Saturday, June 25, 2011

Before The Idiocracy

I just finished watching ANY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE with Clint Eastwood, the second highest grossing film of 1978. It's a comedy with very complex overtones that is whimsical and ultimately says something about what it means to be a man. It is subtle and lighthearted and way too intellectual for the Kwanzanian of 2011, who would be mentally incapable of even comprehending it.

The protagonist travels across the country to fight a legendary brawler named Tank Murdoch, getting his heart broken by a tramp played by Sandra Locke. At the climax, he discovers the legend is a paunchy old has-been and decides he doesn't want to be this guy after all. He throws the fight and takes a dive. No Rocky-style finish where the only victory that one can have is being the "winnarz" for a while until another monkey deposes you. This film is about a lot of different things and the audiences of 1978 understood it without having to try hard. Eastwood's character is very similar to the classic Neanderthal. He isn't particularly interested in the hierarchy. What drives him are his dreams and his desire for a woman who can understand him. He doesn't think in the homoerotic, high-strung "winnarz and losers" chosenati frame that is what rushes in to fill a vaccuum. He wants a place in the world and he creates it around him with what he values, not what the televitz tells him is valuable. His best friend is an orangutang and it's easy to see why - the monkey is one of the most human characters in the cast.

In the transition from the American to the Kwanzan, there is so much soul that was lost it is hard to quantify. The result is a creature that is unfit to live anywhere ... under any conditions. It wants to be the "winnarz" but in becoming this abominable, child-like idiot it has lost the capacity to amount to much of anything at all, in particular to add up to a man.

The Most Closeminded People Are The Sorts Always Talking About Being Openminded

It is part of human nature to condemn an idea as ridiculous one moment and likely a sign of insanity, then the next day to act as though the notion were common sense.

All of this is symptomatic of the basic underlying pathology which is the complete inability of the Homo Sapiens manboon to learn. After the age of five years old, all Sapiens become utterly unable to absorb new information or change their fundamental assumptions on anything.

If Neanderthals had been anything remotely like this, they would not have survived a week, much less a half million years in an Ice Age climate.

Kwanstain : It's About Teh Fail

The Kwa is a nation about nothing, populated by nothing people, with a future of nothing, devoted to the pursuit of nothing. From such a country no proper champions can be born.

In a country where no good deed goes unpunished, it is a punishable offence to strive for the good. The children who emerge as great individual champions in athletics are also the most strongly discouraged.

A Clock To Last 10,000 Years

It might just make it to the next magnetic reversal. They'd better hurry with building it.

Interesting related story courtesy comment poster.

Zionist Shill Begins New Career As Shabbas Goy Step'n'Fetchit Rastus For Correctly Snipped Gefilte Fishers

It's good to see the man didn't sacrifice his dignity in order to stay working. I was afraid he'd be forced to go off and compromise himself in order to ... wait a second.

Glen's new career involves posing for photo opportunities with dead piles of Palestinian babies and unarmed taxi drivers. They asked for it. Muslim and moving means the forward observer has carte blanche to laser target them.

World War III Warrants No Media Coverage

Biggest news story in Asia not even covered by western media. No point in getting the sheeple worked up, everyone knows they are all going to die anyway.

Beautiful Losers : Vote Your Way Out

Kwanstainia is one of the most corrupt regimes on the planet. Diebold has a small incinerator installed in every voting booth that burns your ballot as soon as it is received.

George Soros, a radical marxist foreigner, is spending money to see to it that his agents decide who gets "elected" in the United States.

Think about it, 'zanians. None of this has anything to do with Constitutional government or the rule of law ... it's about "Demockrassee," which the sheeple believe somehow magistically works to benefit them. I saw it on televitz, it must be true.

You will be marked, humanely dispatched and your existence scrubbed from the record as though you had never existed. All reactionaries will not be tolerated by the new regime.

All psychopaths agree - what is needed here is Soviet-Style psychiatry to correct doubleplus ungood wrongthinkery. Nothing is funnier than leftists promoting edjamafacation and their scienmajistical ideas.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Global Seismic Tension Grows At Exponential Rate

Everywhere you look, every fault line, every volcano, every tectonic seam, every undersea ridge, every continental plate.





