Friday, July 1, 2011

Kwanzanians Know ITZ COMING

It's so simple, even a Kwanzan could figure it out.

Notice it's the growth industry in an economy that has otherwise flatlined.


Anonymous said...

Amerikwans turn into a nation of drug-addicts capable of doing any crime imaginable to secure their daily dose:

Anonymous said...

Paul Craig Roberts on the DSK case:

"When police and prosecutors convict a suspect in the media before he is even charged, it typically means that there is no evidence against him and that demonization is serving as the substitute. Conviction is what is important to the system, not a determination of innocence or guilt.

Those few who actually care about justice, not only for DSK and everyman, but also for the Greek, Spanish, Irish, and Portuguese people, can find comfort in the fact that apparently DSK had come to New York in order to speak with Nobel economist Joe Stiglitz about a more humane and democratic way to resolve the sovereign debt crisis in Europe than the one imposed by the private creditor banks."