Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sapiens Girls Got A Planet of Microcephalic Bastards Because They Bred Them

Neanderthal girls went for the good boys for a half a million years and that's what they got. Generation after generation, better characters and better men.

Sapien girls got the men they deserve as well. They dug the tiny brained impulse driven slack jawed idiotic psychopaths - exactly the sorts of males that Neanderthal girls sent walkabout when they reached maturity.

I've been thinking lately - what if the entire Sapiens race is nothing more than a breeding population that was established by Neanderthal rejects? Maybe the girls got so picky after 500,000+ years they were rejecting more males than they were giving the seal of approval to. These discards may have clustered in a valley somewhere and formed a village of their own and begun to breed with other mental defectives. With their increased birth rate due to promiscuity and a distinct lack of choosiness for mates, eventually they got the numbers on the Neanderthal aristocrats and were able to pose a menace to the communities that expelled them for being aggressive towards their own kind and otherwise being marked as damaged goods. It was the revolt of the dysgenics. The unfit may have gotten the jump on their betters with the help of an unexpected change to the climate.


Anonymous said...

"Neanderthal aristocrats".

From 'Texas Arcane, future survivor' to 'The Worlds Last Neanderthal Superman'.

You are either mad or working for the goverment.


Anonymous said...

Women love displays of status and hierarchy. They are the city builders. The yeoman who independently lives on his own is despised.

Modern Western politics is feminized and degenerate. But, I repeat myself.

Anonymous said...

Will one Texas Arcane be enough to re-populate the world, after the dozens of inevitable apocalyptic events predicted on this blog come to pass, with guileless, super-intelligent, Neanderthal artisans, from his dugout in QLD? Only time will tell...

Anonymous said...

After a lifetime of striking out with the cute Sapiens girls, Tex finally figured it out -- it's not him, it's them, the entire population of females. They simply don't see how splendid he is because they're not into Neanderthals.

Anonymous said...

All this article proves is men that have a compulsion to womanize, are womanizing the most. The rest of us have more important things to do, than spend our whole lives focused on our penis.

Hot August Night said...

Without intending any criticism, I maintain that with their emotionally biased thinking and hormonal issues, women ought never to be primary decision makers.
However, you can't blame them for being hardwired to seek out (perceived) higher status males. They're just instinctively trying to get the best deal that they can for their offspring within the competative environment they'll be raised in. There's nothing inherently wrong with that.
It isn't so hard, after all, to beat the sapiens (for argument's sake) males at their own game. They have their limitations.

Texas Arcane said...

I put it to you all that once the dysgenic tide turns, it has turned for good towards smaller brains and tinier frontal lobes. With reinforcement over many millennium eventually their miniscule brains withered away until they are no more than a 1350cc gumdrop, about the size of a horse dropping except with cerebral folds. This is just enough brains to masturbate and cruise the internet looking for pro-wrestling news. Any people with 1350cc have lost the capacity to turn that dysgenic ebb back the way it came. They can just furiously jerk off until the nuke contrails appear overhead.

Neanderthal had a climate sixty degrees below zero to keep him sharp and on target genetically. Much deviation towards feckless sapiens genes and he'd never have survived the winter. Neanderthals stayed crispy and bright because their environment would not tolerate otherwise.

Once you go homo, you can never go back. You sir, are no Neanderthals.

Anonymous said...

Well you sir, are no Jack Kennedy.

Hot August Night said...

That was really uncalled for, Anon 1:26 PM.

Texas Arcane said...

Except Jack Kennedy wasn't Jack Kennedy, rather a philanderer and oath breaker who was the best leadership the U.S. could get - given who was legally voting.

When forced to choose, sapiens will always select form over substance. This is why they can't elect any decent leadership (like Ron Paul) even when the opportunity arises.

Sapiens is doomed because of who he is inside, not what is going on outside.

4:20 AM (Hot August Night)

The assumption is that everybody wants to be promiscuous. I don't think Neanderthals wanted the same breeding patterns as insects and rats. A mistaken assumption.

