Friday, July 1, 2011

Good Cop, Bad Cop, Goy Squeeze

Poor pea-sized brains of improperly snipped Sapiens can only goggle at the sheer tornado of conflicting bullsh*t rained down on them seemingly from every angle ... when in fact ... it's just one interest group doing it all.

With a brain the size of a squirrel (same group tells them insistently that size doesn't matter) there is no way these poor creatures could possibly protect themselves in a battle of wits. They are completely unarmed mentally. The only defense they could hope for is to adhere to the strict mental hygiene regime of Christianity. If they veer to the left or the right even in that, they'd be snapped up by doctrines of devils, Zionism and all kinds of perversions.

When you're that stupid, Christianity is your only defense. Trying to proceed on your own wisdom is ridiculous - you are dealing with people who can run mental circles around imbeciles as simple and confused as the average Kwanzanian.


Anonymous said...

The problem with Christianity, is that, most people interpret as to how they want to interpret it.

The result is a bunch of Christianities that have strayed away from the main one.

You end up with religions like creationism, that teaches alot of stuff thats just plain bullshit. Or catholicism, that teach you to listen to the church, not to god.

The best kind of Christianity, is just you and your King James Bible.
No one else telling you what "This verse" and "that verse" means. Just read the book your self.

Anonymous said...

Anom 1:32: You are absolutely wrong. Not just because you confuse the catholic religion with the institution assumed to represent it(and that many good catholics no longer trust or even recognize), but also because the Papal infalibility bullshit only become "mainstream" among catholics a few decades ago, and it is still denied by many.

Now I laugh long and hard at your simple minded comment about "me and the bible", because that way of thinking is exactly what shot our religion and laid it into its current deathbed. You can point out the irony in this, but I agre with what Luther did, and as a catholic, I even appreciate it. He should have made peace with the church later though, and vice versa. The arrogance of both him and the church are the reason why the God fearing men are now left fighting amongst themselves, being easy pray to their natural enemies.

Yeah yeah, I know Tex is now probably going to chime in and point out the abuses of the church, but just keep this in mind: every main christian institution is incredibly perverted right now, and looking from above you will see the Holy See still manages to be the "best of the bunch". I.e: Tex is proud to call himself a Calvinist; the christian denomination that has churches openly accepting gay clergymen and condoning promiscuity. Not only that, it is also the denomination that spawned sodomite atheist hellholes like the netherlands.

Plus, give me a break. You really think guys like Luther and Calvin can hold a candle next to the likes of Augustine, Aquinas and Ockham? I think not.

Texas Arcane said...

Chiming in ...

I think it's time for a restart/reboot of the entire Christian religion, starting from the grass roots, exactly as the anon poster said ... just one man and the King James.

The institutions are too corrupt and they are not acting in the interests of their adherents. Any institution conspiring against the race paying it's dues needs to fade away. A faith is worthless that does not sustain those who believe in it. Otherwise it is the worship of self-immolation, a sin before God who ordered man to be fruitful and multiply.

Anonymous said...

"The best kind of Christianity, is just you and your King James Bible."

Says the ZOG Overlord.

Is it a coincidence that the two major revolutions occurred in France and Russia? Of course not. France was the leading Catholic country and Europe's no 1 superpower at the time, while Russia was the leading Orthodox country. The real aim was to destroy the influence of these Churches in Europe - and therefore in the entire world since only Europe mattered at the time - by weakening their political influence as in the case of France, or by abolishing the Orthodox religion altogether in the case of Russia. Then the vacuum of political-religious authority would be filled by the newly founded nation of the US, the only one - contrary to the other two - to gain in influence through revolution, and allow the personalization of religion of the "just you the KJ" dogma to become dominant through the expansion of its political influence in Europe and the world, making the former political-religious powers of Europe irrelevant. Who gained from this "New Order"? The Jews, who under the dominance of the catholic and orthodox churches were a marginalized ethnic-religious group confined to limited activities and no real influence. With no centralized religious authority present to secure the religious ties and uniformity of belief, they were able to gradually step up by turning the "you and the KJ" denominations into Biblical Zionism and use the political influence of the US to dominate the world.

Anonymous said...

