Thursday, July 21, 2011

Atheists Win - Owe You A Coke

Anybody who was a good atheist would not be an atheist. They might not be a Christian, but they sure as hell would not be an atheist. A really good atheist who was not full of crap might describe himself as an agnostic. The problem is, nearly all atheists are full of crap to the gills. They have the emotional maturity of the guy who runs the comic book store in the Simpsons and usually look similar. Inside every good atheist is a Christian just waiting to grow up.

Most really lousy Christians are just atheists in drag, waiting to happen at the first sign of trouble.

The idea that society can live without moral principles enshrined in a religious system is so childish it beggars description. Nobody could possibly be that stupid. Yet, there you have it.

What amazes me is how easily the mass media was able to convert the entire population into casual atheists almost overnight. Easy come, easy go, say I. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Kwanzanians say "the sin is with our leaders, not with us, let this judgement fall upon them and not our heads." Kwanzanians are looking into a mirror when they look at their leadership and their leaders are completely unredeemable assh*les.

You know them by their fruits. I can see the Jetsons-style sci-fi paradise now, with people floating around on their hoverboards, hands on their crotches, using their sliderules to solve the cold fusion problem. That's probably what is going to happen. Or else just the usual barbaric slide into total anarchy that characterizes multikult through the ages.


Anonymous said...

Principles can be bent and broken and religion can be used and abused in a number of ways. I'm more and more inclined to believe that it is genetics that eventually decides everything in a society, as it does in an individual: intelligence, problem solving, the capacity for violence and cruelty, etc.

Texas Arcane said...

We might say that a religion is never much better than its members and its members no better than their genetics might permit. No religion can change the sons of the devil into saints. The sons of the devil are likely to have no religion. Calvinism in a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

A Jewish Conservative Wonders: Is Free Speech Really A Jewish Tradition?

The only original thought in that article is this:

"Jewish malice and gentile masochism are well suited to each other."

Bob Whitaker is the only original thinker, I have read in the pro white community and he has been saying the same thing for years.

Anonymous said...

Not really. Calvinism was a religion created by rich old bastards who wished to make a version of christianity without ideas like penance, charity and humility, ideas that held them back in their achievement of vain and worldly things. It is a version of christianity that worships wealth and denies the idea of imitating christ in life and action. For Calvinists, living like a bastard is alright as long as you pretend to believe in the Bible. For calvinists, rich people are blessed by God, while Christ himself directly said otherwise. It has such poor morals and poor fundamentals that every region of the world that became calvinist soon after became and atheist shithole akin to Sodom and Gomorrah. Just look at places like the Netherlands.

Anonymous said...

What do you think about the concept of Saving Grace, Tex?

Anonymous said...

I just watched X-Men: First Class

The film in the beginning is the typical Jewish wet dream we've come to expect from Hollywood, with a Jew acquiring superpowers and punishing the Nazis in the violent and graphic manner we've become accustomed to lately (for instance in Shutter Island and Ingorious Basterds). There's also the typical pro-gay "right to be different" propaganda (after all Bryan singer, the writer of the film, is both gay and Jewish). But then the film then moves on much further from being simply a Jewish porn flick that satisfies the revengeful urges of Hollywood Jews against the Nazis, or anyone's who feels "different".

Because it portrays the supermutants as the last of a bloodline, the latest mutation, the next stage of the evolution of a species that started with the Neanderthal, then the Jew and finally the supermutant. It parallels the genocide of the Neos at the hand of Sapiens with the attempted genocide of the Jews by the Nazis and finally the attempt by the humans to kill the mutants.

They started with the Neanderthal. Then the Jew. And finally the mutants. "Can we help them? It always ends up the same way. Identification, the rounded up and killed" wonders Magneto.

"A Neanderthal is running scared" shouts the Jew Magneto, rallying his mutant troops in the showdown against the humans. Get them before they get us. Isn't this the premise the entire genocidal Jewish agenda against humanity is based on? It's psychological profile is fully exposed in this film. At some point Xavier is trying to convince Magneto that not all gentiles are potential Nazis out to get them. But Magneto replies "you think they (gentiles) won't battle each other to extinction? They don't even need us" or something along the line. Yoshi is definitely on to something here, as you've said before.

But there's more to it.

The main villain of the movie is a former Nazi, now going under the name Shaw, who also is a mutant, and Magneto wants to hunt him down to avenge his mother's death. In the early sixties, where the film takes place, he has gathered a small team of mutants and is trying to start World War 3 behind the scenes by manipulating both sides to set up the Cuban missile crisis. The team set up by Magneto and Xavier wants to stop them but Magneto also wants revenge. It was more than clear to me that this battle alludes to the events mentioned in the book of Enoch. One of the mutants in Shaw's team is named Azazel, after the fallen angel that taught humans how to fight.