Neanderthal wasn't "pretending" to be a "good guy" plastered over top of a bastard. Neanderthal really was a "good guy" in his heart. He was simple and straightforward. He cared about his family, hearth and home. Ice Age climates focus people on quality, not quantity. Warmer temperatures give rise to desperate garbage sperm shotgun blast approaches to life. Neanderthals had mastered life in a way that Homo Sapiens could never comprehend. He wasn't just running through the streets trying to ejaculate on females before he dropped dead. That's pathetic. It's the Sapiens way.

Texas Arcane said...

Did they make it up? Or is it just a game of Chinese whispers about something that really happened 60,000 years ago.

Maybe a Neanderthal didn't know his place and did the unthinkable ... killing one of the "gods." After he and his kind were sentenced to be genocided, the common man enshrined his story in the legend of Enkidu.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with Tex... women seem to consistenly pick the dregs of society as their partners.

It really isn't advanced human anthropology... you can turn on the television for ten seconds and see that most women are attracted to the losers of our Civilization.
Men, who, although may have a large degree of skill, are not very smart or faithful.

athletes, criminals, actors... these are the "jocks" of our society.

And yet, women are so suprised when these men turn out to be unfaithful, abusive assholes.


Can we grow our own women in a hydroponics lab?
That would be great...

The Pilgrim said...

Your analysis of Neanderthal-Sapiens relationship seems in keeping with the human history of rape-and-pillage first, ask questions later; as opposed to the alternative view that is being deciminated by the mainstream that sapiens and neanderthals co-existed peacefully, which would be a complete anomaly and not at all an historically parsimonous explaination (but a convenient one, to be sure).

My question to you is: Are you certain you are more Neanderthal than most (who are in the 5-6% range)? Have you done any DNA tests to confirm this hypothesis about yourself (and others who may share your views)?

Also this article indicates that Neanderthals, despite having more advanced tools, did not develop the projectile weapons used by sapiens

I wonder if this is the origin of the David vs. Goliath myth: David's ability to use a projectile (in his case a sling shot) is what allowed him to defeat the bigger, stronger Goliath.

It's also indictive of the way sapiens have acted ever since: prefering to defeat enemies from a distance throwing stones (figuratively and literally) at their betters, rather than confront them in close-proximity, where they are sure to be defeated.

The Pilgrim said...

Also wondering if you are familiar with epigenetics?

If applied to the female condition, it may explain their irrational, often schizophrenic behaviour towards males.

After being raped and mistreated at the hands of male sapiens their entire lives, females may have convinced themselves that they prefer to be with such overly-aggresive meatheads (the only alternative being to accept that they're in hell). And this trait would then be passed on epigenetically.

Texas Arcane said...

Pilgrim -

This is exactly the self-reinforcing cycle I was talking about.

Going from good genes to worse, it seems impossible to get back. Women who accommodate the psychos will do better genetically than women who have any kind of sanity.

Only climate can thin this herd out once it starts drifting the other way. Cold climate reinforces the best qualities of men in a way that nothing else can.

Notice that in the Neanderthal system, women had ultimate veto power over any male and could send him walkabout on a group vote any time they wanted to. Homo Sapiens women don't have any say in anything ultimately. Feminism has been about making women utterly powerless once again and at the mercy of the most dysgenic males.

The true ultimate feminist was the Neanderthal female. She had worked out an almost perfect system for selecting mates which did not involve in-group competition. Neanderthal males demonstrated their strength defending the group and hunting and wrestling animals. In-group hostility, even sublime faggotry like Sapiens takes for granted, would be considered evidence of poor quality genes and would get rejected.

Texas Arcane said...

Pilgrim -

I was identified as a member of the Basque in a DNA analysis, technically being of Scottish and German descent this should have been utterly impossible.

It is only when one goes back deep into my family's origins that one learns how these genes could have piggybacked onto ours a long time ago.

The Basques, of course, increasingly recognized as the last Neanderthal descendants on Earth.

Odds Bodkin said...

Eve betrayed Adam.

Do you think it was possible for Neanderthal females to betray the males?