Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kwanzanians Reduced To Third World Poverty

Normally human beings do not have to do things like this for money except where the government has so destroyed the natural economy it has rendered them completely desperate.

Knowing nothing, incapable of reasoning and unable to even articulate what is wrong, the Kwanzans are rapidly descending to the level of animals.

Thirty years in that country I tried to talk about these things to my fellow citizens and never got anything but contemptuous sneers. Amerikwa is number one and number one is always the best. There's nothing wrong, everything is fine. We don't have to think in Amerikwa, we're number one. Number one. At the end, this was the end of every argument. Number one. Number one. Amerikwa is number one.

Apparently, there was something to what I was saying. Nobody ever really listened. At the end, the more sense you made, the less likely you were to be heard. I noticed about a year before I left that the more salient the point I made in conversation, the more violent the aversion. Stating simple things like "you can't eat more bread than you bake," or asking "how can strength come from fragmentation?" was most disturbing to the Kwanzan precisely for the reason it was so easy to understand.

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Anonymous said...

All branches of the US military now have one year waiting lists to go to boot camp.

That is the biggest 'tell' yet I have seen as to how bad things are economically.

Just a long slow slide to WWIII for sure - and maybe one person in ten thousand can see that far ahead.

4T (Fourth Turning) baby - baked in the cake.