Saturday, July 9, 2011

Everything You Think You Know Is Wrong


I used to believe in the exact same things that you do. I thought they were common sense. I believed they were not worth even questioning.

I was absolutely wrong, about all of it. I know a little better now.

It's not that I have all the answers.

It's that now I know what the questions are.

Modern scienmajistic types are not even close. Not even in the ballpark. No better guide to being mistaken than their rubbish. Creationists are a close second.

The truth is, none of these feuding dichotomies are anywhere near the facts of the matter.

Those ringed spheres are two million years old and often found very deep in the earth, all over the planet. Many have turned up in mines as they were excavated. They are not a "metal." They are an alloy.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever played a game from 1995 called "Azrael's Tear" Tex? It was a great adventure/fps hybrid that dealed with classical alternative history theories in the most brilliant way I have ever seem. One of my favorite games. It is a quite obscure and underrated game, though.

Seeing as you are a part time game developer, and a fan of Lovecraft( a great influence on the game) I'm sure you will love it. Give it a look if you haven't done so back in the day.

KWJ said...

It's always a healthy white male in those evolution pictures - never a Negro, or an Asian, or any other ethnicity. Prompts one to wonder, why is that?

And then we see in the comments at the youtube page what idea is planted in the minds of the suggestible.

"The Sumerians The Egyptinas The Greek The Roman The Maya The Hindu The Chinese There were GREAT CIVILIZATIONS These people were Civilizations while the Whites were stil swinging from trees like monkeys
greenman92553 22 hours ago

Joseph Dantes said...

Whoah. Every 40k years the ice causes the poles to shift to the equator. atlantis = antarctica. the pyramids of egypt and south america were their civilization. was that noah's flood?

I guess regular continental shifts into ice age climate would tend to thin the flock.

This really raises more questions than it answers.

"We are a species with amnesia."

Cthulhu R'lyeh Fthagn!

Anonymous said...

Massive Negroid DC Brawl

Anti-whites really don't want white people to see this. You can't see it on Youtube, unless you are 18.

The link above has a way around their censorship.

Hot August Night said...

Thanks for posting that link, Tex. Very interesting.
You gotta love old Chuck Heston.

Anonymous said...

The people at Incogman are krazy obsessed with Jews. Its one thing to know of their ways, but to dedicate your entire existence to talking about them, is taking it too far.

But this story really should be seen. It is Black on mainly whites, so of course it is being covered up by the MSM.

Coke-crazed Negro Slays 7 in Wild Murder Spree

Anonymous said...

"Everything you think you know is wrong"

Err, so says the guy who thinks he is a Neanderthal! ;-)

Texas Arcane said...

I was taught growing up that all smart people are Homo Sapiens with brain damage.

Smart people are not Homo Sapiens and they don't have brain damage. They're Neanderthals and their brains run better as a result of a half million years of genetic refinement.

Joseph Dantes said...

Tex, the interesting question is whether you can out-emulate sapiens psychopathic vapidity on a neanderthal OS... while leaving enough processing power to run the underlying neanderthal processes unaffected, or even enhanced.

The answer is yes... koanic soul.

A fulfillment of the scripture - wise as serpents, innocent as doves.

A reversal of the movie "they live."

Anonymous said...

Hey, Tex.

Thought you'd like to see this propaganda video regarding the Australian Carbon Tax:

It's basically the government giving themselves permission to steal from people.
All funds gathered go to the Illuminati.

Anonymous said...

Tex, don't know if you're familiar with Doris Lessing and her Canopus in Argos series. It suggests that after a huge catastrophe 10.000 years ago Homo Sapiens has been deteriorating ever since, that our surprise reaction on aging suggests different lifespans existing in the past, and that maybe we were "enslaved" in ways impossible to imagine by certain "beings" that were overseers and intervened in our evolution:

Anonymous said...

Absolutely mega-awesome video about the Neanderthal, best thing I've ever watched on youtube. You're going to have multiple orgasms while watching this, Tex. Neanderthal as an uber-bad Ice Age super predator primate mutant with incredible strength and abilities.

Anonymous said...

Delusions of grandeur.


Anonymous said...

PS. Comparing the Neanderthal skull to the Sapiens one is like comparing a German steel helmet to an ashtray.

Texas Arcane said...

6:46 AM

While he was being a "savage cannibal predator" he domesticated the dog, almost all known strains of agriculture we use today and took twenty years to bury his dead after paying his respects daily for two decades. Strange behaviour for a super cannibal monkey, you'll agree. Burying his relatives in a bed of flowers. Seems kind of like a sentimental pussy compared to Sapiens, who would kill his own grandmother and call it self-defense.

Total Sapiens Achievements During Same 200,000 Year Period : Nothing Much Worth Mentioning

Total Number of Sites Where Homo Sapiens Bones Have Been Found In Neanderthal Campfires With Teeth Marks : Trick Question, ZERO

Total Number of Sites Where Neanderthal Bones Have Been Found In Homo Sapiens Campfires With Teeth Marks : 27 In Europe Alone and many more outside it.

Anonymous said...

Tex, the problem is that people think that Homo Sapien merely surviving to now means they are super smart. They don't realise that bacteria, fungi and insects also survive well through stress conditions and aren't known for for their contributions to art and science.

You could get the greatest genius and set a pack of manboons with sticks on him and they'd end up killing him and/or eating him. Doesn't make the manboons smarter, any more than the viral particles infecting something or someone are smarter. But that's modern junk science and thinking for you. Sapiens is a species that loves killing and destruction (despite claims to the contrary) where Neanderthals were killers and destroyers only when it was needed and logical. The killer is worshipped in Sapien society. It is a death cult species and as soon as it stopped living as a wild and savage survivor and tried to live as a civillized man it was doomed. You can put a shirt and tie on a chimp or a wolf but it won't make it any more civillized underneath.

Modern sciences are obsessed with stroking the ego and providing reassurances that we're all super smart, smarter than anything that could have possibly ever lived, yessiree! Even them apes that have brains twice the size of ours. Their brains must have been wired all wrong and massive supercomputers dedicated to peeling bananas where Spapien brains were magically compact for doing super smart things instead. Despite all the evidence to the contrary. You can almost hear their own disbelief when they say it, like deep down they know the truth, as their grins and words become stilted, a bead of sweat runs down their foreheads and their eyes turn glassy.

Texas Arcane said...

Key is "when it was necessary and logical."

Neanderthal was undoubtedly a xenophobic isolationist who killed anybody he found in Europe who wasn't a Neanderthal or very closely related. The reasons were logical and were necessary for his survival. Neos were not expansionist and there is a lot of evidence they understood the notion of "this is our place, that is theirs, as long as we stay in our regions everybody will be able to live in relative peace."

Homo Sapiens, again and again, will always expand and try to kill everything around him to take their stuff. All the beautiful sentiments in the world won't change this nature. He cannot mind his own business. I'd bet anything that treaties were agreed on and the Neanderthals were baffled again and again when they ended up repelling Homo Sapiens invasions. These children did not play nicely with others and could not stay in their own yards. Sapiens promiscuity gave him the same imperative as roaches - he always needed to claim more living space because he would otherwise fill up his own, strip it bare and then turn on each other without a war somewhere to go to.

Anonymous said...

Tex is your 5:58 AM post a reply to my post that I cannot see? Here's another try:

Yeah, the video got some parts wrong, however it says that Neanderthal was super intelligent and ingenious because he had to survive in a hostile Ice Age Europe which resulted in advanced hunting methods and toolmaking, way ahead of anything humans could master at the time. And that it was through our interaction with them that we developed our survival techniques that shaped us humans. One of them could be indeed farming and domestication of animals which the Neo developed during his time in the Near East in response to competition from Sapiens for hunting grounds. Perhaps I'm wrong, but Neo was indeed an aggressive carnivorous primate during his stay in Ice Age Europe, but when some numbers settled in the Near East they gradually changed to a more civilized farming community-oriented culture. Which would also explain why agriculture first made its appearance there with humans taking this knowledge from Neanderthals, and it could be that ancient mythology about "gods" giving the knowledge of civilization to men is a coded narrative of this process.