To all you KJV fundies you might be interested to know that there was Christianity before the KJV.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:21

Similarly, Augustine and Aquinas can't hold a candle to the Cappadocian Fathers or even to Jakob Bohme, who in my opinion is the greatest theologian of the 2nd millennium and his commentary of Genesis titled Mysterium Magnum is the greatest and more profound ever written.

Anonymous said...

Tex: I am also in favor of grassroots, but the other kind of grassroots. The kind where you look at more than 2000 years of theology and religious tradition, and humbly accept that "me and my King James" just doesn't cut it.

Imho, *biblical infalibility* is almost as retarded as *papal infalibility*, specially considering that the bible you read is nothing more then a reduced and translated version of a book compiled and organized by the early catholic church.

Luther was a good man and a wise man, and look at where such "independence" got him: Horrible heresies such as the concept of "soul sleep" and other abominations.

Catholic doctrine and dogmas are perfect and they represent true christianity. Look them up and you will see. Forget about the "secular" church that has been around since Constantine. Forget about fake pedo priests. They don't follow what the church lays, and they ignore the doctrine of the religion they pretend to represent.

If you judge your own "denomination" by the same standards you judge Catholics, you should no longer be a calvinist. Unless you want to kiss the hand of tranny pastors, off course.

Catholicism and orthodoxy are the only respectable and true christian denominations left. And you better hope they survive and reform after this shitstorm.

Anonymous said...

Anom 2:20: Yup, judge them by their fruits. Take a good and long look at Europe now, you will see that every region that adopted protestantism is now a sodomite atheist hellhole, while catholic european countries are the only countries where christianity has a majority.

Tex is a good man, but he eats zog shit well when he propagates anti-catholicism. And one day he will realize what horrible heresy Calvinism is. It's nothing but a bastard version of christianity that ignores scripture, worships wealth and denies the greatest gift of the Son of God: Our own free will

Anonymous said...

"Any institution conspiring against the race paying it's dues needs to fade away."

LOL, was that actually a jab aimed at the Catholic church? You know, the only church that actually wants their adherents to have kids, going to such desperate lenghts as strictly prohibiting condoms and any form of contraception?

Oy vey Tex, such things you know for sure. *rubs hands and whispers "goyim"*

As for the myth that the vatican has dires plans of multikult, you need only to look at european catholic countries(which are the least infected with multikult). This kind of false propaganda is very old, and if you believe it you might as well just go aback to the kwa and join the KKK.

Texas Arcane said...

I don't trust anybody who sides with the special interest group that specializes in pounding toddlers in the ass cheeks.

Claiming they are representing our interests as they splooge inside the colons of kindergardners. Just. Doesn't. Make. Sense.

If this is the best monolithic institution we can get to represent our interests, maybe it's time the whole race got flushed, rinsed and recalibrated. That's a pathetic state of affairs if the cost of our survival is directly linked to anal sacrifice of our infants. How did it come to this?

I was raised a Catholic and I say to hell with the Catholics. May the devil take the Catholics - except it is obvious he already has.

You suggested this point of view is kosher in origin and yet I can't think of any better poisoned well the pale race could be forced to drink from than be told our best interests lie in trusting our kids to one of the largest organized pedophile rings in human history. Something is wrong here and it ain't the yoos fault in this particular instance. We need a return to corporal punishment for crimes like these and best person to start with is the head baby-buggerer commander in chief, the Pope.

Anonymous said...

Strawman is strawman. You constantly insist on not trusting anything on the media, but you swallowed the anti-catholic shit real good without any questioning or consideration. Yoshi spoonfed it to you deepthroat style. It takes a lot of naivette and bias not to realize that there is a smearing campaign against catholicism that represents the interests of your enemies.

There is nothing in catholic doctrine or tradition that condones paedophilia. The abuses were exceptions, represent less then 1% of catholic priests, and even the most rabid offender must admit that there was little the church could do to keep two-face predators to take vows without their knowledge of the evil. If you had any idea of what humiliations new seminarists are being forced to stand around the world since the abuses took place(some traditional monasteries even use lie dectectors in their "examination") you would understand. The church always sought proper action against such abuses, even if it was dodgy and self-contained at first in trying to protect its image. And that slowing of reaction was based on a long history of false accusations against the church, many of which are contained in the wikipedia article that somebody linked above.

