Friday, July 1, 2011

Governor Perry Appears To Not Suffer From Severe Mental Retardation Like Other Kwanzanian "Leaders"

It's so simple, even Governor Perry figured it out.

Pity about the other 300 million people.


Anonymous said...

What's interesting for me, is he has the Courage to come out and say it.

What repulses me about Respectable Conservatives is, they don't believe this crap either, but are making deals, to do it at a "reduced cost", because they are terrified of being called a Denier.

These are exactly the same people that say, "I'm not a racist, I am just enforcing the (immigration) law."

Instead of calling them Respectable Conservatives, they should be called Respectable Cowards. They are so terrified of losing their respected status in the community, they will Cower before anyone that calls them a bad name.

Respectable Cowards are the best opposition, Cultural Marxist/Communist/Greens could wish for.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be too enamoured with governer Perry. He's done everything he can under the table, to prevent the Texan 'anti-TSA groping' bill from going ahead.

- deadman.