Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Deep Fault Lines In The Kwa Open For Business

God tries to destroy my hometown, misses, asks for do-over

A portent of ITZ for certain

Entire Eastern Seaboard Felt The Quake

You know if people felt it in Chicago we're talking about a very deep quake here.

Just prior to this in Colorado

Meanwhile, other side of the planet in Indonesia

The reason they put a lot of nuclear reactors in Virginia is that it was supposed to be a geologically stable region. Like Fukushima.

Man proposes, God disposes. Before you make any plans, always append "God willing" to any strategy. I believe the Kwa has used up all of it's warning tickets at this point and the Lord has taken the entire country out of his Microsoft Planner file altogether. The Kwa has rejected the foundations of their heritage and will now be proceeding on their own better angels. I give'em a week.

The country was being pulled down by a demolition crew anyhow, God is just pitching in to help

ADDENDUM : Numerous private sources have told me via email that the Washington Monument is now leaning to one side since the quake. The mass media has moved to suppress all reports on it and is issuing counter-statements asserting it is fine, but my contacts tell me the Kwa now has a kweer looking tilt to it's most prized national landmark. Respect to God for his sense of humor, it's awesome. The ultimate IDIOCRACY-style visual zinger.


Anonymous said...

Just got to ask about the Washington Monument.

What the hell is it supposed to be? Is it a ginormous phallic symbol? Is it a case of my phallic symbol, is bigger than your phallic symbol?

Anonymous said...

Tex was trolled. It's fine. He needs to unsubscribe from the Loony News Network.

Anonymous said...

"Is it a ginormous phallic symbol?"
Probably so. Such things are somewhat ubiquitous in our culture even today. Obelisks, steeples, and other similarly shaped objects are derived from the same idea. This an old idea, even mentioned in the old Testament as "groves" or Asherah in Hebrew.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to remember that Tex's view of America is the view he gets in AU from the US media. reason why I love your blog is that you're skewering of we, the KWA, is basically because you are skewering the media projection of us.

Never forget that the Kwa media is largely myopic propaganda focused on a 'blue' state perspective. While there are quite a bit of liberal/progressive useful idiots, there are plenty of Kwa who reject the bullshit our media feeds us and the rest of the world.

We just know that we don't have the power to change the status quo. Our so-called "democracy" is a sham, our leaders are nothing but puppets, and we are all doing the best we can to live as free as possible amongst the idiocracy of our mass media driven society.

Is the Kwa done?

Perhaps...but you're underestimating the sheer number of us who are armed, ornery, and ready to die on our feet rather than live in submission on our knees to the emerging new world order.

Solsys said...

If we take into considerations the hypothesis of seismic weapons (Haiti, Chile ?) then this "unusual earthquake" just outside of the capital city of the USA sounds ominous.

For instance regarding alleged US plans against Syria and Iran this september. It could be a last warning against that foolishness.

As with warning shots, there are no second chances. The next one (or next ONEs ) might not be subterrestrial...

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps...but you're underestimating the sheer number of us who are armed, ornery, and ready to die on our feet rather than live in submission on our knees to the emerging new world order."

It might be about time to do something other than wait, then. The government is actually counting on a hundred million whites doing nothing but waiting until it's too late. Organise a march involving public hangings, stop paying taxes, do something. Let no one say you didn't even try.

Of course, you're all fearful and you selfishly guard your last earthly moments of comfort when something like that is mentioned, but action will never be easier than now. Spare a thought for future generations. At some point, the government will no longer have any reason to avoid moving all dissidents to concentration camps. Happened in the Soviet Union, to Christians, who did nothing to resist in the end and many of whom died in conditions that were beyond horrible. It's a bit difficult to get the courage to do something if you don't choose the time. When they come to get you, you know you waited too long.

Anonymous said...

"God tries...God misses...God asks for do over???"

Wait!!!! God Misses?? God Tries??
God asks???

What part of omni everything did I misunderstand?

Anonymous said...

FOX News reporting the Washington Monument is leaning to the right, MSNBC reporting to the left.