So when Shaw is defeated in a scene and dialogue very similar to the "you made me what I am" one between Conan and Thulsa Doom or between Roy Batty and Tyrell, the team of Neanderthal-mutants breaks up into two factions like you've suggested before it happened. The hateful, vengeful one of Magneto who now recruits former mutants of Shaw's team and wants to exterminate humans (aka sapiens, aka gentiles) and the human-friendly one of Xavier. They both go underground to pursue their agendas hidden from human sight. Much like in the way I suggested in previous discussions the remnants of the Nephelim did after the Deluge, when they have pursued their agendas through secret societies ever since.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 2:01

Possibly the worst exposition of Calvinism I have ever read and the exact opposite of nearly every single tenet. Congratulations on failing at this too.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 6:14

Look at the way that Esau split with the Edomites. Esau forgave his brother Jacob and was blessed greatly for it, receiving God's forgiveness in the bargain. The bulk of Esau's descendants in Edom were an entirely different matter, seeming to harbor a never ending bitterness that could never be sated. It was as if if none of them could ever do as Esau himself had done and simply let it go. The Edomites behaved as if they had grievances against the entire world and God himself. This might remind you of some special interest groups alive today on the Earth, in fact it is virtually a word-for-word description of their character.

How do we know the Nephilim continued to harangue the world until the time of King David? Because no less than Esau himself and many of his ancestral line were commissioned to root them out and destroy them. Supposedly long after they had been destroyed by the deluge, they continue to pop up in the Bible and wherever they are found they seem to be fomenting war, famine and conflict to try to revenge some perceived slight they had received at the hands of humans.

This is why people who link Esau to the Nephilim are making a mistake scripturally. God commissioned Esau to destroy the Nephilim in his part of the world wherever he found them and did the same with Jacob. This alone shows that Esau still had the promise of grace from God - the Lord would not be hiring one Nephilim to destroy another. He favored Jacob over Esau but even this son he scolded he still loved. Jacob was preferred over Esau because Jacob himself was more tolerant of strangers than Esau could have ever been.

Anonymous said...

'ITZ' still hasnt arrived and you've ran out of steam with whole neanderthal-superman thing so now its back to bashing atheism.

You've become a joke Tex. Get some professional help before you start mixing the special cool-aid.


Texas Arcane said...

This is maybe the tenth time that your argument consists of the proposition I am crazy. If I am crazy, why keep reading the blog?

I don't believe you would claim that my ideas recently have seemed to explain a great deal about the reasons the world is the way that it is. I reckon my appraisal of humankind as a crazy mix of the fundamentally good natured Neanders with the fundamentally vicious Sapiens to be pretty explanatory. If you have an alternate theory I'm all ears.

Anonymous said...

I reckon my appraisal of humankind as a crazy mix of the fundamentally good natured Neanders with the fundamentally vicious Sapiens to be pretty explanatory.

This is the problem. You're talking out of your behind. You have no idea about the fundamental nature of Neanderthals -- none of us do. There is very little physical evidence upon which to speculate and no stories or writings from them.

You have assigned all of these qualities to them and it's stuff that you have simply made up. It's a fantasy. It feeds your misanthropic nature because it allows you to hate all of mankind because now you get to pretend you're a Neanderthal.

It's silly stuff, Tex, just like your professions of doom. One day it's super volcanoes that will do us in. The next it's cosmic rays from massive sunstorms. Then it's an ice age. Then it's going to be WWIII starting. Next it's a false flag nuclear attack. I've probably missed a few other doomsday scenarios.

Anonymous said...

Was it really such a bad exposition? Are you going to tell me Calvin didn't consider rich people the "elect" and the "blessed by God"? Are you going to say he didn't directly claim that salvation and blessing was expressed in material wealth? That he did not claim that the faithful should not worry about charity and good works, but only about a supposed faith that required no expression towards others? Because everything I read and seem about this crap religion stated otherwise. It was his profanity that gave rise to the arminian baloney and later to the prosperity evangelicals we see today. The destruction of the Christian morality took a leap with this creep. Christ himself warned about prophets such as Calvin. A good tree bears no bad fruit.

Anonymous said...

Btw, if you were truly a rabid atheist for decades, you are not a true christian under the grace of God and will never be. If you truly believe Calvin's baloney, you should believe this.

Anonymous said...

He favored Jacob over Esau but even this son he scolded he still loved. Jacob was preferred over Esau because Jacob himself was more tolerant of strangers than Esau could have ever been.

Some time ago you stated that the part of the Bible where Jacob wins his father's blessing through guile and treachery was apocryphal, possibly added later on by the Jews. Have you changed your mind on this point? What made you change it?