Saying that catholicism represents child rape and condones it is as simplistic and ignorant as it gets.

*yawn*, this gets boring after a while. It is one thing to have secretive perv priests that wreak havok with innocent minors and are later thrown out of the church.

It is another thing to openly accept shitpushers into the clergy, such as you calvinists and lutherans do. Guess why you don't see tv shows about the horrors perpetrated by gay KJV worshippers? Because you are so insigficant, tame, "modernized"(oy vey) and pro-israhell that you don't even warrant ZOG attention. Most of you worship Yoshi, catholics tend not to.

Anonymous said...

Anom 6:12 - Bohme was a kabbalistic gnostic herectic and charlatan unworthy of being published. It pains me that you put his name alongside the likes of Augustine.

I always admired the cappadocian fathers, as every good catholic or orthodox does. Granted, their work is arguably as significant and as important as Augustine's.

Texas Arcane said...

I know the who and the why of the Catholic bashing in the media.

Problem is, I don't care. I made up my own mind on this subject long before it became a cause celebre in the media.

Friends like these, who needs enemies?

Priests rape boys. In the millions. They conceal the crimes for one another. Conspiracy to traffic children for sexual purposes. Case closed. Now close their doors.

I don't care about the institution. I am a Christian, no respecter of persons.

If the Catholics are the best line of defense this race can muster, that explains why we've been losing for so long. I defy you to show me one nation where the Catholics have not been at the forefront of importing new parishioners to replace the old ones altogether because they weren't coughing up enough money.

The Catholics will burn in hell alongside their enemies for their crimes against our children. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Friends like these, who needs enemies?

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 2:20

So after 140 years of kicking our ass, we owe Yoshi for finally bringing this organization to it's knees where all the gentiles have failed for millennia?

Remind me to send the yoos a Christmas card to thank them this year. How will we ever repay these people for their kindness?

You must think precious little of your own race that you believe these idiots are the best we can do for representation. Any chapter of your local ADL is better organized and run than these hot poker waving manboons.

Anonymous said...

"Priests rape boys. In the millions."

Oy vey, ti's such a good understanding and whatnot and what have you. Were you really raised a catholic? Were you raped or abused in any way? Have you actually heard of such abuses back in the day? I was raised a catholic, as were all the boys in my family and most of my close friends. We were not raped. In the matter of fact we had the best christian upbringing possible(aside from a few leftist leaning nuns and priests here and there), and I doubt it was mere luck or coincidence. I moved around quite a bit and frequented churches in different countries. I have never heard or seem anything like this terrible reality that is supposed to be a hallmark of catholicism.

First time I heard about priests abusing kids, it was on the televitz. The televitz also says the pope is a nazi real life incarnation of dr. evil. The televitz also says that the vatican is an evil superpower bent on sodomizing every child put in their care.

It was on the televitz, it must be absolutely true. Respectable people such as Oprah and Richard Dawkins corroborated this absoluticious and totalicious reality. Oy vey, they are so evil, these catholics. Best to erradicate and shame them, sure it will be much better when Yoshi's dream world becomes reality. After all, the televitz doesn't lie.

Anonymous said...

"I defy you to show me one nation where the Catholics have not been at the forefront of importing new parishioners to replace the old ones altogether because they weren't coughing up enough money"

Erm...Portugal? Italy? Spain? The german state of Bavaria? Croatia? Poland? Andorra? Ireland? Liechtenstein? Malta? Monaco?

Like,. every single catholic country? Obviously, in the eurozone ones you can't actually contain immigration since the borders were open, but they magically remain inhabited by a mostly christian population.

There is something scienmajifical about catholic countries. For some reason they don't become atheist sodomite theme parks like the protestant ones. Must be something in the water.

Yoshi is into it, don't worry.

Anonymous said...

Oh Cleve, catholic bashing is so passé... have you met catholics in real life? Non-mexicans at least? They tend to be a good and dignified people, so something must be right in their church. Plus they know their theology, protestants tend to make shit up as they go along.

Btw, come back to the codex. We miss you there.

Anonymous said...

