Friday, June 10, 2011

Sapiens-Bots Protect Their Masters Like Machines

Everybody should own a couple. They're perfect for small chores and odd jobs around the house. I like to dress them up in little jackets as lawn jockeys and have them hold a lantern at night.

I've outgrown the question of asking where their masters came from. I understand their masters. They are simply psychopaths and sociopaths who know how to use these 'bots as tools to get the power they crave.

The question I want to ask is, where did these Sapiens-units come from? They are the real human enigma. One can see the forces of nature producing psychopaths and sociopaths. It makes sense in terms of biological game theory. So their masters are explainable. Where did these genetic wind-up toys that they command come from? I cannot think of a way to explain their existence naturally.

I suspect they are product. Their masters are merely opportunists who learned the command words needed to give these machines orders. Their original creators, I am not sure who or what they were. Those who order them today are simply taking advantage of their basic nature, which is mindless obedience.

If we answer "they must have been aliens," that's just an easy out, which is a Sapiens answer - he always seeks the path of least resistance intellectually. We should be asking first and foremost as to when they were manufactured. If we can narrow down to when they came off the assembly line, we can start to form ideas about how they came into being. The reason it is so hard to track Homo Sapiens in historical time is that before he was interbred with Neanderthals he simply left so little traces behind it is as if he were just a disposable unit with no artifacts of any kind around him. When I imagine his habitat before he mixed with Neos, I visualize this featureless barn with stables painted bland white inside where he was retired to each day to sleep until morning. A stable with no tools, no musical instruments, no art, no weapons, no textiles ... nothing but a mattress to lay on and breed before sleeping.


Anonymous said...

I guess Homo sapiens is the last group you had left to hate. Even though you are one. Why don't you have a DNA test to determine how much Neanderthal DNA you have? Research indicates we all share 1-4% of DNA with Neanderthals.

Texas Arcane said...

I did, seven years ago.

I was identified as being descended from Basque peoples, whom I would not know until seven years later are recognized widely as the foremost living descendants of Neanderthal people.

"Blakemore" = Nice genteel alteration of "Black Moor"

Black Moors = Occupiers of Spanish Basque nation, interbred with their women and inherited their genes in doing so. See how easy it must've been for me last year when the study was made public? I connected all the dots in the time it would've taken you to read the headline.

People always talking about "hate" sound like Oprah Winfrey. It's just gibberish from people who otherwise would have no thoughts at all.

I didn't make Homo Sapiens the way he is. He was like that when I found him. He's damaged goods and you know him from his fruits. Blaming me for the way they are simply because I can now say it out loud doesn't mean I'm responsible. Being bright enough to see it doesn't mean you caused it.

Anonymous said...

Also, I'm of the opinion that the entire aliens stuff being complete and utter bullshit. Even when it appears as such, like of instance in CHILDHOOD'S END, I think Clarke there used it as an allegory to hide the true nature of these overlords.

Anonymous said...

I am a quarter basque, Tex, and I have been to Bilbao twice in my life. As for your theory, Basques are indeed a people with a rich culture and I am proud of that heritage, but I just don't see them being compatible with your version of neandhertal super geniuses/muscular giants. In the matter of fact, basques aren't really known for scientific achievement and innovation, or for their huge muscles and fitness, traits that you associate more strongly with neo hybrids.

Also, sorry to break it to you, but if your name indeed originates from "Black Moor" it just really means that you have a north african muslin(that is what a "moor" is, they were mostly berber) ancestor somewhere down the line. It hardly means you are of basque descent. The muslins invaded nearly all of the Iberian peninsula after all, and they also strongly favored white female slaves from all europe. Your descent could lie in many places, specially considering how old and insignificant that genetic heritage must be.

Texas Arcane said...

You should do a little more historical research on the Black Moors before you correct me. You don't know it but you don't actually know what you are talking about. The Moors predate Islam and traded with Carthaginians. They were largely Berbers, a suspiciously Neanderthalesque people who excelled at many different arts of civilization long before they were Arabized by Muslim invaders. One roman writer described them as "blue-eyed and heavily sinewed with muscle."

The Moors were credited with incredible knowledge of math and science as well as the game of chess before the term was applied to a much broader category of people across the Middle East.

Basque men commonly have greater upper body strength than any other men in Europe. Basque women score higher average IQs than any other European females and their legendary beauty was such they have been valued as wives by several successive waves of invaders. You couldn't be more wrong about their distinguished lineage in medicine and science.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the moors brought great science and knowledge to western europe during their invasion, and Spain owes much of its rich culture to them. And they certainly had a number of geniuses. And while the basques don't have historical thinkers to match the best of the rest of europe and do not exactly represent the physical ideal of neandhertal you describe(at least from what I have seem), they are indeed a lawful, united and intelligent people. Perhaps you are right...