Or are you simply disputing the way in which it happened (i.e. Jacob was actually God's favorite, but not because of his cunning)?

Anonymous said...

"They have the emotional maturity of the guy who runs the comic book store in the Simpsons and usually look similar."

Tex, I've seen your pic and you look like that! Evel Knevel couldn't jump over your gut on his best day! The Neanderthals would have taken one look at you and started throwing spears at you because you certainly don't look like one of them!

Sam said...

Alternate theory. Bear with me. I've read quite a bit about giants since finding a book called appropriately enough"Giants" while lurking about the library stacks. Most of the same info is in this page by Steve Quayle.

A quote:
There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. Genesis 6:4

We know that there were giants. They ran cities in Palestine and battled with the Romans. Here's my theory. The giants were the offspring of Neanderthal and Sapiens creating Nephilim. There is some other stories that show that the species can mix(Zana).

Here's where it gets really fanciful.
One of Zana's children was talented in mathematics and music. She was found by hunters in the Ochamchir region of Georgia (a Province of Russia on the edge of the Black sea). Hmmm... Isn't that in the general area the Jews are from? Now for one last blast. Look at the slopped heads on these Jews.
Are Jews Neanderthal/Sapien hybrids?

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 6:29

It's really important to understand that neither Jacob nor Esau were preferred because they were the "good" guy.

Neanderthals were intolerant xenophobes who only looked out for Neanderthals and killed anyone else who trespassed in their lands.

Homo Sapiens is a natural swindler, liar and cheat, a born fake incapable of creating anything.

Neither of these races was anything close to being perfect or even presentable.

Therefore, Jacob I loved. But Esau I hated. God has his reasons. I suspect it is difficult to offer the future to a race that cannot handle social relationships outside a small tribal level. If you only show charity to your brothers, what kind of charity is that?

I accept that this story has been amended and altered each time it has changed hands, while retaining the original meaning that is critical to the text itself. I still believe like all the other stories in Genesis, there is very important wisdom to be gleaned here. Maybe just not what Ted Haggard told you the moral of the story was. God, as it turns out, is good. Man is uniformly always pretty wicked.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 1:24 PM

Anybody who has ever browsed this forum more than five minutes would know I do not make stuff up or talk out my behind.

Every sentence I write up here would be the product of thousands of hours of reading and study and decades of thinking. As Nietszche pointed out, very deep waters can often seem quite shallow to men who themselves are not even an inch deep.

I say the things I do about Neanderthal because I know many, many things you don't know. Not just a couple of things. Thousand upon thousands of things.

Find me an account of a Homo Sapiens burial site that shows any formal ritual involved before 38,000 years. Even a single one.

Neanderthals were burying their dead with enormously complex rituals over a quarter million years ago. Who is the ape man here?

Sapiens has left so little evidence of himself for the same reason that Africa is an archaeological vaccuum going back a million years. You can dig until you are blue in the face there and will never discover so much as a flute.

Sapiens left no traces behind because he had nothing to leave behind before he interbred with Neanderthal. He was a zero, a null-sum creature with no awareness.

Cite the literature and tell me where I am wrong.

Please don't use yet another cave drawing that was falsely attributed to Homo Sapiens before a revision revealed it was actually done by Neanderthals. Homo Sapiens has always been a plagiarist. Jacob in Hebrew means to pull the leg, to be so lazy you take credit for another's work. It means charlatan, poseur, fraud. It means a man who survives by living off another's efforts.

Anonymous said...

Search on Google you will see Tex has ownage. Hes a master troll but he knows his shit. I dont think Tex makes anything up but hes too ADD to explain all the time the legwork is up to you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Tex used to be sane a few years ago. It seems the anxiety of waiting for sudden doomsday and not being prepared enough got him in the end. This blog is getting less and less enjoyable. Aside from the rare funny jab at the commies(something Tex still does well), there is not much left to see that is worthwhile. Tex, finish your vault, read the bible and stock your supplies. The more you bullshit, the more you stink. Notice a drop on your blog's visitors?

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 2:36

That's a Sapiens comment.

Yes, I run this blog to try to win some sort of popularity contest. My Ofay Homoerotic Sodomite dream is to be popular and have complete strangers I will likely never meet think well of me.

I would like you to practice what you preach. Go away.

Anonymous said...

quote 2:36
Yeah, Tex used to be sane a few years ago.
end quote

i dispute this assertion of yours. tex was never 'sane' and hopefully never lapses into it.

Anonymous said...

Just adding to Anon 4:32

"It is no measure of one's sanity to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society." -J. Krishnamurti

One of my top ten favorite quotes of ALL TIME.