Saturday, June 25, 2011

Zionist Shill Begins New Career As Shabbas Goy Step'n'Fetchit Rastus For Correctly Snipped Gefilte Fishers

It's good to see the man didn't sacrifice his dignity in order to stay working. I was afraid he'd be forced to go off and compromise himself in order to ... wait a second.

Glen's new career involves posing for photo opportunities with dead piles of Palestinian babies and unarmed taxi drivers. They asked for it. Muslim and moving means the forward observer has carte blanche to laser target them.


Anonymous said...

Glen Beck is and always was a phony. Like Alex Jones several others of their ilk.

They serve as a relief valve for the lunatic fringe, of which I am a proud card-carrying member. :-)

They exist to let people know that there is someone out there who is on their side. What a sick joke that is.

The real deal was William Cooper. I didn't follow his early fascination with the UFO/Alien stuff, but his rants about the gooberment were spot on.

And look what happened to him. Murdered by the Sheriff's dept. in a set up.

That's when you know someone is onto something important, when they are assassinated by TPTB.

Oh, and Cooper despised Alex Jones.

Texas Arcane said...

I don't know if you are aware but William Cooper completely recanted all his work on UFO coverups in the latter part of his life. He specifically said that the entire UFO story was designed to keep high IQ people fighting with straw men through controlled disinfo and that there never were any UFOs or any government conspiracy surrounding them, unless you consider the UFO crap itself to be a government conspiracy. He claimed that the U.S. did in fact have a colossal black ops budget and to throw people off the scent they were always releasing faked documents that made it look as though the money was spent on "UFO bases" to discredit anyone who realized how much money they siphoned off from taxes.

He was convinced that when his superiors were unsuccessful keeping him in the Air Force and were aware he was a prolific writer, he was the subject of a deliberate attempt to pretend he accidentally saw "leaked" documents before he was discharged, to send him off wasting his time on a McGuffin.

Anonymous said...

I read one theory that the UFO hysteria stuff, was created as a cover for US spying during the Cold War.