Saturday, July 9, 2011

Obama Seeking To Disarm Americans As Shadow Government Secretly Arms All Criminals

The biggest enemy of the American citizen is not a foreign terrorist or people in the Middle East.

It's their own government, which acts against them more surely than any terrorist could ever hope to achieve.

The criminals themselves are lauding the U.S. government as their greatest ally against the law abiding in the Kwanstain. Any honest officer of the law who objects is strongly sanctioned.


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They're not even trying to hide what they're doing. They openly admitted it to the public. At least with 9/11 and the Osama decoy, they made some effort to conceal the truth.

I find it gets harder each day for me to not called people "TardFucks" who don't see the pattern of what's going on here.

It's literally at the point where you can look out the window and see Amerikwa's plan for World Government, and still, people don't see anything.

Are these people so brain-dead they don't notice?

If a cryo-pod crashed through their living room wall, while they were watching "Ow, My Balls" would they even care?

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