Anom 6:42: Yeah, surely the media overdid it... but the kiddie bumping is true none the less and your church must deal with it. Tex misconceptions about catholicism are baffling though. Stop reading shitty websites like ,Tex. Ignorance is shameful. I am eastern orthodox, and we are all christian brothers. Flinging shit at each other is only gonna make the work of the jews(or whoever else you nuts consider our enemies) easier.

Anonymous said...

"But don’t be fooled by rhetoric that has a lot of patriotic appeal. In fact, the concept of American exceptionalism— and a related theme known as national greatness conservatism—are really modern-day propaganda masks for old-fashioned Trotskyite communism: rapacious imperialism and internationalism now wrapped in the American flag, but no different from the age-old dream of a world imperium—a global government."


"This is not nationalism. It is internationalism, advancing the theme that the United States should act as a world policeman promoting some undefined dream of democracy, which has now become the rallying cry of the modern Zionist-Trotskyite schemers."


"In a book grandly entitled Americanism: The Fourth Great Western Religion, Gelernter expressed the contention that the United States (the base of what he has called American Zionism) is now charged with an imperial, even God-given, duty to remake the world, that Americanism is the creed of this global agenda, that this “Fourth Great Western Religion” is the driving force behind—and which must establish—a new planet- wide regime.

We are the one and only biggest boy [in the world today]. If there is to be justice in the world, America must create it. . . .We must pursue justice, help the suffering and overthrow tyrants. We must spread the creed. This is the New World Order."

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

PS. And happy July 4th btw

Texas Arcane said...

Since you guys appear to have amnesia worthy of Guy Pierce's character in MEMENTO, I'm going to walk you through it, as if your short term memory was only capable of 3 minutes of recall ...

FACT #1 : The Catholic Church killed a million+ of the best genetic stock of our women as witches in the Inquisition. Don't blame Torquemada unless you think the goy are ass puppets. Anybody who can hang a teenage girl begging for mercy is a stone cold faggot, period. All priests hate women, the crowning glory of God's creation. For this and their other sins, too countless to enumerate, the Catholic Church must be erased off the face of this planet if they can't bring those girls back to life. What was lost to our race is priceless and the only repentance they can offer is self-immolation.

FACT #2 : They have ass-f*cked a million children in the past two centuries alone and then concealed their crimes in what surely constitutes a conspiracy to traffic sexually in children. What they have conceded is likely the smallest fraction of what they have gotten away with. For this and their other sins, too countless to enumerate, the Catholic Church must be erased off the face of this planet.

As for all you sodomites running defense for these monsters, our race won't be needing any men who don't put the lives and security of women and children first, second and last. On behalf of my Neanderthal ancestors, I can assure you that you fit the definition of genetically inferior in our books. Women and children are hands-off and any man who hands-on either of them deserves to lose his hands, his cock and his head in that order.

Your desire to protect these papal c*cks*ckers is just symptomatic of the problem. What we need is the cure.

Texas Arcane said...

In case I have not mentioned it, you sodomite escorts should hang your heads in shame that it took Jewish lawyers to break the yoke of these monsters off our back where you failed for two thousand years. Remind me to send these people a Christmas card this year with our undying gratitude pledged inside it.

Anonymous said...

tex at 11.24 hits it out of the park. all i can offer is my applause.

For the cheerleaders - satan has shelter in the vatican, it's his workplace on earth. Study your history, not what they taught you at school, unlearn and save yourself. See who owns the show, who funds the wars and who has caused untold suffering in the name of empire. These people are vermin, they are as disease.

As for this happy fourth crap, my goodness, burn your television while you still have a chance.

Anonymous said...

Calvin and luther also burned witches. Selective memory is worse than amnesia.

Anonymous said...

Fact 1: protestants were more brutal to "witches" then Torquemada on a bad hair day. It even happened in America. Read up on the Salem witch trials as a good example on how your beloved protestants hanged innocent and God-fearing people on a whim. You are wrongly associating the superstitions of the time with the church. Even Jean Jacques Rousseau believed in vampires back in the day, you see.

