Saturday, July 23, 2011

Relief From The Heat Wave Is On The Way

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Manboons realize they may not know anything about much of anything

I don't understand how they deliver this news through the amused and jaded sneer. Can you still maintain the impression you've got it all in hand when you are admitting you may have never really understood anything at all? The delivery must be tough, with the scienmagistics twisting the face into a malestrom of humility/scorn/humility/scorn.

Notice the word snow is carefully avoid throughout, preferring the more ambiguous precipitation in its place. Nobody dies screaming buried alive overnight in a frozen tomb of precipitation. It's family friendly. So imagine 12 stories of "precipitation" falling in a single night on North America. Fun stuff, kids.

I know what kind of cold is coming this winter for North America. It's going to be interesting times indeed, as predicted by Vault-Co long ago. You could say the opposition viewpoint might be silenced.


Anonymous said...

Tex, semi-on-topic

Regarding soot from Fukushima,

Please take a look at these two vids from the last month; need your opinions both qualitative and quantitative, regarding

the significance of the measured radiation

the types of radiation

common or far from commmon

the type and quality of the meter

the methods of measurement

the variations between the measurements

the significance of the various measurements

hazards or not: immediate, short-term, long-term, perpetual

The vids were uploaded to YouTube by a local of mine.


Sensitivity to radioactive cargo:

Anonymous said...


A website of morons that after the Fukushima disaster was saying that radioactivity is actually good for you and those who are worried by the leak are just "envirofreaks". Ever since then I take what AGW deniers like them, or that other idiot Alan Caruba, are saying with a grain of salt. Still believe that globalwarmthinkers are bigger idiots, though.

Anonymous said...

Tex, I think you're onto something with your claims that you're a Neanderthal super-human. Is this familiar...

"...bear other physical features associated with cretinism: protruding bellies, large, sagging breasts, short trunks, curved spine and short stubby fingers. "

Anonymous said...

i know it's not the best spot but i'll just zot this here-

meet the new world order, same as....

Anonymous said...

Paul Craig Roberts: US Economy destroyed.

Anonymous said...

radioactivity is actually good for you?

Mabey it is, Mutation can only mean better and faster, though it has to be the gamma like from the sun..

Anonymous said...

Is there no bottom to this barrel? Seriously, that's the most disturbing thing I've read in a while:

If they're not mental defects let's treat them as such by expanding the definition of mental illness to include the entire population. Especially children. Let's hook them up early so that they get "treatment" for their entire lives.