Bethoven's family was of moorish descent.

Berbers right now are certainly not great examples of neo hybrids though... take the Lybian and Morroccan population as examples. Genetic decline? I know Islam had a destructive influence on them and basically outlawed scientific progress since the early modern age, but that would not alone explain their decline if the good genes were still there.

Anonymous said...

"I guess Homo sapiens is the last group you had left to hate. Even though you are one. Why don't you have a DNA test to determine how much Neanderthal DNA you have? Research indicates we all share 1-4% of DNA with Neanderthals."

Hey, don't forget that he hates some Neanderthals too -- the Jewish ones.

So he hates Jews, non-Christians, liberals, moderates, probably most conservatives, anyone who disagrees with him, scientists who argue evidence of global warming, the United States, and I'm sure there are many more.

Yeah, digging a hole in the ground and living in it seems about right for someone like Tex.

Anonymous said...

So you're of Muslim descent and you've got a strong interest in seeing human civilization wiped out? Dots are being connected...

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:06 PM

You're a tool.

Anti-Islamism is the new "Anti-Communism" for idiots. It is used as a yardstick of behavior and conduct with the intention of subduing those who have no belief system, like yourself, under this lowest common denominator. One can still reject Communism and Islamism as part of an overall belief system. Otherwise you're ripe for the picking and exploitation by the "chosen tribe" and their power elite. Your Western-shabbos Democrassy supported and funded Islamist terrorists in Chechnya against Russia and in Bosnia and Kosovo against Serbia.

Sam said...

The Neanderthals built the pyramids,invented medicine and mathmatics. They flew around in giant anti-gravity machines.

Homo sapiens hated them because they had weird flat foreheads. Unlike the beautiful and enchanting sloped Neanderthal foreheads.

The Homo sapiens killed the perfect and enchanting Neanderthals with large rocks and pointy sticks.

Now we have no flying anti-gravity machines and all of our Woman have those stupid flat heads. Arrrgghhh!!!

Joseph Dantes said...

May I suggest a new tagline for your blog?

"Basqueing in my genetic superiority since 2011."

Takuzdwa Aywok said...

I'm a berber myself, from Algeria. Red-haired, pale-skinned, occipital bun, deepish sockets, high IQ.
Huh, that's pretty impressive.

Takuzdwa Aywok said...

Also, today when I went at school, I learned that one of the most Neanderthal-looking teen in my classroom was a Kabyle/berber.
He has impressively deep sockets, but a slopy forehead. I tought that he was basque at first sight.

I was not impressed to learn that he was a kabyle. It was exactly as expected.
He is taller than average tough, and seemingly has quite alot of facial testosterone.

Well, I wonder if there ever were Northern European neanderthals, or if there are still pure fully northern european neanderthals remaining.

Exactly as you said, despite being someone seemingly quite testosteronous, he has a slighty more high-pitched voice.

So, yeah. In many things you said, you were right.

Takuzdwa Aywok said...

Well, I did some research and i'm very sure that berbers were originally Neanderthals, or at least the northern european looking ones.

Apparently, the kabyles have an oral legend that says that before them, a giant inhabited the djurdjura and that they the "five tribes" that inhabites the djurdjura were the descendants of them.
The last pure remaining berbers nowadays are in south tunisia and in the mountains and in morocco.
I've also read that the clovis people had a similar dialect to the one of the berbers and a very similar culture. Extremely probably seafarers.
Apparently, there was a tribe that still survived long after the Islamic invasion. They were good muslims, but they had an ancestral habit of leaving standing rocks which they called a "s'nag", similar to the megalithic structures we can find all over western europe and in some places in Lybia. They were said to be blond and blue eyed or red-haired and grey-eyed. With no doubt were they the descendants of those who made those megalithic structures in Lybia.
There's a story after which a bunch of arabs tried to kill one, waiting for him to bend down to drink from a river. They then hit him on the head with a rock. It had no effect, so he stood up and just asked them what they wanted.
The arabs would see those tribes as bad muslims and would see it as a good thing to kill them. They gradually preyed on isolated members, to bring them to their village to cut their throat. They couldn't fight them frontally.
In morocco they used to kill blond and blue eyed children who had the simian line because it was part of a magical rite.

A thing that seems to confirm my toughts that the haplogroup U which is more common in berbers and basques and europeans, comes from the Neanderthal is that, those who bear it have a higher blood PH, and that studies have shown that a higher blood PH enhances communication between neurons and that smarter people tend to have a more alkaline brain.