The Kwanstainian Creatures Are Unworthy To Set Their Foot On American Soil

Just. Not. Good. Enough.

If the Founding Fathers were alive, they'd drop a live grenade down these critters pants and then laugh at them as they ran around trying to shake it down their trouser leg before it went off. Vile beasts in human form with no virtue but the accident of being born there. Unworthy to put the sole of their foot on the soil of the United States. After all these abominations are gone, they need to hire somebody to come in and steam clean the entire nation using toothbrushes and wire bristles to get at the gritty parts.

These mental midgets don't even know what they don't know. Much less that they don't know what they don't know. They don't even know that they don't know what they don't know.

Humans : Sensitive To Magnetic Fields, As Described On Vault-Co

... and right now changes in the field are making people crazy. This is why sunspot cycles coincide with wars and conflict amongst human beings.

Deep down, you know ITZ COMING. The difference between you and I is that I pay attention to the right kinds of hunches.

Homo Sapiens Is A Brainless Meat Puppet

Watch as the Koch brothers operate their goyim flesh toys like marionettes with Jedi mind tricks. These are not the droids you are seeking.

Something is wrong with Sapiens.

Something is wrong.

Natural evolutionary processes are not capable of creating a creature so pliant, so obedient ... so utterly vacant of a soul. So devoid. So completely empty of volition.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Very good summary by Alan Caruba. If you're too lazy to read the Robert Felix book, read this article.

I don't grok it, say Sheeple. Why would the peeps on the televitz lie to us with every breath? It beats working for a living!

So the orthodoxy nows concedes (snow falling in Colorado at the summer solstice) that there might be something to this Ice Age business. How many years will you wait for them to follow along in our trail and concede the rest? Are you sure you have the time to spare to see if we turned out to be right about that other stuff? Maybe you should heed our advice to PACK IT, BECAUSE ITZ COMING. The orthodoxy are not exactly rocket scientists. Will you wait for them to tell you about the corollaries to a new Ice Age? While you're at it, pick yourself out a pine box and dig a hole beside it somebody can easily push it into with you inside when the time comes.

What sort of things also accompany an Ice Age?

Tectonic movements. Tectonics lead to volcanism. Volcanism leads to ash falls. Ash falls block the sun. Agriculture comes to a halt. All of a sudden, it will be babies, the other white meat. If you don't mind paying $12,000.00 for a loaf of bread and fighting a mob of several hundred people to get at it, you should otherwise be fine. Uninhabitable areas will be uninhabited and storms of refugees will race around the globe in desperate migrations to areas they think may be safe or there may be something to eat. You won't just be competing with locals to strip supermarket shelves. You'll be fighting waves of illegals pouring in on boats from places they cannot survive anymore. Chances are they'll be leaner, meaner and hungrier than you will. If they don't grab the last can of tuna, they will just nab it off you at gunpoint once you're outside and if that isn't filling, they can always eat you. Think about it.

Ash clouds spread from ongoing eruption at Eritrea. (Blocking solar radiation, heat)
Ash clouds spread from ongoing eruption at Chile, blocking air travel in the southern hemisphere. (Blocking solar radiation, heat) Don't panic, because you'll only thrash about in the ash and leave a crazy looking corpse when they dig you up a thousand years from now.

Cooling globe in feedback loop that causes rapid transit to a new Ice Age.

You thought global warming was bad. Compared to global cooling, warmthinkery was a faggot apocalypse designed for the underage bubblegum crowd as the feelgood hit of the summer with a happy ending family oriented flick.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Coming Anarchy

Writer above suggests the Kwa is due a fate like Japan's of permanent malaise. If that's all that happens to the Kwanstain in the coming decade, they will be the luckiest nation in all of recorded world history. Everybody who thinks that's what is going to happen, raise your hand. Right.

They're fighting wars on four fronts now - and I'm taking bets they will open a fifth somewhere in the near future. After all, the President doesn't need to get Congressional approval anymore to wage war - he's making up his own law as he goes at this point. That will be okay. Sure, everything will be okay. It's all okay. Yeah, that's right. Keep sucking on that bullsh*t teat, Kwanzanians. If all I had was turds for brains I'd probably feed mine sewage as well.

