Saturday, August 13, 2011

Enoch Powell Was Right

About six years ago I was speaking with my manager at a lunch in South Brisbane. He was from England and when I asked him why he had left, he gave me an explanation that lasted about ten minutes and of course was no explanation at all.

I told him in an offhanded fashion that Britain would be a flaming hellhole of anarchy in a few short years and would likely be under Sharia law by 2020 or even earlier.

He snorted, went red-faced, shook his head at me, snorted again with such force he had spittle running down his chin. He was terrified of any response he might give me, his mind desperately running through a wide array of apologetics but nothing firm seemed to come to him.

"Within a few short years it will be apocalyptic madness, then later Sharia law will be imposed to restore some semblance of order," I reiterated, completely relaxed and without feeling the least bit of distress in discussing the subject. He had gone red as a beet and was trembling with rage at me that I had said this. He was clearly frightened that in responding, he might let something slip that was inappropriate that might compromise his extremely fragile psyche.

It's doubly amusing to hear people questioning my sanity because of my ideas. The average human being is like a rare china doll, their minds are so precariously perched atop a pyramid of lies and madness that any loud sound could collapse their foundations. According to them, I'm supposed to be the unstable or mentally unsound one. I really believe that Soviet-style psychiatry could make a huge comeback under these sorts of people if they could do the necessary social engineering to make it acceptable again.

I changed the subject because I could see the incredible strain it was putting on him, as an act of mercy. He tried to relax and pretend we had switched gears in the conversation but you could tell he had nearly suffered an embolism. Political correctness (bolshevism) takes a terrible toll on the human mind. Terrible.

Watching the video at the link above, do you see how the doom of Britain is inevitable? No miracle saves in the works. The long clock hand of history will move Britain inexorably towards total collapse and dissolution and it doesn't matter what sort of commentary is made about it by media shills while it happens. All their hollow platitudes and meaningless sentiments will not stay their fate by a single day.


Anonymous said...

The useful idiots of the Western world may be in denial or naive, but your writings quite often cheer up my day.

- deadman.

Rowan said...

Before I left the UK, I lived on the border with the black/black muslim area because I didn't have much money. During the year I lived there, 2 white females and 1 white male were murdered down that street.

My sat nav took me down a dead end street once, a pack of blacks were at the end doing something, took one look at me and started chimping out towards me. Quickest U-turn over the pavement and lawn ever made.

Britain is dead. My only hope is that it's collapse will be a warning to Australia.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Sharia law exactly? I thought WU law was based upon the Napoleonic Code which itself is based on...Sharia law. Doesn't seem to have done France any harm for the last two centuries.

Anonymous said...

*EU not WU

Anonymous said...

What will happen in the Kwa will not be another civil war, nor will it be entirely a race war.

It will hold elements of both, but will be far more devastating. It is going to be the worst thing ever experienced by a Nation in modern times.

A war of all against all. Think Yugoslavia on steroids, and I don't think that can even come close to it.

They call me Moe! said...

""chimping out"" that's funny.

Anonymous said...

"My sat nav took me down a dead end street once, a pack of blacks were at the end doing something, took one look at me and started chimping out towards me"

If you go down the wrong street in Australia, the blacks dive in front of your car, so they can sue you. lol

"Britain is dead. My only hope is that it's collapse will be a warning to Australia."

Australia is further along than the UK.

White people on the net are going to have to realize, we are going to have to fight politically and if we don't do that, there will be massive carnage in our lifetimes, because of the crap the "Greatest Generation" and selfish Baby Boomers have dropped us in.

People do not spontaneously wake up in politics. There are no free lunches. You are talking about brainwashing on a societal wide scale. It takes the right skills and hard work to undo it.

Nothing just happens in politics.


I think the USA will be the one to watch, when the naggers and mexis are cut off from the welfare.

From what I heard the average wealth of a white in the USA is $130,000 and the average nagger is just $6,500. 1/3 of those are worth less than $5.

They aren't going to just disappear, when there's no more free soup. It is going to be the biggest chimpout in history.

Texas Arcane said...

No more soup for you !!

(~ obligatory "Seinfeld" reference)