Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Apocalypse Trifecta

The collapse of the West, a new Ice Age and war.

Any one of them would be bad. Together - you should've started digging ten years ago when we first used this phrase on a little web page called TEX ARCANE'S SURVIVAL REPORT.

PACK YOUR RICE. Makes sense now, doesn't it? Sounded pretty crazy a decade ago.


Anonymous said...

hehe "PACK YOUR RICE" just finished packing another 40kg of rice in mylar.
Hey Tex hows VaultOS going? An update or a beta release ;) would be good if you've got a sec

Anonymous said...

High Alert as Third Solar Storm Hurtles Towards Earth

Anonymous said...

World braces itself for Black Monday. It's Doom in every direction you look at.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tex, you reference the occasional book every now and then, but have you thought about maybe making a one-off post of general book recommendations some time? It'd be interesting to see what kind of suggestions your readers could add to it too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tex,

Baby's are already on the menu in China, just in pill form.

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog is awesome. Keep on mind expanding Tex its scrumptious.