Fact 2: That is bullshit and you know it. Specially the "millions" figure you insist on. If I search hard enough I can dig up a few dozen perv infiltrators in every large church. It just so happens that nobody has interest in doing that to churches that openly take sodomites(i.e: Calvinists). Curious, it ain't.

Have fun protecting your women and children when western christian tradition is destroyed and shamed. The televitz says many things. The shaming of the only christian denomination still large and threatening to ZOG is not the only one.

Anonymous said...

Humm... I wonder why this isn't on the televitz?

Anonymous said...

I am really surprised about your idiocy Tex. Always liked your blog, but these rampant displays of ZOG shit eating are a huge letdown. If you are to be like this, just dump christianity altogether and get it over with. Didn't you hear? It sucks. Such information is on every TV show.

Btw, I thought I should mention that Kennedy was a catholic, as were many other great men that you probably also admire.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 1:56

I can see you are a big respecter of persons, judging the worth of something by who has vouched for it or been associated with it. Unfortunately all Christians are commanded to be no respecters of persons.

This is the problem with Catholicism. It's a mafia masquerading as a religion. It's about men and the evil they do, protecting one's in-group and making God a liar in favor of somebody with a cone on their head.

I went to a preparatory camp for seminary school, jerkoffs. That's when I realized the Church was the closest thing to an organized league that Lucifer has ever had on this planet.

Thank God for the Jews that took these punks down, whatever their motivations were. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Tell me again about how our children have to be cornholed again in order to avoid embarrassing these people so important to our racial future. What does it say about our race if this is the best we can do for representation?

I think I'm going to make a first time donation to the ADL immediately and maybe drop some money in the local synagogue box. Maybe we don't know who our real friends are. All we can say for sure is that our kids won't grow up with assholes as wide as the Lincoln tunnel if they go to choir practice.

For God's sake, they even dress in black for reference purposes. They're color coded by Satan as his made men so there will be no doubts.

Anonymous said...

Not sure, Tex. You are the one forming your opinion based on media apologetics and now openly writing eulogies to the interest groups that want to destroy the only large christian denomination left that doesn't worship Israel instead of God. All based on blatant ignorance and ideological bias. Am I really the "respecter of persons" here? Or are you just projecting?

Anonymous said...

Someone posted links about cases of Lutherans and Calvinists raping kids. They ain't that hard to find, use google and you can make a list of such links a mile long. You can do that with every religion, be it Islam or Hinduism. The only exception is Judaism(irony). Why the creepy focus on Catholicism? Is it the fact that the media does it as well? Why to use the cases of a few pervs as an excuse to attack the religion of good and true christians and the institution that represents them?

You are either a ZOG shill or a mumbling ideology blinded american retard that ignores facts that don't match fixated worldviews. If you had any commitment to the truth you would post a lenghty article also "thanking" the jews for the destruction of every other christian institution. After all, they all have a few pervs among their ranks and they are all mostly "evil" according to the media.

Anonymous said...

Your crazy "neanderthal" interpretations of the old testament were hard enough to take, this childish prejudice of non-calvinist christian denominations is taking the cake, as demonstrated in this comments section now. You are becoming an insane idiot Tex, and your blog is slipping more and more into self-delusion. Don't be surprised as the number of readers gets closer and closer to 0.

Anonymous said...

Good article, Tex. Funny how the comment section devolved into a parade of catholic cheerleaders.
For the record, I think "Just me and the Bible" doesn't do well enough on its own. Christianity has a wealth of history and tradition that needs to be now and appreciated. Reading of the Bible just by itself might lead to somethig different from what we know as christianity.


Anonymous said...

Interesting comments, although most of them miss the target by a mile. I humbly disagree with you Tex, I am not a catholic and will probably never be, but I am slowly being sold to the idea of a central institution defining and representing christianity. We tried protestantism and independence, did it actually work? Or did it just lead us to take a greater fall from christianity than the catholics ever did? Didn't it leave us quarreling among ourselves, divided in hundreds of denominations separated mostly by petty differences? I hope that after the catholic church goes down, something better will take its shoes and bring us together. Otherwise, say goodbye to christianity. Muslins and jews stick together. Even atheists and satanists stick together. If we don't do the same, we are toast.

Anonymous said...

Things your kosher media will never tell you about the Catholic Church. Learn about it: