Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ballot Box Has Failed. Next Up, The Bullet Box.

Kwa just keeps extending the definition of crazy into the stratosphere.

Returning U.S. veterans took up arms and shot these sorts of people when they got back from World War II. They were out of patience and too tired for this sort of crap. The government fled and surrendered.

The U.S. isn't "too big to fail." They're now "too stupid to succeed ... at anything."

Things will go poof soon. Vault-Co says you have not seen angry yet. When 10% of Kwanzania wakes up, there's going to be smoke from coast-to-coast. Everybody except you already knows this, some of them consciously, others subconsciously.

We're always hearing about the dangers of the underclasses rioting. What nobody worries about is the overclass rioting. That's a real riot. This stuff you're seeing now is just jungle hijinks compared to what is possible.


Anonymous said...

Iran delivers death blow to US economy-dollar. Kiss the "recovery" goodbye:


I await "911 Redux in 3D", starring the 5 dancing Israelis doing song and dance from Fiddler, holding up lighters and giving high-fives while their Stuxnet attack causes twenty core-meltdowns, their greatest success since Fukushima. See Iran blamed. See Iran nuked. See Tel Aviv flattened with fuel air-warheads. See a crazed Imam declare himself the Mahdi, and the Middle East erupt in jihad. See U.S. forces buried under a hail of rockets, and try to repeat Xenephon's historic retreat - to Europe on foot. See runaway nuclear, biological, and scalar warfare. See civilization give way to neolithic hunter-gatherers, who feed the non-Muslim bankers to their dog packs, and wipe their arses with bank notes. Coming to the smoldering ruins of a theater near you.