Friday, August 5, 2011

Fake Geniuses Of The 20th Century

This man was a fraud, backed by other frauds, who in turn sought testimonials from other frauds to back up their frauds.

How difficult is it to prove a man is a liar when every single thing that emerges from his mouth is a lie, going back to the day he was born? Einstein didn't do his own mathematics, his wife did and she didn't do them very well. His wife was rewarded with his infidelity with at least ten other regular mistresses. The raw payoff from charlatanry and swindling if it results in fame is that it makes it very easy for the conman involved to sleep with a lot of women. That's what Einy the Heiny did - parlay his fake celebrity into a lot of fornication. What this idiot knew about physics you could have written on the back of a postage stamp.

The reason the common man is so confused is that he is very confused and it's really hard to unconfuse someone who has been so thoroughly confused.

The real geniuses of our civilization are also the most anonymous. The biggest frauds have had the most airtime. The very best are known the very least.

It is hardly a wonder the society has failed so rapidly and so profoundly in so many ways. It is so sick and upside down that sanity is only a fondly remembered dream in the forgotten past.


Anonymous said...

Weimar Meets Waterloo

This guy says Itz coming. No one is paying back what they owe and we are fast running out of resources. Its the end of the USA, as we know it.

Red said...

E=MC^2 is fraudulent?

Texas Arcane said...

E=MC2 is brilliant and the charlatan at the Zurich Patent office who stole it off the Italian DePretto's paper and repackaged it as his own idea deserved to be dragged through the streets behind a horse.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, DePretto also had a sloping forehead, drooping boobs, a tube of fat (err, muscle), this is all making sense now!

Enki said to Hamasandwicho your Eye-ties will have their best ideas stolen by German patent clerks, and lo, it was so.

Anonymous said...

"your Eye-ties will have their best ideas stolen by German patent clerks, and lo, it was so."

Olinto De Pretto (1857–1921) was an Italian industrialist, physicist and geologist from Schio, Vicenza. He is credited with being the first person to derive the precise formula E=mc2

Even when it can be checked in 3 seconds using Google, they still lie shamelessly to your face.

"that quality enshrined in a man who, having killed his mother and father, throws himself on the mercy of the court because he is an orphan."

This is one of the reasons why, wherever you go, no one likes you.

Anonymous said...

The troll who likes to call readers of this blog (y'know, the one that also happens to be a reader of this blog) sycophantic suck-ups sounds a little butt-sore to me. I dunno. Am I the only one who thinks it's funny to be accused of intellectual fellacio with Tex by a person who's got the dick of orthodoxy so far down his throat that his tonsils are screaming for mercy?
Of course, I'm referring to the last thread, but I can already foresee the debate continuing here.
(Please excuse my sinking to dick jokes, I didn't start it)

Anonymous said...

The Elegant Universe describes the various tutors of Einstein; one in particular - Teodr Kaluza - gave him his instruction in tensor mechanics that finally gave him grasp of General Relativity

the quantum brains were at Cambridge

Hawkings drinking buddy Penrose has avoided fame, despite his brilliance .. read Emperors' New Mind to find out where consciousness comes from

mind blowing


Anonymous said...

Idiot troll 2:28-
Exactly how does making fun of the oldest narrative known (in this cycle of history) add to your "argument?"
Hamasandwicho, indeed. I think there's one between your ears.


Red said...

Wow, interesting stuff. I had always wondered why Einstein's contributed nothing after his initial theory.

Anonymous said...

Einstein was a fraud.

Anonymous said...

The trolls are coming from inside the HOUSE! Get off the blog before it's too late!

-Troll Whisperer

ME said...

You´re all so pathetic and most probably of low intelligence, seeing conspiracies everywhere, without having ability to see the whole picture and it´s probabilities. Yeah, sure, Italian, gypsie and Arab egos gathered to critisize the Jew, hahahaha. You simple morons have no idea how reality works. You would like to steal EVERY idea from the Jews and then call it your own. Well, why don´t you bring some ingenious ideas, come on, shame the Jew, hahahahahahaha, cretins!!!

Texas Arcane said...

The rambling screed above, as always, has veered off into talmudic gibberish that actually has nothing to do with anything. Good effort Moshe.