Friday, June 10, 2011

Postmodernist History Is Bunkum

Diffusion. The only theory that made sense in 1955. Europeans spread out and colonized the world at least 30,000 years ago. They weren't newcomers anywhere. They were the original native people of the planet. History doesn't lie, postmodernists do.

Everywhere you look, the evidence points to the ruling classes being of Neanderthal descent wherever you dig'em up. The less Neanderthal they had in them, the greater the likelihood they were zombified slaves without souls who left nothing but their bones for a witness, passing through eons without so much as painting a cave wall.

What do you call a "human" with no Neanderthal genes? It's a trick question. Humans without Neanderthal genes show no evidence of humanity, consciousness or reasoning of any kind. It's been the case on this planet for a half a million years.

You'd expect them to be overrepresented in both bad guys and good guys. How could it be otherwise? Sapiens can only obey. He has no capacity for good or evil.


Marcus said...

Dear Vault-Co

I admit I still am unsure of your assertions on the topic of our species, but the more I see of the following lend perhaps a bit of credence to it. If not...It points directly to what you have warned us for years. That the end of usa as we know it is nearing.

As you always say Tex...PACK YOUR RICE

Anonymous said...

"You'd expect them to be overrepresented in both bad guys and good guys. How could it be otherwise? Sapiens can only obey. He has no capacity for good or evil."

So you DO accept the theory that Jews (or "real" Jews and not Khazars - since you subscribe to the Khazar theory) are the real descendants of the Neos, cause I remember you making the exact same remark about Jews being capable of both extreme good and extreme evil. So is that it, Tex? Are you a Jew supremacist believing that the "tribe" has a right to rule over the slave goy (sapiens)?

Anonymous said...

Australian Aborigines have been painting caves for thousands of years, Mr Texas.

Anonymous said...

you and your crazy little theories hihi you're so funny

Anonymous said...

Tex, how do you reconcile the popularly accepted biblical timeline of human history on earth, with this other timeline of humanity being much more ancient?

Anonymous said...

Cave-wall paintings were used as hunting magic. They weren't painted as works of aesthetic value, only as works of practical value.

Belief in magic - evidence of superior reasoning skills or not?

Anonymous said...

Is it not amusing how, the more we 'advance', the more we find out, the less we know.

- deadman.

Anonymous said...

That whole Bosnian pyramid thing is a fraud. How did you manage to fall for it?

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 9:31 AM

There's no "right" in it. The fact is, Yoshi commands and the goy obey. It's no enforceable without the complete cooporation of the zombie-like Sapiens units. Yoshi waves his fingers like Obi-Wan and the goy repeat what he is saying like robots. What the goy "thinks" about it is meaningless, because outside of the 5% Neanderthal Hybrids, the Sapiens manimal doesn't show any signs of any kind of higher order reasoning at all.

"These are not the droids you are seeking." A wave of the fingers, the goy obeys. That isn't a "right," it's what rushes in to fill a vaccuum.

Look at how many people on this blog alone come to the defense of their little ZOG colony, waving their chinese-made rag flags and claiming they "are awake now." Yeah, they're awake because the Koch brothers funded the Tea Party which told them they are awake now.

My kind, the Neanderthal hybrid stock, were coming out of one side of the Toxic Lozenge at the exact same time the Chosenati were emerging from the other end into Turkey and the Middle East.

The huge difference between my kind and there kind is that my kind retained their Esau-ness, whereas the other part of diaspora seemed determined to breed itself into the most Jacobian Jacobs of all time. The Yahoodim is a Neanderthal spinoff that has mastered the arts of deception, trickery and doubletalk and has selectively bred most of Esau out of itself - apparently deliberately.

The fact you think these "theories are odd" demonstrate two basic flaws in your makeup:

1. You can't think.
2. You can't draw conclusions independently of the herd.

Otherwise the facts, genetic evidence and historical accounts testify to the absolute indisputability of my "theory." Remember, an "interesting theory" for a guy with an IQ of 114 might well be a fact for a guy with an IQ 160+.

Texas Arcane said...

P.S. Another one of my crazy "theories" is that if you put toilet water on plants, it will make them grow.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 11:57

That timeline was never part of biblical teaching. It was an invention of morons who needed to scale human history down to a size they could grasp. It's like a guy who has to look for his keys at night under the streetlamp because the light is better there.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 6:56

It's a fraud like all the other pyramids worldwide over 10,000 years old are frauds.

About six blocks from where I was born in Virginia, there was a mound called Giant Hill. Local legends said it was an ancient pre-columbian tomb. They recently excavated it and found Phoenician artifacts inside it.

