Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beef #3 : Why Sapiens Can't Think

The author of the article above was himself so defined by ambivalence he was unable to draw any meaningful conclusions about ambivalence.

I can draw them quickly and succinctly for him.

Ambivalence is a good trait to have if you are in a very large, gregarious and complex social group which requires you to lie almost constantly to navigate the sea of deception around you. It is a survival trait for the Homo Sapiens social pool. Somebody who is not ambivalent to the point of distraction will not do well when dealing with Sapiens in large groups. To this end, as a result of natural selection, humans as a rule are so full of crap they don't even know themselves what point they are trying to make most of the time.

Ambivalence is a death sentence if you are in a harsh, unforgiving environment - particularly in small tightly knit tribes like those that formed the character of Neanderthal. Jack London's classic story TO BUILD A FIRE demonstrates how quickly the surroundings of a human being can remove them from the gene pool if they are ambivalent. The reason that Neanderthal character was shaped to be the way it was is that all the people who were like the protagonist in TO BUILD A FIRE will die in less than a week in the same circumstances, leaving no offspring. Rules exist for a reason. Don't go out alone in cold like that described. It's a rule for a reason. This is why Neanderthals had such large frontal lobes in the Amud strain. Rules weren't just something to yack about on Oprah Winfrey - they were the difference between life and death.

Ambivalence as a long term coping mechanism will always result in boom-bust cycles. The human social group which is provided the leeway of prosperity created by non-ambiguity that emerges from tough situations will build up mythologies they will indulge in ("derivatives are a great investment," etc.) until reality comes crashing in and destroys their false ambiguous artificially constructed consensus world view, time and time again.

Sapiens has failure built into his nature. It's like he was genetically designed to fail.

Neanderthals were genetically designed to succeed. They didn't have self-defeating mechanisms built into their biology. How could natural selection produce a self-defeating organism when the very paradigm is selection for success?

We could say that Neanderthal was a species with an unlimited horizon, if it were not for the sudden appearance of Homo Sapiens, an animal which appears to have not only been designed to destroy the emergent race of Enkidu but also to destroy itself once the deed was done. Sapiens might be considered similar to a disposable fumigant like you use to kill roaches. Once it is exhausted it is then ready to throw away. Ambiguous, facile, deceptive, distracted, unable to organize beyond warfare. No danger of it ever turning into Neanderthal ... unless the race physically spliced itself with Neanderthal genes afterwards by taking their wives. Which is actually exactly what happened. That's why you're reading this right now.

Here we are the end of my blog. This is where I am supposed to offer a cure or panacea for my conclusion. It is part of the scripted behaviour of humans - raise a problem, pretend you know the solution, benefit from the perceived increase in status as a problem solver, get access to hot Sapiens babes. It's all part of the theatrics of their lives.

Well, my conclusion is that there is no solution. I conclude that Homo Sapiens is a doomed species. It has been on the wane for the past 40,000 years since the initial injection of Neanderthal creativity and intelligence and as of the end of this Holocene, it's really run out of gas for good. With his brain now down to 1350cc on average, Homo Sapiens won't be going back to the moon anytime soon and especially with no Werner Von Brauns left hanging around to put him there so he can wave his arms and take credit. I predict the fun is over.

Okay, here's the part where I try to infuse this blog with some optimism.

Homo Sapiens civilization stinks and it has run out of juice. Once it goes through the ringer, I reckon the planet will have a new horizon of possibility and there is no telling how things in general might get better. A better future with a Neanderthal-Sapiens blend is a nice thing to imagine and it can even be hoped for, hopefully with a little more Neanderthal this time and a lot less Sapiens. I can't stand the ambiguity, it's like listening to an Eliza Bot. Whatever happens, it is hard to visualize it as being sadder and more deranged than it is now. We've got nowhere to go but up.


Anonymous said...

Ambivalence is another name for being able to see both sides of an argument and seeing that both sides may have valid points.

The world isn't black and white. It's muted colors.

The neanderthals died out because they were unable to adapt to a changing world, perhaps because they lacked the imagination to see the changes happening. Rigid rules don't work so well when the rules are in need of being changed. They were probably like a pack of autistic children who were great at instantly knowing how many matchsticks were spilled on the floor but didn't know enough to keep from burning down the house with those same matches.

