Sunday, August 7, 2011

Britain Gets More Improvementation

You know where the improvementation has been the most effective because the streets glow red at night there and you can smell burning human flesh. It's all good homes.


Solsys said...

When looking at following pictures :

Be sure to listen to this as a background sound :

Anonymous said...

Tex how do you see world war 3 playing out in Europe? I've learned that China intends to use biological weapons to gain control of America nut I havent seen much concerning their plans for Europe.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:05

Both Russia and Mao-Mart have agents waiting for delivery. the former head of Russias' program [Akantjan Alibeckhov]defected, renamed himself Kent Alibeck, and casually inforemd everyone that they'd engineered "Blackpox" - a chimeral beauty with the infectivity of smallpox [only 1 viron needed] with the lethality of hemorrhagic fevers. SARS was difficult to serotype, until the adults realized it too was chimeral, with widely differing progenitor nucleic acid sequences. Remember where it first appeared ? ... in a far western China province, near one of their "research labs" The Canadian Patient Zero [Asian] was where it landed via travel. China never did cooperate with WHO on the epidemiologic trackdown of SARS. Quelle surprise.

The Mujihadis are a front for Mother Russia and her Sinobuddy. They'll be useful til they're not needed, when they'll certainly be "addressed" by the renascent CommieEmpire BFFs.

If I were either, I'd wait, since the US will consume itself in the near future. The urban shitholes, now home to devolved troops of manboons and sheboons, will go poof. Pretext for HammerDown. Pale America will go docilely

The EconCollapse will "prepare the ground" for any clear-cutting of what remains of this country. I went to a local mall to get birthday chocolates, and the place was DevoCentral. I only go periodically, and the stop-motion show is unmistakable

This will not end well.

Prepare Accordingly


Anonymous said...

England is relishing the glory of multiculturism!

I'd bet money all you blokes are real proud you allowed your gov't to let in all, what was it you called them in 1987 when I was there?

Oh yeah, now I remember....all those "guests" and "black blokes".

So how is that working out for you?

Anonymous said...

Awesome Solsys says
"When looking at following pictures"

LOL Great links.