Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kwanstainia Slips Into Total Anarchy

Don't go out after dark in the Kwanstain.

Soon it will be too dangerous to go out at noon, as well.

This sh*tstain of a nation is taking too long to collapse. Yesterday would be better in my estimation. Needs more flaming tax collectors and exploding buildings to hit the sweet spot.

Mind you, it's still a land of opportunity.

Everything not tied down must go.

The only way this Monty Pythonesque satire is going to come to an end is due to a complete reset and a restart with 99% of the enrichment battalions stone cold dead from natural causes like hunger, cold and disease. Otherwise no place ever got better with them representin' - only worse. To think otherwise is to pine for what never was and never will be. They're going to take a lot of euphoric dullards with them when they go.

Mind you, the Kwa could be a better place again. This is how:


Anonymous said...

From this

to this in a single lifetime

I'm with Riply and the boys Tex.
Let none say that God is unjust when His holy justice is seen.
Be merciful to the righteous Lord.
This MUST be put to an end.
Chris from Sydney

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Texas,

In a couple of weeks' time I'm flying to the US and hiring a car to drive from one side to the other. What do you suggest I pack?

Yours diligently,
- That guy who's been threatening to run you over in a monstertruck for the past several years.

Anonymous said...

No mixed raced country has ever been anything but a dictatorship.

What irritates me, is the blacks are using the internet to organize their anti-white mobs. So the establishment will use it as an excuse, to shut down the free internet for everyone, including mainly law abiding whites.

So enjoy free speech while you can white boy. They are about to start squeezing harder, than they ever have before. This is the end game.

Anonymous said...




Won't happen since our national C4 structure [command control communicate coordinate ] of whackademia, government, legal-judiciary, and mediatainment has been taken over by Human Culture Immunodeficiency Movement. Pathogens can no longer be ID'ed for sequestration and elimination. Little things go unchecked, eventually resulting in systemic failure.

And to be dead honest, I'm ready for the remedial work to start. The longer til Cleansing, the more damage to repair. That prosecutor is gonna have a lot more to be "troubled about" than a chimp humping a sheboon he thought was dead.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 12:50 I recommend you ride in a bullet proof armored car to make it coast to coast safely.

Anonymous said...

HI "That guy who's been threatening to run you over in a monstertruck for the past several years"

I just got back to Oz after a 4 week road trip with my family in the USA. While I had a great time, there were several incidents on the road which scared the shit out of me.

1. Had a bunch of Hispanic Bikers walk across the bonnet of my hire car at a gas station in Lake Havasu City (Nevada). My wife went inside to pre-pay for petrol (something we don't do in OZ) and 50 or 60 bikers drove in. I non-chalantly made a beeline for the store (to hide!) and the attendant had locked me out and refused to open the door. The Bikers saw me struggling to get into the store and were all laughing at me. I slowly walked back to the car and got in. A group followed me and jumped all over the car and laughed (fortunately that was all) and then soon left. Spent half a day at the city police filing report and waiting for a new hire car. I suppose this could happen anywhere in the world, but Bikers in Oz seem to only upset one another!

2. Went shopping in LA and my wife wanted to visit a store of a particular chain. Looked up one in the phone book, set the address in the GPS and drove to the mall. Got out of the car and walked into the Mall and the whole centre just stopped and looked at us. We were in a Black neighbourhood (Crenshaw) and it was very obvious we were not welcome. The black Mall Cop looked at me and shook his head as if to say "you idiot", walked over to us and walked us out of the mall and back to the car. I explained I was Australian and he shook his head more! A small group of guys followed us out, but that was as far as it went. This is a problem we dont have in Oz! You can still go pretty much anywhere.

3. On what was going to be our last day in the USA, we went for a walk in Muir Woods north of San Fran to see some of those really big trees and got robbed by 2 black guys with a sawnoff shot gun (of all things!). Took our passports, car keys (didnt take the car!), credit cards and some cash. Couldn't leave the states without passports, couldnt check out of the hotel without credit cards and had to stay nearly an additonal week (without credit cards and limited cash). Hertz is never going to rent me a car again!

3. My wife and I got groped by a big black lesbain in a uniform at SF International while trying to board a plane home. I didnt enjoy it, but it was a small price to pay to finally get out of the place.

I've been to the USA 4 times in the last 15 years and never really had ANY problems. This time I was stunned by the change in the last 5 years. You can SEE it everywhere and not just because of my own bad experiences. The place just "looks" poorer. This is particularly noticable around so-called middle america. Places like Henderson (outside Vegas), Riverside (east of LA), Fairfield (North of SF), lots of closed shops, lots of For Sale signs, lots of people "hanging around". Not just the coloured folks either!

On every trip, I have come home with the feeling that the US is a few years ahead of us Ozzies and that their lifestyle is better than ours due to their "wealth". This trip was different. Apart from the troubles we had, I felt that our life in Oz had lept in front of the US on every level, whereas in my past visits, us lowly Aussies have always felt like the poor cousin visiting. This trip, unfortunately, it wasnt about the rise of us Australians but the significant decline in living standrds in the US.

Anonymous said...

Cheers for the advice, Tex. I'll tell the car hire mob to cancel the Prius.

