Saturday, June 25, 2011

World War III Warrants No Media Coverage

Biggest news story in Asia not even covered by western media. No point in getting the sheeple worked up, everyone knows they are all going to die anyway.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in Syria.

The phony Israeli-Turkish "tension" that occurred after the staged event with the Gaza flotilla last year, gives way to the traditional brotherly relations cause things are about warm up a bit:

Anonymous said...

A China-Kwazian conflict would be interesting because much of the Kwa's military components come from China.

That probably won't matter too much because as soon as the Chinese blow one of the carrier battle groups out of the water, the ICBM's will fly.

Or not.

Maybe the Chinese will do as they please while the Kwa stands on the sidelines wringing it's hands and yelling insults.