space and the way we seemed to be held back instead of living the Jetsons style future he and others envisioned we would be in by now. He also discussed with this coworker about the technology for many of these wonders being around but simply kept back because of the economic impact they might have.

Cheap (almost free) energy and cars, planes, nuclear fission, oil, etc. all going obsolete would upset the status quo and remove one very useful reason to invade places around the world (OIL).

Anonymous said...

That Global Warning Waterloo

The exposure of the conspiracy to give false data between the environmental “scientists” was a shock.

It was not shock that they were doing it. Fake science to back PC conclusions is routine. If Political Correctness needed frogs to have hooves a thousand PhDs in any field would line up and swear that frogs have hooves.

What astonished me was the EXPOSURE.

Now we find that Fox News in Britain, the country where that exposure of emails took place, has been exposed as reading emails and other confidential stuff. It could be that the PC pros were on that from the time somebody nailed those British “experts” from their emails.

Or not.

That exposure really derailed the Global Warming freight train. The word was already going out to respectable conservatives that they could no longer publicly deny Global Warming.

It could be an indirect connection. That exposure could have made the PC, meaning the entire academic community and its allies, very sensitive on the whole business of anyone who looked into their real communications.

Either way, I have a strong suspicion that Fox, especially the part of Fox that happens to be in Britain, paid the price.

Anonymous said...

The communist schemes of the uncreative parasitic strain of humanity are so thinly veiled with scraps of respectability, one wonders why they ever seem to succeed for longer than a month. Something to do with increasing corruption in the West, and people starting to accept it as normal. You can see a parallel development in the perception of fictional vampires -- a hundred years from hideous freaks through scary gentlemen to somebody you fall in love with. Basically, the whole West is experiencing a classic case of Stockholm syndrome.

Anonymous said...

This has been a long running idea in science fiction- aliens coming to destroy; or sometimes just quarantine the Earth to protect the rest of the universe. I think the first story along those lines was in the 40's Golden Age of sci fi. Of course the US is always triumphant- lol.


Wong is Wrong said...

Well I for one welcome our new environazi overlords.