Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Struggle With Evil At The Microscopic Level

Atheists think it's all so simple. It's actually so complex, it defies human imagination. It is only their tiny brains that are simple.

In the injunction against fornication, the Almighty is trying to protect you against things you cannot possibly even comprehend, forces working against you which have a peculiar brilliance of their own which is difficult to even describe.

Our ancestors called them demons because that was all they could grasp.

There is a rich microcosm and macrocosm around you that regards you with such indifference it cannot even be described as despising you, rather it is capable of annihilating you by means of your own actions without you even knowing what you are doing to yourself.

Basically, if you adhere to the ten commandments and fear God, things will tend to go well for you if it is accompanied by your repentance to Christ. Maybe you just aren't smart to understand how and never will be. Nonetheless, if you let God be true and every man a liar, things will be well with you in some way that is very hard to articulate. On the other hand, if you do not fear God and proceed on your own wisdom, things will not go well for you. I can assure you of this. I was an atheist for sixteen years and there's a reason nothing was ever quite right for me. When you walk away from the protection of God, you are entering a very dark universe with some very nasty entities working on many different levels of reality all at the same time ... the one thing they have in common is that they will all expedite your destruction. You can always tell when atheist ideas are infiltrating a population. It's when they begin to die.


Anonymous said...

A supreme being dependant on the fear of its worshippers is a demon itself.


Conservative Atheist said...

I have no quarrel with socially conservative Christians. In fact, I'm very much in agreement with them in regards to sexual abstinence, opposition to homosexuality, ethics, and so on. These things are healthy for society.

In fact, I'm even more conservative than most Christians in the sense that I believe that preserving the European character of the West is a desirable goal.

The Christian religion became successful because it latched itself to the genetics of the European white race by default. Where Christians are most flawed is when they believe that their religion can turn non-whites like Africans to become civilized like Europeans.

So I eschew the modern Church because it has surrendered on the question of multiculturalism.

I do acknowledge that the main problem with atheism is the loss of a common meme, because eventually, other religions or beliefs (like secular ones that promote multiculturalism) take hold because most people are stupid and malleable.

Anonymous said...

There is so much economic uncertainty and now with both people having to work, thanks to the leftards' feminazism, couples just keep putting it off, till it's too late.

However I think this is a temporary problem that robotics will solve. Robot nannies will save the West, unless it is nuked first.

Anonymous said...

Nope, a supreme being that demands goodness and faith from his worshippers is a true God.

Think again, and let me know how a life of promiscuity and fungus collecting goes for you. See if the Bible is wrong and all that.

Anonymous said...

" A supreme being dependant on the fear of its worshippers is a demon itself. "

I was of the assumption that you had no belief in God. However, your statement would appear to indicate some level of acknowledgment of God.

If you indeed have no belief in God, why would you then feel compelled to respond to Tex's post within the hour with a negative comment?

May it be that you are not only aware of God, but whatever anger you have with God is in fact the origin of your negativity?

Perhaps you should spend less time trying to influence others with your apparent anger and denial and instead reflect on the origins of your personal consternation.

- deadman.

Anonymous said...

Unless you know more than quite a few bright men who have devoted their lives to studying the nature of the universe, you shouldn't discount ideas such as possession without actually reading case studies. It would be stupid and close minded and not like you.