Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Very good summary by Alan Caruba. If you're too lazy to read the Robert Felix book, read this article.

I don't grok it, say Sheeple. Why would the peeps on the televitz lie to us with every breath? It beats working for a living!

So the orthodoxy nows concedes (snow falling in Colorado at the summer solstice) that there might be something to this Ice Age business. How many years will you wait for them to follow along in our trail and concede the rest? Are you sure you have the time to spare to see if we turned out to be right about that other stuff? Maybe you should heed our advice to PACK IT, BECAUSE ITZ COMING. The orthodoxy are not exactly rocket scientists. Will you wait for them to tell you about the corollaries to a new Ice Age? While you're at it, pick yourself out a pine box and dig a hole beside it somebody can easily push it into with you inside when the time comes.

What sort of things also accompany an Ice Age?

Tectonic movements. Tectonics lead to volcanism. Volcanism leads to ash falls. Ash falls block the sun. Agriculture comes to a halt. All of a sudden, it will be babies, the other white meat. If you don't mind paying $12,000.00 for a loaf of bread and fighting a mob of several hundred people to get at it, you should otherwise be fine. Uninhabitable areas will be uninhabited and storms of refugees will race around the globe in desperate migrations to areas they think may be safe or there may be something to eat. You won't just be competing with locals to strip supermarket shelves. You'll be fighting waves of illegals pouring in on boats from places they cannot survive anymore. Chances are they'll be leaner, meaner and hungrier than you will. If they don't grab the last can of tuna, they will just nab it off you at gunpoint once you're outside and if that isn't filling, they can always eat you. Think about it.

Ash clouds spread from ongoing eruption at Eritrea. (Blocking solar radiation, heat)
Ash clouds spread from ongoing eruption at Chile, blocking air travel in the southern hemisphere. (Blocking solar radiation, heat) Don't panic, because you'll only thrash about in the ash and leave a crazy looking corpse when they dig you up a thousand years from now.

Cooling globe in feedback loop that causes rapid transit to a new Ice Age.

You thought global warming was bad. Compared to global cooling, warmthinkery was a faggot apocalypse designed for the underage bubblegum crowd as the feelgood hit of the summer with a happy ending family oriented flick.


Anonymous said...

I'm a frequent reader of your blog, Tex, and ever since I've been reading it a few years back, its made me realise obvious truths that I would have otherwise missed.

The only major facts I've ever seen you get wrong are the dates, but besides that, you're quite the oracle.

I just ordered twenty tons of rice of eBay.
And 3 crates of "the other white meat".

"When the horsemen came around,
Neanders were hiding underground."

Anonymous said...

1st emperor penguin in over 40 years in NZ

Anonymous said...

Very well researched and linked bulletin, Tex.

As was mentioned by others here in the past, I remember that in the 70's all the talk was about the coming Ice Age. Books were written, climatologists and various scientists were on talk shows and writing magazine articles about it, showing all their scientific proofs and theories.

Then in the 80's, very suddenly, the topic switched, did a 180, and the rage was Global Warming.

It was like a scene out of the book 1984 where in the Ministry of Truth the workers change all the past news articles to show that Oceania was always at war with Eastasia and always allied with Eurasia, when the day before the opposite was true.

I guess the Chosen People figured they could make more short-term millions off of the fantasy of GW rather then the reality of a Ice Age.

And they did make millions, if not billions. Example: We switched our air conditioning coolant, remember? It went from the traditional, cheap freon to a new "environmentally friendly" gas that cost twice as much. And it was backed by the force of Gov't laws and regs.

I wonder who made out like a bandit on that bull shit. And that's just one example.

But now it's over, the scam got exposed. They couldn't hide the truth anymore, the poor dears.

Doubleplusungood minlov. Al Gore ungood unperson. Substitute Barrack Obama as doubleplusgood person.

Anonymous said...

Anonposter doubleplusungood. Minlov untrue. Substitute Mintruth.

Report to room 101 for re-education.

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Anonymous said...

Tex is not a prophet he is an oracle. He cant see the date but damn if he cant see when itz coming. I put vaultco over any media mullet head any time - tex is right more.