Shah ki Khan said...

It's almost time Bros.

Texas Arcane said...

The thing that really nailed the Neanderthals was when the Sapiens began to develop throwing skills like Joe Dimaggio as a direct response to Neanderthal super powers. For 400,000 years, Neos had simply walked forward like Stone-Age terminators and squeezed the juice out of intruders like killing bugs.

Sapiens began to realize that having ten times your strength doesn't mean anything if you keep retreating and chucking spears from twenty meters away. Suddenly the Neanderthal became a kind of Polish Tank, a death trap body for the behemoths. The Sapiens would be kicking their ass using hand-eye coordination that was way superior to Neos. The Neanderthals had already filled that brain space with upper cortex for reasoning, which meant he could well appreciate being turned into a human pin cushion from afar. As the Sapiens probably said in those days ... "if it bleeds, we can kill it." Very rapidly they would have begun to lose their fear of what would have formerly seemed an indestructible death machine to them. As long as you don't let them get close enough to get a grip on you, they can be defeated.

This is why we see, after 400,000 years of never having to resort to technology, the late Amud Mousterians began to build wooden armor and shields. They must have known the Sapiens were kicking their asses and they were trying to counter that by shielding their bodies. It was kind of a losing battle, the Sapiens probably just built heavier spears and began to develop the characteristic broad shouldered, narrow hipped physiology to chuck a projectile from farther away. The reason Sapiens females are attracted to this look in their males is that it basically signifies to them "I can protect you and our offspring from Neanderthal death machines."

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 6:16

One of the most damning pieces of evidence in a murder investigation comes when the police discover items of the deceased in your possession. If you're the last person who saw the victim alive and it turns out you have some of their personal property on you, you'd better get a good lawyer. They're going to assume naturally that you are the person who did the deed.

90% of the tech that Homo Sapiens has in his possession he did not invent himself. He would have had to taken it off Mousterian peoples. If we also know at the same time he raped thousands upon thousands of their females in all probability as war captives, I think it's pretty safe to say we can get a conviction here with the evidence we have.

We have motive. Sapiens wanted the tech and he wanted the women, which he apparently considered far more desirable and beautiful than his own lanky, horse-faced low IQ hos. He would not have taken these things off invading Neanderthals. Therefore it is fairly reasonable to say he must have invaded in much the same way we see him do everyday now ... on thin or nonexistent rationale ... and killed the former owners and taken both their wives and their tech for himself.

He has spent about 40,000 years trying to cover his tracks and interfere with the investigation but there is no statute of limitations on genocide. I recommend the death penalty in this case. It's only fair.

Texas Arcane said...

Now you'll know why I consider this entire planet to be a rippingly good M. Night Shymalayan film. Similar to Angelheart, the detective discovers he is the vile criminal that he is looking for at the end.

It's not Neanderthals who were the monsters. The evidence doesn't support that conclusion at all.

Texas Arcane said...

All of the conclusions above occurred to me in a fifteen minutes period following the press release about our Neanderthal heritage in May of 2010.

Anonymous said...

"All of the conclusions above occurred to me in a fifteen minutes period following the press release about our Neanderthal heritage in May of 2010."

What were you smoking, bro? That's some pretty powerful weed, apparently.

Texas Arcane said...

Good Sapiens comeback.

Anonymous said...

Why were Sapiens more compelled to produce science and technology but Neanderthals were stuck with trying to play catch up with wooden armor? We couldn't have got space rockets and the microchip from Neanderthals.

Anonymous said...

