Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vaccinating Against God

Nothing should come between the common man and his abject worship of the State. Nothing. It's all about removing the best parts and replacing them with a desire to shop and watch more porn.


Anonymous said...

That is the scariest thing I've seen in a long while

SoyBoy TechoGeek wouldn't answer the questioners, but simply proceeds with his presentation

Wonder how many of those futureNazi fucks there are in our government


Solsys said...

It's a fake presentation, very probably from the YES MEN - it's their kind of stunt.

Look at the brain scan images : they are stricly the same. Also look at the absence of legend in the graphs, and the nonsensical bar graphs.

It's all to maximize the enormity of the fake.

Solsys said...

A very strange thing happened there (just go to the youtube page to sse by yourself).

Now it's supposed to be a hoax, because the video has been edited, and the dubbing is wrong.

To me it's a Yes Men stunt to start with, or something similar, the "edited video" thing is very strange.

Shortly after the Truther movement started there where a lot of sites with planet Nibiru stuff mixed in, set up to convey the impression that Truthers where gullible nutjobs.

Now this goes even a step further, in that there is a manipulation, but not on the core of the matter. There is definitely something fishy here.

Anonymous said...

So they want to vaccinate that eebil religion away? Once small cuts become lethal again, people are going need it: