Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kwanstainian Freakout Beginning : Debt Default in Weeks

A freakout of biblical proportions is only a few weeks away.

A cleansing is in order when anything gets this toxic.

The Kwanstain has been a lawless nation for a long time. It's been brewing up total chaos for a while and the pot is coming to a boil. The Kwanzanians have just now figured out this situation is not a temporary downturn as the media has been telling them. That's pretty scary stuff for them. They have shifted over from their Smurf world fantasy into the Vault-Co paradigm in less than a year. I think I know people well enough to predict what they are going to do now. It is going to get very, very ugly. Babies, the other white meat.

This is why I have always claimed to be an "early bounder." The gazelle that is wired so tightly it starts to jump up and down when the lions are just a smidge in the bushes several hundred meters away. I started to bound twelve years ago, trying to warn the rest of the herd. Now the lions are only a few meters away and they are closing for the kill, looking to cull the weak and the slow first. With this pack of lions, that's most of the Western world. It's too late to do anything but bolt in blind panic now. I hate to be an I-told-you-so but my conscience is clean. I did try to warn others when there was still time. It was all I could do. Sorry but with my limitations as a person it was all I could do to start this blog and issue regular warnings. I would point out that the majority of all people believed me to be a nut, even after it became obvious I wasn't. That's the best I could do, sorry. I'm not much for persuasion and selling. It isn't my strong point.


Anonymous said...

According to some of the Casey Report people, the debt default actually started on May 15th, and all the time since then has been bought by looting government pension funds.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I went down to the shop today, and asked for a Mars bar. The shopkeeper said they were out. I could immediately see that civilization would collapse within 3 weeks. I asked for baby meat instead.

Anonymous said...

I've had an intresting thought about Amerikwa's Economy fall for a while now.

Being an Australian, I get to see the situation from the outside. Americans experience it from the inside, yet they don't seem to understand what's been going on, despite the fact it's been happening for almost half a decade.

For Americans to be that oblivious, they must just be constantly spoon-fed bullshit by every media source.
(Well, we already knew that)

Think of it like a tornado, they're in the eye of the storm so they can't see that anything's wrong, but from the outside, you can see that they're screwed.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1:32 wow, that's some pretty thick sarcasm.

Mind if I ask what the hell you're doing at this blog?

Texas Arcane said...

1:37 AM

That is such a brilliant comment and it sums up the situation so well.

The Americans are almost cocooned in an artificial bubble world where reality barely even gets in because of their media. If they look out the window and see something that doesn't sync with what the newscaster is telling them on the televitz box in their living room, they just close the drapes and assume they were mistaken.

Of course, at some point all this becomes ridiculous and obviously, reality will return with a vengeance.

I see that moment of waking up and realizing where they really live and what is really going on as being sufficiently shocking to drive the U.S. population into madness and anarchy.

I guess we will see very shortly.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately for the gubamint they have this possibility to distract us from our hemorrhaging economy

Anonymous said...

The anti-government message resonates with American conservatives largely because the benefits of social programs and government jobs disproportionately benefit minorities.

So a game of chicken is being played where the political will of the white electorate expressed in the Republican caucus doesn't give a sh*t if the government, or society collapses.

White Americans have no stake in their government or society anymore. The alienation that was engendered by aggressive multiculturalism and affirmative actions are bearing fruit now.

Are the "tea baggers" insane? Perhaps. But the resentment did not appear suddenly in a vacuum.

Anonymous said...

G'day Tex,

Unrelated to your post, but I though you might find this interesting

The key passage:
This means that the Earth's eccentricity, which affects the large climatic variations on its surface, cannot be traced back more than 60 million years ago. This is indeed bad news for Paleoclimate studies.

That monstertruck guy said...

I've been in America for a few days now and honestly, they're much better off than Sydney. I realise that I've picked Australia's biggest and worst city for comparison, but the cost of living is much lower here and the tax system and general atmosphere are far less oppressive.
The impending government default will make things interesting though.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:37 AM and Tex 4:23 PM

Couldn't agree with you both more on the American situation, but do you really see it being any different here in Australia? It is quite shocking the ability of the general public to think for themselves, they accept and regurgitate whatever is fed to them. I just don't know that I believe it is a US centric thing though. When it hits the fan it won't be just a US thing it will be worldwide.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:32 and Anon 3:56...


Well done!


SingaporeCactus said...


I am one of many who are grateful to you for waking myself and others up. All the best to you and keep fighting the good fight.