It's homo sapiens who have created great literature, science, engineering, and architecture -- not neanderthals.

Texas Arcane said...


As I said, Sapiens can't think. These kinds of apologetics could have gone over in 1985, with the help of the entire field of anthropology feeding false information to everyone outside it. The evidence now says the above view is completely wrong.

I don't think you have been reading the links.

It was Neanderthal who was the innovator in all things. Before mixing his genes with Neanderthal, Homo Sapiens is a gigantic zero who left almost nothing to distinguish himself from soft bodied parasites that dissolve in the ocean when they die. The reason we know so little about Sapiens before 38,000 years is that he didn't do anything remotely similar to the things Neanderthals were doing 400,000 years ago.

No art. No weapon tech. No music. No cave painting. No animal husbandry. No fixed camps. No rituals. No burials. No sign of life. Sapiens before 38,000 years appears to have eaten, slept, had sex and killed people. That's it. Nada. Nothing. Zip. We're not talking about some creative block or a minor hiccup in output. We're talking about nothing.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps mixing genes made a difference, and perhaps it didn't. It really doesn't matter.

The reality is that homo sapiens have built the modern world, written the books that fill our libraries, created the art we treasure in our museums, and made the advances in science and engineering we enjoy today. Your own vault you've built couldn't be realized without all the advances that homo sapiens have made.

I know you like to think that you're a neanderthal, but what do you think your DNA would tell you? It would say you're 95% homo sapien genes and 5% neanderthal genes.

Homo sapiens populated the world and built the cities and made all the advances we enjoy today -- not neanderthals.

Solsys said...

Tex you are embarassing yourself here.

In the MBTI system, "Ambivalence" is -P and black-and-white is -J. You are a strong INTJ (also reflected by your obsession with health and secret remedies, which is a common trait to INTJ).

Boom and bust cycles are made by -J people because they can't handle the unknown. Suddenly it's all boom, and then it wasn't, and then it's down. -P people, because they are wishy-washy (I'm an INTP myself) have to resort to methods of decision, not to disprove the other side as "wrong" (a very -J trait) but to figure out what to do in the first place.

Just look at Vault-OS and various other things you're dabling into. One technology is great, and then sduddenly it's the other one who is super-duper, and then you dismiss it entirely etc.

Anonymous said...

A quotation by Gore Vidal that pretty much sums it up:

"One understands of course why the role of the individual in history is instinctively played down by a would-be egalitarian society. We are, quite naturally, afraid of being victimized by reckless adventurers. To avoid this we have created the myth of the ineluctable mass ('other-directedness') which governs all. Science, we are told, is not a matter of individual inquiry but of collective effort. Even the surface storminess of our elections disguises a fundamental indifference to human personality: if not this man, then that one; it's all the same, life will go on. Up to a point there is some virtue in this; and though none can deny that there is a prevailing grayness in our placid land, it is certainly better to be non-ruled by mediocrities than enslaved by Caesars. But to deny the dark nature of human personality in not only fatuous but dangerous. For in our insistence on the surrender of private will ('inner-directedness') to a conception of the human race as some teeming bacteria in the stream of time, unaffected by individual deeds, we have made vulnerable not only the boredom, to that sense of meaninglessness which more than anything else is characteristic of our age, but vulnerable to the first messiah who offers the young and bored some splendid prospect, some Caesarian certainty."

Texas Arcane said...

You can't paradigm shift and this is part of why you cannot think or learn from new information.

It is exactly like people who switched from advocating Rational Rose to Agile dev in software. Nothing has changed, they asserted, it's just that yesterday we were doing that, now we're doing this, same basic underlying assumptions remain the same. This is the pattern of people who cannot think or learn.

The entire field of anthropology has been turned on it's head since 1963, the year I was born. No previous assertions have demonstrated any value whatsoever, they have turned out to be complete rubbish.

