Monday, July 4, 2011

Vault-Co Was Ten Years Ahead of the Power Curve

It has permission to be true now.

Poor Sapiens trying to think - with mixed results. See the feeble Sapiens brain attempting to draw a conclusion. It's like watching maple syrup run down the side of a tree. They'd still be in the trees flinging their feces at once another without the injection of vibrant Mousterian genes over 30,000+ years ago. A Sapiens and an idea - these two things don't go together so good. Neanderthal was domesticating pastoral flocks and manufacturing chemical compounds using compression ovens two hundred thousand years before these critters could recognize their own reflections in a pool of water.


Anonymous said...

Well this news certainly puts paid to the notion that God has no sense of humor. Homo Sapiens figuratively "lost the north" a long time ago. Around about the time that the printing press, the fountain of infinite wealth, was discovered by the Sapien banker clan. Now it's true in the literal sense and the science nerds on the televizor say they don't even know which way is up anymore. As if that ever mattered to the swamp ape species anyway.

Anonymous said...

You'll like this, Tex.


Awakened said...

Yes, it is written: Clan of the Cave Bear, New American English Version, 14:235.

Anonymous said...

News in the states:
Worth the read/watch.