Thursday, August 18, 2011

Earth Is Coming Into Solar Shotgun Range

What protects us from these blasts at all? The magnetic shield, of course. Something you can't even see - but it is up there all the time absorbing the brunt of this energy so it doesn't impact our atmosphere directly. Can you understand why we would worry if it started to show signs of weakening or reversing? During these transitional changes, there is the potential for the earth to be without protection of any kind against raw solar energy.

This is the reason even the simplest single-celled organisms on the planet all appear to have coping strategies for extreme radiation exposure. Can you imagine? Even the littlest creatures know itz coming but humans rarely do. Think of the irony.


Anonymous said...

Moon younger than thought and the chronology and process of its formation proved to be completely different than what the consensus says:

The consensus' only function is to hinder any real knowledge about anything and make us know even less from what little we're supposed to know.

Solsys said...

"Earth Is Coming Into Solar Shotgun Range"

Well it has always been at the same range, more or less ;)

It's just that now the sun has a gun (ho ho ho)

Anonymous said...

And if this vast solar storm results in nothing despite the cries of Chicken Little Tex, is there any irony there to be appreciated?