These things are everywhere, mostly in plain sight where it's impossible to miss'em. They found mooring rings for ships that are at least 3000+ years old in Sydney Harbour.

You just stay where you are intellectually comfortable, which is whatever the televitz tells you to think.

Anonymous said...

Tex, this theory of yours seems like an attempt to justify the quest of Jewish world supremacy by giving it a benevolent reasoning through some "good" Neo strain that was passed on to a few select unknown Jews that have yet to emerge on the world stage cause they are suppressed by the evil Khazars. I regard the Khazar theory as nonsense and an attempt by Jews to disassociate themselves from any historical reasons that would justify anti-Jewish feelings by concentrating them to a specific time (since the appearance of the Zionist movement) and place (Israel). Yes I have read Koestler's book. I don't buy it. It is as true as the fictional accounts of Alexander's legend where a supernatural image of Alexander the Great with two horns is driving Gog and Magog beyond Caucasus and seals the "apocalyptic nations" behind an iron gate until the time comes where they will emerge again according to God's apocalyptic time-schedule. Similar in motives to the Khazar theory, this account was nothing more than an attempt with political motives by the Byzantines to present themselves as the renewed image of Alexander that would protect the eastern nations of the empire from the barbarians and secure their obedience.

And Tex, don't consider this as attack on you personally, I'm in agreement with you and this blog 99,9 % of the time, including that the Shabbos goy that are found in modern America and the west are destroying the world. I'm only trying to understand the full implications of what you say. So do you believe that this Neo strain is to be found only among a certain Jewish minority, or it is spread through at least a small number of European population?

Texas Arcane said...

Jewish people represent a very distinct strain of Neanderthals who came from the same root population as the 5% of the European population who are Neanderthal hybrids. The hybrids were acquired by interbreeding with a different strain of Neo women 38,000 years ago.

Although they hail from the same root, the two types of Neanderthal went in very different directions over the past 40 millennium. The Jews went from the absolute lack of guile found in the original Neos to become the penultimate social engineers and expert at deception. Both Homo Sapiens and Jews are natural liars, but the jewish strain has mastered the art until it is nearly a science with them.

This remains in utter contrast to my branch of this tree, which has remained simple and largely guileless all these years. The capacity for deception in the original Neanderthal was nearly nil. There was no call for it or evolutionary pressure to develop lying as a skill. You were either a Neanderthal or they killed you, so they didn't have to live with you and pretend to be friends while secretly conspiring against another person. Neanderthals had an in-group and an out-group. The out-group they resolved by killing them whenever they trespassed on their territory. This had the net effect of isolating them - Sapiens would've stayed away. The world was changing all around them and they wanted no part of it.

The reason I can't explain all of this in a few paragraphs is that it is true and it is also very complex.

In some ways, Jews could be considered Neanderthal revenge. They became everything Jacob was and worse with much selective pressures to merge into host populations and learn to steer them to their own ends.

As the Bible says, the majority of Esau's line became hopelessly corrupt and wicked ... and yet, some good ones remained according to the scripture. Nephilim means "titan," "bully" or "tyrant" in some inflections ... it implies somebody very strong who uses that strength to dominate others. The Nephilim ruled the antedeluvian world and they sound very much like an aggressive strain of Neanderthal uber-nerds who mastered technology and lorded it over Sapiens. There were apparently some of them who did not approve of the way they treated mankind and remained true to God.

All of this is greatly expanded on in both The Book of Enoch (referenced by Christ himself) and the Epic of Gilgamesh, both books being a game of Chinese whispers where we can see how many kernels of truth remained after repeating these stories for so very long.

It's my contention that Neanderthal hybrids constitute most of the really evil people on earth, I never said otherwise. As with all sons of Adam, some good ones still persist. It is obvious that most of Esau's line held a real grudge against their brother Jacob and never forgave him. Of Esau himself, we know that he did forgive his brother and was abundantly blessed by God because of it. This is proof that simply being born Neanderthal doesn't mean you're going to hell. It also means that knowing how stupid and mindless that Sapiens is doesn't mean you're going to hell either. What it means mostly is that you truly have the capacity for both good and evil.

Jaego said...

Yes, always the easy way. Good/Bad, Right/Wrong - no shades of gray. Trying to think the wrong part of their brain. Either the pain/pleasure part or the group affiliation part. A woman I know hates the Elite so therefore they're wrong about everything - including the idea of population control.

Anonymous said...

No, nothing wrong with population control, given that we apply it only to the people who support it.