Nature always saves a remnant but that implies the vast majority, by implication, will not wake up and smell the coffee.

Marcus said...

Well I'll be damned Tex. I think you should feature this article in your next update. I read it and instantly thought of what you have been saying.

Anonymous said...

"Think of it like a tornado, they're in the eye of the storm so they can't see that anything's wrong, but from the outside, you can see that they're screwed."

That's a hurricane, you moron.

Anonymous said...

"I guess we will see very shortly."

How shortly, Tex? Let's see something specific rather than vague generalities.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 1:15

A tornado is a pretty good analogy.

You know what the hobgoblin of little minds is, right?

I guess being unable to thwart or even respond to this insight, you just decided to try to correct the grammar instead.

Anonymous said...

"I guess being unable to thwart or even respond to this insight, you just decided to try to correct the grammar instead."

They always want to talk about this tree or that tree, while grownups are discussing the fate of the entire forest.

Anonymous said...

UK Phone hacking whistleblower found dead. Apparently, he had info that could lead to evidence of the involvement of the higher echelons of British government, namely PM Cameron, in the scandal, through Cameron's former associate Andy Coulson. The murder is a message to anyone willing to speak against Murdoch or the British government to keep their mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:15 PM is just jealous and unhappy that nobody has ever complimented for any of his comments.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:15 The "eye" or center of a swirl is nothing more than the point of stillness around which the vortex spins. In essence there is no difference between the center of a tornado, hurricane, galaxy, quasar, the nucleus of an atom, or the heart of a meditating human. The only difference is SCALE.
I don't think it's a good idea to call another commenter a moron, especially when their comment is the most astute one in the thread! (see Tex 4:23)

Oh, and Anon 1:17, what do you think, Tex has the freakin' Montauk chair in his living room? His intelligence and discernment are amazing tools for predicting future trends, but NOBODY can set dates and predict specific events to come. That's fantasy.

Anonymous said...

"I guess being unable to thwart or even respond to this insight, you just decided to try to correct the grammar instead."

It wasn't a grammar issue. The analogy was faulty. Hurricanes have a center where it is calm. Tornadoes do not.

But if you want me to pick bones with the comment, I will. Americans are aware that the economy has undergone a recession and the recovery is a slow one. They're aware that the country is on the verge of not being able to meet its economic obligations. They're aware that times are tough.

And, to use the proper analogy, if you want to say that Americans are in the eye of a hurricane, don't you think people in the eye of a hurricane know that? After all, to be in the eye means that the part of the hurricane has already swept over you.

My prediction? Congress will raise the debt limit, avoiding default. The market will greet this as a positive. The recovery will continue. Things will get better, but it's entirely possible that the U.S. will never be the economic powerhouse it once was.

Texas Arcane said...

5:14 PM

You missed the point of the post, the responses and your entire existence going back to the cradle.

You and a clue don't have any business being in the same room.

Texas Arcane said...

"The recovery will continue."

I don't feel sorry for these sorts of people anymore. Not at all.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps "recovery" is a grammar issue, too.

Anonymous said...

"The recovery will continue."

Recovery??? LOL

You people don't make anything anymore and with your immigration policy, you have turned yourselves into another Brazil. You clowns deliberately chose a third world future and are still congratulating yourselves for it. lol

All you do now is print money and export war. The USA is a naked emperor and everyone is beginning to notice.

Anonymous said...

Crap Almighty Anon 5:14

"The recovery will continue ..."

When the fuck did it begin ? When?

Gov stats are lies. Core elements are specifically EXCLUDED ! Do you have even the faintest acquaintance with reality ? Do you ? The shit hasn't even begun yet sparky. Wait til the Parasite Classes wakeup without their bread and circuses. If you believe that a "recovery" is present, and increasing, get ye to Detroit, Chicago, Flint, St. Louis, KC, Charlotte, Philly, Miami, Houston, DFW, LA, San Fran, Sea-Tac, Portland, Newark, Denver, Phoenix, Tucson, El Paso, Milwaukee, Des Moines, Minneapolis- St. Paul or any other enclave of Disease. lemme know how that works out for ya, m'kay ?

Clue up. If you can. In any endeavor, the reality-based individual or aggregate will outperform those who are not. Especially those who are unconsciously ignorant.


KWJ said...

@Anon, July 19, 2011 5:14 PM

Makes me cringe to see I was once your neighbour in thought. The shame is only just fading after 6 years out of that leaking lifeboat of hope you live in.