Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More On The Beef #2

Mousterian peoples were not expansionist. Their camps resemble those of pastoral peoples who mark regions aside for grazing animals on but otherwise do not seek to acquire new territory by conquest. The evidence says that Neanderthals were the original crochetty old men, grumbling "get out of my yard, you kids!" for nearly a quarter of a million years. Wandering into Neanderthal territory was a big mistake. They'd squeeze you like a tube of toothpaste and fold you like origami. Remains of Homo Habilis demonstrate that Neanderthals may have tried to see how small they could bend them and try to mail them back home via general post. One imagines word got around. Stay off their land, nothing to worry about. Otherwise these creatures are not the sort you want to mess with.

This is very different from a race that cannot sit still. Homo Sapiens never stopped pushing, a natural product of his profligacy. Lacking creativity, he could not squeeze a cosmic epiphany out of a square kilometer the way that Neanderthals did, domesticating cows from gigantic bison or turning the savage wolf into his best friend to keep his feet warm. Everything with Sapiens was always vicious extroverted bloodthirsty and ugly, a storm of pillage and rape and eating everything in their path like locusts. They fouled their nests and had to find new places to sleep, unlike the Mousterian who seemed to be a real homebody who just kept improving his surroundings - and himself - incrementally with every single thing he did. If Esau was not favored by God, it's hard to guess who God favored at this time, because the Neanderthal never left his block and appeared to be capable of bringing the universe to him instead of going out with his sword to conquer it. This is in keeping with his patient dreamworld of cave paintings and abstract designs, a reflection of an introverted mind that was always relentlessly focused on this rich internal landscape that apparently was an inexhaustible well of inventiveness and creativity. Every 10,000 years or so we find the Neos doing some marvelous thing that Homo Sapiens has never even done once.

So we have the original shut-in versus the roaring baboon who is never content to stay within his own borders, moving forward in every direction like a canker and leaving weeping women and dead people wherever he went.

My beef with Sapiens is that he hasn't changed in 120,000 years ... not a whit. He wipes out 800,000 unarmed civilians in Iraq by bombing them from the air and sleeps like a baby afterwards. You ask him how he feels about that, he blinks and yawns and denies any knowledge of what you are talking about. There's that disconnect. The amnesia. The obliviousness. It's in his nature. He lacks the capacity for self understanding. It's not in him. Where that virtue appears in his ranks it's the legacy of the Neanderthals.

At some point, Sapiens became masterful at throwing projectiles and it's not a big secret why. They stood no chance at close quarters with this race. This is where the big shoulders and narrow hips of Sapiens came from. They are adapted for throwing with great accuracy. Now they could move into his territory with impunity and who is afraid of the crotchetty old man now? You can kill him before he even reaches you and besides, he is few in numbers and we are many. We have the might to do what we want. That means we are the winnarz.

Sapiens is the last one who saw this race alive. He's got all their technology. He's got their women - the proof of that is all the neanderthal bastards running around. All we're missing now is the males. I wonder what could have become of them. Sapiens blinks and yawns. "They were vicious killers. They were dangerous and crazy. They had it coming. Luckily we got them before they got us. That means we are winnarz. They didn't need this stuff we stole anyway. At least not where they were going."

I tell you with supreme confidence that if you have one sane impulse in your personality or are even marginally capable of organized reasoning, you get this trait from our Neanderthal ancestry. The evidence says that Sapiens was never sane. We are this blended creature and our wise men have always known it. Darkness blended with light. Any magic in us, anything good, anything kind or decent or upright, we got from the Neanderthals. Sapiens was just never any damn good, period.


Anonymous said...

Mr T

please help ... "Mousterian"

from whence does this come ?

thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

That was a great comment there Tex and reminded me why I have for such a long time vault-co on top of my bookmarks list.

btw what happened to your "other" blog? It seems to be down together with the entire site.

Anonymous said...

Question for Codex readers:

I thought it was bad enough whenever Chris Avellone is mentioned, the tribals go over the top with vomit inducing praise.

But their Talmudic/Cultural Marxist thuggery and dishonesty over the Norway affair, has made me decide enough is enough.

Facts are irrelevant. Only what is good for the tribe, is allowed to be discussed, or you will be personally attacked. It has become a Stalinist state over there.

So are there any games forums, that keep tribals and their Cultural Marxist puppets out? I want to breathe air that is free.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the people on Vault-Co who say Tex is crazy. He's given many a logical reason for this theory, and in comparison to our accepted theory of Evolution (which has more holes than swiss cheese) it makes a crap-load of sense.

Unless you have a counter arguement to Tex's theory, don't call him crazy.

Anonymous said...

Is a dose of lye in the bloodstream like being baptized and getting all of one's sapient sins washed away? Or more like becoming the superhero, The Incredible Hulk? Is there a difference?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:31 AM

Le Moustier was a site in France where they discoverd stone tools associated with Neanderthals.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7-28 2:42 ... merci beaucoup


Anonymous said...

New study shows that Neanderthals went extinct due to hordes of invading sapiens that by far outnumbered them:

I originally found the link here:

together with the following post in the comment section very much in agreement with vault-co:

"My personal theory, based on nothing but how we behave now, is that we did them with our facile ability to lie."