Anonymous said...

Modern history is bunkum, your right.
I recently watched a show on National Geographic about the DNA of the Tarim Basin Mummies. They twisted the DNA evidence they gathered to try to prove they were a multicultural group as some of the genes found were evident in other Asian races. Even a child could see that this DNA evidence proves they were possibly the fathers of many asian races as these poeple lived 3 to 4 thousand years ago.
Thats not P.C. however so the evidence was twisted to make them out to be a multicultural group.

P.S @ anonymous 10.54am 10/6/11 Australian aboriginals may have some Neo genes, they have oval shaped eye teeth just like Europeans. Pyramids will be found in Australia one day, if they havn't already.

Anonymous said...

I believe the watchers mentioned in Enoch were some sort of guardians of evolution on planet earth. The progeny of the Watchers that descended, ie Nephilim/Neanderthals, were ALL evil. Life on Earth became a living hell because of the behavior of the Nephilim (this is the origin of the myth of Pandora's Box).They introduced zoophilia that gave birth to abominations and also practiced blood drinking (hence all the legends of vampires, reptilians etc). Initially small, due to their inherited knowledge the Nephilim were able to alter themselves genetically so that they could become bigger, stronger, live much longer (as testified by the lifespans in the OT), endure under the harshest of conditions, etc.

The human/blood-sacrifices made by the Canaanite tribes to Baal and other deities is a testament to this because it reflects the memory of the antediluvian worship of humans towards the Nephilim so that they wouldn't devour them. God didn't destroy all of them during the deluge but changed the status quo on the Earth and forced their remains to go underground and advance their agenda since then through secret societies and mystery cults.

The children of Satan hate Christ because it was through Him that God renewed his divine plan for mankind and gave legitimacy to its existence on the postdiluvian world that had to be established anew due to the acts of the fallen watchers and their Nephilim progeny. They see Chsristianity as the religion of the slaves (sapiens) that legitimizes their presence on Earth at the expense of their kin, the Nephilim, whom God (almost) destroyed during the Deluge. So what they're trying now is to restore this antediluvian order, reversing God's plan, through the imposition of a one-world Canaanite-style despotism and the practice of blood sacrifice.

However,the frantic denial of Sapiens to accept these facts despite being mentioned in many different sources is the best assurance we have that sapiens is indeed an engineered slave and in constant denial out of fear of the consequences such an acknowledgment would have. Because he is a stupid monkey-with-pants slave who won't hold even the most evident truths, his only chance of redemption and legitimacy for life on this planet is through the plan of salvation God derived for him and embodied in his Son Jesus Christ. The book of Genesis doesn't lie. It just doesn't scream the truth out loud for good reason.

Texas Arcane said...

If I didn't make myself clear enough in the post above, I believe only some type of Neanderthal hybrid would have the brains to create the kind of evil that we see in the world around us now.

I do not consider those kinds of Neanderthal related to my original branch at all. They would have contempt for us and regard us as born suckers/losers. They'd be right. They'd say that our way led to extinction, that we were noble, brave and guileless and look where it got us. They'd be right. They'd point out that their way had led to great power and success in nearly every endeavour. They'd be right.

Nevertheless, I measure success in life by other standards than they hold and correspondingly that their slave races have been taught to hold. I am proud to say I am pure Neanderthal, a bit of a born loser and I can assure you, good guys often do finish last. I don't care in the least. I am very happy to be a child of Esau. Winning their way is losing in my opinion. Winning in the way that Homo Sapiens defines it is massive fail in my opinion. Of course, I'd be outnumbered.

Anonymous said...

No, you were clear enough and your point was taken. I only referred to the original Nephilim stock as being exclusively evil, something that is testified in the Book of Enoch. It is possible that after many generations of interbreeding their surviving Neanderthal hybrid descendants took different paths as you suggest.

Texas Arcane said...

In the Genesis account, the description of them is that they were evil and worthy of destruction, even as some of them remained mighty heroes and were favored by God. Nevertheless, much like Sodom, God decided they were so bad as a whole that he needed to cleanse the Earth of them.

In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Enkidu is clearly depicted as a mischievous, irreverent and somewhat comical superman (riding the back of a bull like a rodeo clown) whose biggest mistake was existing - "Enki's mistake." Enki had decided that the servants of the "gods" were all to be crippled to a large extent and never intended that someone of Enkidu's qualities should survive. It was only upon reflecting that the "gods" (I don't think they were gods) decided that Enkidu was much too complete and too similar to them in powers to be permitted to go on living.