I'm keen to find out first-hand what the actual situation across the country is like, travelling through several states cities and towns myself. You're never going to get a clear picture one way or the other from the media, but I'm not entirely sold on the apocolyptic wasteland Kentucky Fried Toddler reports either.

Assuming I don't get spit roasted by a mob of enrichers, I'll tell ya all about it when I get back.

Yours fervently,
- That guy who's been threatening to run you over in a monstertruck for the past several years.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:57 PM:
Thanks for that review of your recent trip. Very detailed and insightful. I'm travelling from San Fran down through all the southernmost states to the east coast. My travelling companions are idealistic leftwingers. Should be interesting.
- Same old monstertruck bloke

Anonymous said...

@July 3, 2011 11:57 PM

"I just got back to Oz after a 4 week road trip with my family in the USA. While I had a great time, there were several incidents on the road which scared the shit out of me."

I've heard returning vets relate similar experiences, they said even the white majority cities, are hanging by a thread and most of the unemployed are already 99ers and muggers are everywhere.

In their opinion the whole thing is about to fall off a cliff and its going to be ugly when it does.

They don't make anything anymore and they are rapidly becoming majority non-white. So this really is the end for them this time.

All those liberal whites are going to get a strong dose of reality. Too bad its too late for them to learn anything. Its long past too late.

ericthered said...

I'm in Southern Missouri, probably one of the better places to be, (as far as resources), in this country.

I can't say that I'm entirely comfortable with it even in this place. We are relatively free from diversity, but what scares me is that the majority of the people here are social dependents. When the welfare checks stop and the food card quits working they'll come sniffing around my place.

Then there is a good number of faux news junkies, which I consider just as dangerous. I do have some good contacts but we're spread pretty far and wide.

Would like to move to some little nocount country somewhere to move to but time is short.

I wouldn't recommend visiting here unless absolutely necessary.

Anonymous said...

I love how the flash mobs are made up of "youths". I bet if packs of whites were attacking blacks they would not be described as "youths".

Anonymous said...

Enricher Of The Day:

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous said...
July 4, 2011 10:09 PM

"Enricher Of The Day"

Oh wow... Just wow...

Anonymous said...

Stampede of the ground apes, rinsed and repeated throughout history. The truth you really don't want to know of how Sapiens came to dominate the globe.

Texas Arcane said...

.. but the truth will set you free!

Sapiens is here because all those other races were wiped out. Think about that.

It's like discovering a man in a nursing home with a chainsaw standing on a pile of bodies of elderly people. "Thank god you got here," he yells, "you missed it but they all just tried to kill me! Luckily I got them first!"

Anonymous said...

Indeed, a crazed chainsaw berserker in a nursing home would be the modern day equivalent of how the glorious "Indian Wars" of Kwazistan were conducted. Before some swishy Sapien apologist be 'dissin the analolgy as batshit crazy, consider this account from "Ishi in Two Worlds", subtitled "A Biography of the Last Wild Indian in North America".

"In this remote and seemingly safe spot were gathered more than thirty Yahi including young children and babies, well supplied with food, even to fresh and dried meat. They were helpless against the four armed men who killed them all. Norman Kingsley, as he explained afterward, changed guns during the slaughter, exchanging his .56-Caliber Spencer rifle for a .38 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver, because the rifle 'tore them up so bad, particularly the babies'."

The site of the massacre was christened "Kinsley Cave", to honor the charitable actions of this exemplar Sapien male. Encounters such as this are quite likely how the Neanderthals went extinct. Their ice age culture cultivated preparation, cooperation and giving and simply could not conceive of a culture that valued murder and theft. Stealing, profit, financial gain, value added services, whatever the Sapien label of the day, it's all the same jive. Sapien's jive talk is entirely at odds with the natural order, simply a justification to steal. How could the Neanderthals have known? The American Indians surely had no clue. In recent past of course, look no further than Rwanda 1994 as to how competing Sapien clans propagate their genome.

Texas Arcane said...

During the Ice Ages, you can't afford a crazy war. The climate won't tolerate that kind of wasted energy on endless warfare and madness when it has to be devoted to kinship, food acquisition and mutual care for one another.

All of these greater races found as they emerged from a half million years of evolutionary selection that they just couldn't keep up with the crazy of Sapiens. He was always inventing excuses to attack and kill anyone. They may have tried to apply reason to it but it just didn't fit. Sapiens was a fast breeding, promiscuous ape who would kill anybody, anywhere, with or without a reason, with or without a provocation. His mind was customized for this sort of insanity and he always postdated his facts. You had done something to deserve it. Just when you thought you had repelled him, he would watch for any weakness like an ant colony to launch another attack. Since he was numerous as flies, it's not like he could not keep refilling his ranks until he won.

It doesn't have to make any sense if you're the last one standing.

Obviously, these lunatics required the miracle of Neanderthal genes to even construct societies that barely last a 100 years before they begin to destabilize.

Sapiens is making all his plans to explore outer space in his pajamas like Captain Kirk but unfortunately he doesn't have the wherewithal to escape his own backyard before he kills everybody and then himself. Sapiens ain't going to outer space. He'll never make it in his current form.