Sunday, July 31, 2011

Where Do Humans Get Their Look From?

According to Homo Sapiens scienmajistic types, when Homo Sapiens males began to interbreed with Neanderthal women, this is a truish portrayal of what the Neanderthal female looked like below :

Apparently the Homo Sapiens male neglected his own females to breed exclusively with these women for nearly 4000 years. This is a scienmagistical fact and edjumafacated people swear it is a totally truish factoid.

At Vault-Co, this is what we think the average Neanderthal woman looked like 38,000 years ago:

... and this is what we think the average Homo Sapiens female looked like at that time:

As you can see, our theory is explanatory and has coherency. But we don't want to suggest we might be more reasonable than scienmajistical edjumafacated types.


Anonymous said...

Fast breeding untermench brought in as cheap (slave) labor, outbreeding their superiors, is nothing new.

It has already happened in South Africa. White and black, equal in number in 1900, then demographic warfare of the penis and womb and now blacks are 90% of the population and rule the roost.

South Africa had a space and nuclear program under white rule. Now those are gone forever and South Africa is returning to the age of fire, rape and murder. The same is happening in all white countries.

Anonymous said...

Not bad for a blog run by a solitary raving nut. I can't imagine what I am writing up here that is worth reading but I will assume somebody out there is doing so.

This post is why you've got yourself a nice little, anonymous following.

Honestly, sometimes we're laughing at you, sometimes with you - but you are entertaining nonetheless. I nearly spit my scotch out on the screen at the picture of Michelle Obama...

Everyone is crazy in their own way, but I do believe a lot of the subject matter you discuss here is very serious and has merit.

I'm glad you've equipped the vault to operate in perpetuity once the SHTF.

If that day ever does come, and I manage to survive, and the internet goes back online, I promise you that this will be the first site I come to.

Keep up the great blogging Tex, you are one of a kind.

KWJ said...

How does Cromagnon fit into all of this?

Anonymous said...


Your madness is appreciated by those of us similarly endowed. I've been reading you for at least 8 years. In that time, some of your "out there" stuff has become mainstream. I wish you had a method of contact. Occasionally I've stumbled onto something I know you'd like.

Anonymous said...

Your driveway doesn't go all the way to the road Tex, and I think you know that, but you're a world-class blog entertainer.

Anonymous said...

You still haven't dealt with Neanderthal Predation (NP) theory other than hurling vile invectives - something Michelle Obama can do herself rather well.


Danny Vendramini has developed a theory of human origins that is stunning in its simplicity, yet breathtaking in its scope and importance.

Them and Us: how Neanderthal predation created modern humans begins with a radical reassessment of Neanderthal behavioural ecology. He cites new archaeological and genetic evidence to show they weren't docile omnivores, but savage, cannibalistic carnivores - top flight predators of the stone age.

Neanderthal Predation (NP) theory reveals that Neanderthals were 'apex' predators - who resided at the top of the food chain, and everything else - including humans - was their prey.

Texas Arcane said...

I read Vendramini.

Is this guy even familiar with the literature? He doesn't appear to be. It's like the opposite of all the evidence. It is hard to imagine getting it wronger than this guy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he's familiar with the literature; are you?

This is the abstract, with several pages of literature references, entitled, "Them and Us: Neanderthal predation and the bottleneck speciation of modern humans." It has been submitted to Current Anthropology.

You're going to have to do more than spit and hiss like Michelle Obama.

Anonymous said...

The First Primate is a classic ghetto bitch. A perfect addition to Bam-Bam in his denigration of this country.

There have been homely women who sat as First Lady in the past, but as least they had class.

All that interbreeding over the millenniums has wrought some outlandish-looking humans.

But one can tell the good genes in people. One can tell at a glance. Swarthy, wide nosed, low forehead, protruding teeth, thick lipped,and odd body proportions are all traits found in primates and Negroes.

