Monday, June 6, 2011

Zany GloboWarmThinkists Emit Hot Gases At Both Ends

Web searches destroying the planet. A truish factoid that is self-supporting through self-referential integrity.

Oxygen stealing hack wants tattoos for non-druids and other unholy sorts

Mitt Romney seals his doom

Boring Gramsci disciples are boring. Everyone is laughing at you, warmthinkers. I know how important the "consensus" is to mental defectives like yourselves, well the consensus is that you have lost your minds.

World Bank says it needs a lot more revenue to bail out members who force maids to give them blowjobs


Anonymous said...

First these clowns were calling it Global Warming.

Then when the temperature graphs wouldn't go up, they changed it to Climate Change.

Now what's the bet, the next name change will be Global Freezing - caused by carbon pollution?

What amazes me, is that anyone takes these sick fools seriously.

Anonymous said...

Looks like these morons chose bad timing again cause the airline industry is collapsing

Anonymous said...

Dedicated to the industry shills and the morons who believed this was just minor accident that could never turn to a new Chernobyl. It's ten times worse:

Anonymous said...

Eco-fascists get their way with Orwellian scheme in the third world shithole called Britain, and facebook is key part of monitoring and reporting people's activities.

Anonymous said...

I put this ocker slut at the top of my list, and I'm 'aussie', gawwd that is so embarrassing..