5:33 am

Tex just owned this thread. Theres not much to argue about. Go read it again then look up the facts you will see for yourself.

The facts say Tex is right about there being the mother of all genocides. How did sapiens get the tech when he did not invent it? Think about it. Your up yourself mate. Look at the big picture.

Texas Arcane said...

Everybody go next door and talk to your neighbour about kindness and morality. While he is thinking about it, hit him between the eyes with a claw hammer to kill him. Take all his stuff over to your house including his wife.

You are now the winnarz of the biological internetz according to Homo Sapiens.

Anonymous said...

Well put, Tex. Just because someone is this "biological winner" doesn't mean they are worth a damn. Nobility and intelligence don't win out in your scenario and the Sapien system.

Is it any wonder that there is a Flood or similar now and then? The system is corrupted and the psychopaths thrive as it discourages those traits that make someone great. You don't need to listen to the Bible to survive and be the "biological winner" as an individual, but if you want your species to survive...that's another story.

Anonymous said...

I gather from what I have read to check on Tex that most of what he has said is correct.

Sounds like what the planet needed was a little homo sapiens in our neanderthal. What we got is a smidgen of neanderthal in our sapiens and this is why this planet is so hopeless fukked. What was needed was all the qualities of neanderthals but more outgoing and less xenophobic. Instead we got a monkey with some neander brains a bad combination. You knew it.

Anonymous said...

[T]he claims that these objects consist of metal, i.e. "...a nickel-steel alloy which does not occur naturally..." according to Jochmans[4] are definitely false as discovered by Cairncross[7] and Heinrich[9][10]. The fact that many of the web pages that make this claim also incorrectly identify the pyrophyllite quarries, from which these objects came, as the "Wonderstone Silver Mine" is evidence that these authors have not bothered to verify the validity of, in this case, misinformation taken from other sources since these quarries are neither known as silver mines nor has silver ever been mined in them in the decades in which they have been in operation[11][13].

Anonymous said...

Delusions of grandeur indeed; Tex can't get a journal article accepted, because the Neanderthal Predation hypothesis is a conspiracy of a whole species against one of its own brain-damaged specimens.

Anybody know the etymology of "cretin?"

Neanderthal Cannibalism at Moula-Guercy, Ard├Ęche, France, Science 1 October 1999: Vol. 286 no. 5437 pp. 128-131

Texas Arcane said...

Those are called secondary burial practices.

The same retards who got it all wrong the past 300 years keep talking like they're still authorities on this subject. When you've been demonstrated wrong that many times, you don't just revise and keep talking. Your scienmajistic types are fail, as you are fail, Sapiens.

Anonymous said...

We couldn't have got space rockets and the microchip from Neanderthals.


Go look up Konrad Zuse and Werner Von Braun. Look at their picture, both grew up in the epicenter of Neanderthal's prior range. No doubt in my mind that both were exceptional hybrids, both responsible for the foundations upon which modern computing/space travel exsist.

Up until the flood (6000 years ago)most european tribes were matriarchal fertility cults, most likely a holdover from the Neanderthals, the hybrids at that time were probably bordering on 15-25%. The Black Sea tribes brought patriarchy and lower genetic ratios to Europe. I reckon when the majority of the population breeds it out (the Neander gene), you can forget about ever getting off this rock we call earth. Turn the lights out Wilma, its back to the stone age.

Texas Arcane said...

Classic, almost archetypal Neanderthal "look" :

What happened to this man's waist? He's a tube of muscle from shoulder to hip. A coincidence, to be sure.

Texas Arcane said...

Note the yanks were basically manboons who had captured humans in a cage and were using them to produce their space program.

After the original crop of true humans began to die off, NASA rapidly became a sort of science welfare program for crotch-grabbers pretending to be scienmajistical and sheeeeeit and whatnot and what-have-you. Right about then the first shuttle blew up. The new generation at NASA was not bright enough to deserve to get down on their knees and kiss Von Braun on his ass.