One cannot compare a true African Negro with a common Western mulatto, like Bam-Bam, as he is half White. There's too much White blood in the mulatto's to make an accurate comparison.

So you trolls, please spare me the standard BS about how Robin Givens (sic) or Bam-Bam are nice-looking. Take a gander at any African living in Africa with no White ancestors. Now that is a classic primate-proto human.

And we pay them to breed in this country. Isn't that amazing? They are the most useless race on the planet, despised by all who have to deal with them and Europe is allowing itself to be flooded by them. And in the Kwa, we encourage them to breed for free.

Absolutely amazing.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 8:36 AM

Wow, a paper and everything. Submitted to "current anthropology." Did anybody sign for it? Or did they just send it back at the door? He could always get it into Nexus magazine.

I read his stuff. All I can say is, would be better for him to get acquainted with the real literature before forming any grand theories like this one. I probably have forgotten more information about Neanderthals than Vendramini has ever read.

When you've found one set of Neanderthal bones in a Homo Sapiens campfire, that could be a fluke, a coincidence, an anomaly. By the time they chalked up more than 27+ remains in Europe alone, it becomes obvious we are looking at a pattern here.

Or are you claiming the non-expansionist non-trespassing Neanderthals were killed in the act of attacking Homo Sapiens and then they decided to eat them afterwards? They don't sound like such superior predators to me. How did they go out predating if they were such homebodies? Doesn't the evidence show an invasion of innumerable Homo Sapiens, not the other way around?

Vendramini must be appealing to some unconscious desire on your part to project qualities onto Neos which the evidence says were Homo Sapiens traits. Kind of like UFOs to some people. It doesn't matter what the evidence indicates (UFOS don't exist) so much as the feeling they give you by imagining they do.

Anonymous said...

Making fun of Danny Devito really strenghtens your position. Funny how to this very day you have not bothered to even cite sources to your "theories". Except, off course, shitty backlands websites.

Maybe you can drop this schitick and get back to talking about survival? That is a theme at least you know a bit about.

Anonymous said...

"Except, off course, shitty backlands websites."

I suppose you want him to cite "peer reviewed" leftist rags, or publications owned by seedy billionaires like Rupert Murdoch?

Anonymous said...

He's been telling us ITZ coming since 1998. Its 2011 and despite everything that happened we're not even close to all out nuclear war.

Maybe he came to the conclusion its all BS and is switching to his bizarre neanderthal theories to keep people coming to his blog?

From Tex Arcane the Vault-dwelling Real Christian Sage to Tex Arcane Neanderthal Superman; it's all about his ego.

I used to be a doomer, but I saw through all the bullshit. I hope you guys wake up too.


Anonymous said...

Anon 1-8-11 7:22pm, mate, If you're mainsteam then why the f*ck are you on a cutting edge site like this?


Anonymous said...

Tex, it seems to me a simple look at which of the two (sapiens or neanderthal) survive to this day is all it takes to settle the predation debate. Seems that we are quite good at hunting other species to extinction. And now we're engaged in the grand experiment of trying this on our own species.


Anonymous said...

Simply look at current world situ reveals which end of stick the neanderthal got.

Homo sapiens is a killer and not bothered by the right or wrong of it. Re Iraq or any place bombed by us in last century. Many are starting to think neos were not crazy enough to repel homo saps invasions just like Tex.

I'm sure the neos were dealing in yellowcake and drones like Iraq when they had their last stand.

Anonymous said...

I nearly spit my scotch out on the screen at the picture of Michelle Obama...
end quote.

yep. same. it just loomed up at the bottom of the page like some sort of blog slapstick. hilarious. not the first time he's done this either so it's no fluke.
note to self: only pour the cheap stuff before checking this site.

Anonymous said...

nah....more like this

Texas Arcane said...

This blog post was in response to that ridiculous mock-up of the Neanderthal female.

I don't think so.

The evidence says otherwise.