Jacob in Hebrew means to take credit for another's work, to swindle, to plagiarize. Why do you keep insisting we're all the same? This is part of the Sapiens disease as well. If you're a machined part without a soul, you will insist all others are machined parts without souls as well, to maintain your attractiveness. If everybody is exactly the same as me, nobody can have more appeal than I do, therefore I do not have to compete with others. We are all the same. The Same.

Don't you think many of these qualities are downright creepy in Homo Sapiens? Could these traits really have appeared naturally, organically in response to the environment? I don't think nature would produce a creature like Homo Sapiens through trial and error. They are too soulless and vacant.

Look how important conformity is to you. You are less interested in talking about ideas than in demonstrating we are all the "Same" and anybody who objects is deluded. It's creepy.

I'm afraid that genetic science is making you appear desperate. It says we are not all the same.

Anonymous said...

Tex has become a far out retard. Newsflash my man: It doesn't matter if you have 2% to 5% of neanderthal genes, you are Sapiens. Get over it. You are not special and you certainly don't belong to an extinct race. This ego trip of yours is not helping anyone, specially survivalists who must keep their feet on the ground.

Anonymous said...

"You are less interested in talking about ideas than in demonstrating we are all the "Same" and anybody who objects is deluded. It's creepy."

That "we are all the same" crap, is pure 18th Century Cultural Marxism.

Do these idiots realize how provincial they sound, when they are still pushing 18th Century ideas in the 21st Century???

We are all the same? You must be kidding me! lol

These hicks need to broaden their horizons. They need to get an education and travel.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 2:03 AM

Gore Vidal was so awesome. Shame he was gay, his insight is incredible. What a thing to go wasted with no heirs.

Texas Arcane said...

"Someone who offers some Caesarean certainty ..."

This is why all declining civilizations end up dictatorships before they collapse altogether.

Texas Arcane said...

Newsflash yourself:

There are a lot of people walking around with more than 5% Neanderthal in them. A lot more.

I am not being sarcastic when I say I sometimes have trouble understanding how people can be so literalminded. They hear one factoid in the press (a refutation of all previous factoids on the subject for the last hundred years) and now the new factoid is the standard by which all truth is judged. You're like some kind of repeater bot.

Anonymous said...

Tex Notice how they cant win by themselves but must tear the superior intellect down!

Spitefull little retards they are!

Anonymous said...

"They hear one factoid in the press (a refutation of all previous factoids on the subject for the last hundred years) and now the new factoid is the standard by which all truth is judged. You're like some kind of repeater bot."

I couldn't agree more, Tex. Over the years I've come to the same conclusion. It *is* creepy. I've seen it happen so often. X is bad, now X is good. Y is evil, Y is a hero. Works with any action, product, concept or person. They simply abandon the last factoid like changing clothes, without a thought. Very much like 1984 with its doublethink and populace that unconciously sumbits and accepts to the new "truth" from the media again and again, even when it strongly clashes with reality.

The chocolate ration has been increased from 50g to 40g this month, comrades. What a wonderful leader we have.

What can make a species like this? They don't seek truth and understanding, simply conformity and to shift reality to suit their own opinion.

I've seen this work with the individual too. On almost any topic the typical sapien non-thinker will change their opinion and facts backing it several times if a conversation lasts any longer than the sapien 1-5 minutes threshold. After that it starts falling apart and they get so muddled they are lost and contradicting themselves. It would be entertaining if it wasn't such a dangerous trait for the masses to have.

With a population that thinks like this it must be childsplay for the elite to direct them and their thoughts. Say after me now children...

Anonymous said...

"There are a lot of people walking around with more than 5% Neanderthal in them. A lot more."

Citation needed.

Anonymous said...

8:18 has it right.

a basic intelligence test should be required before voting or breeding.

Anonymous said...

Tex, I think tyranny and dictatorship won't even be necessary in the same way that in America for instance you're not even compelled to "burn the books" as the Nazis did in order to reach the desired outcome. "Liberalism" has been working after all, hasn't it? This "burning of the books" in America and the West has been a long and constant process to the point that such shocking methods aren't even necessary anymore, as they were in Nazi Germany, for a society to cut all ties with centuries of tradition and follow a new paradigm. Similarly, the West will rot away and revert to barbarism in a long and boring process lacking any sort of Wagnerian finale.