Israel knows about ITZ and is preparing for Smurfs and Rainbow Ponies.

Everywhere you look, everybody is preparing for Smurfs and Rainbow Ponies. Sure they are.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Steele in the Kwanstain Gulag

It's okay to put people in prison for life because they think and write thoughts we don't approve of. Remember, the Nazis were evil but it's good when we do it.

I found out recently there was no life insurance policy on Mrs. Steele. The government case is much worse than a joke. It's nonexistent.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

If Everybody Starts To Sound Like Vault-Co, Does It Still Mean We're Nuts?

Called the 'science story of the century." I guess when NASA concedes, that means it must be true.

None of the people involved understand what all this means. Vault-Co continues to be the only useful frame of reference on this subject.

As I've said before, it's time to give Robert Felix a Nobel Prize. He is well overdue.

The Brits are trying to laugh about this because the only alternative is to cry. Kiss Britain goodbye. Imagine the incredible Hulk pounding the nation of Britain into a glacier of frozen catpiss headfirst. That would be like a reprieve compared to what is actually going to happen in Britain.

Even the hardest of the hardcore global warmthinkists is throwing in the towel. Seriously, the ringleaders need to be marched out into the cold against a brick wall while somebody hands out cheap bullets to the all-night firing squad. They'd have to be the most pathetic bunch of clowns that the human race has ever been afflicted with.

Note that the conservative, rarely committed scientific groups have used strong language indeed in speaking about this. This might very well be the closest thing they ever give you compared to a real warning. I'm only a layman - or at least that's what I feel like - and I can tell you with extraordinary confidence that when the solar jetstream appears to have vanished and shows no sign of coming back, this means it is going to get very, very, very cold down on this planet. Consider that because of their constant need to remain respectable to the orthodoxy that pays their salary, these official scientific groups may not be capable of speaking in the same plain language we do here on Vault-Co. THIS IS BAD STUFF. SCIENCE FICTION APOCALYPTIC STUFF. BILLIONS STARVING AND TURNING TO CANNIBALISM STUFF. TOTAL CATASTROPHIC MELTDOWN ON THIS PLANET AND THE COMPLETE COLLAPSE OF CIVILIZATION EVERYWHERE STUFF. PRAY FOR A COUPLE NUCLEAR WARS TO WARM IT UP FOR A WHILE. THAT BAD. Dig deep and PACK YOUR RICE.

We published this link 7 years ago. You need to read it again if you have not seen it before. This is the future. You do understand this means everyone else you trusted to tell you the truth got it completely wrong. About everything. Only here did you get the straight chop. Robert Felix himself never went far in anticipating the result of his own conclusions. We did that for him here at Vault-Co.

Dribbling Raving Madness of the End Times

Spanking now tacitly forbidden in the empire of decay

The United States is overcrowded with newcomers whose only distinction in their countries of origin was their abysmal failure to maintain anything resembling a stable civilization. They are now busy with their task of turning their new home into an exact replica of the third world dumps they fled from. Quite happy to revise their host culture, they are not bright enough to realize they have never demonstrated a capacity to create anything half as good anywhere else.

They strongly object to child abuse in Texas. Child rape is okay if you're a sports player.

They're not the really crazy ones, though. The real crazy people are the natives. The citizens of the West have completely lost their minds. They are a powder keg of madness everywhere you look.

Idiocracy chemistry fail. I don't think the people in charge of security have ever heard of "water treatment."

There's nothing more important than special rights for sodomites at times like these. Good to stay focused on the relevant issues. Sure, we may have a nuclear war soon, but nevertheless it is critical that gays marry. It's a high priority.

Crazy, deranged sheeple are easily herded. It's like shooing mental patients into the cafeteria. Give'em a whiff of pudding they'll shamble anywhere. It's forbidden to even try to leave and live sanely elsewhere according to your own rules. All beasts must play the sick game.

Does all this lunacy bother you? Be patient. Soon a humane euthanasia will be imposed on all dissidents under the supervision of a doctor, which means it's okay and official.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Detroit '65

Jetsons. Looks like the cities you see in FALLOUT 3 before the war.

Beautiful. Wonderful. Amazing. That's the magic.

Esau got swindled by his brother Jacob again. Lost it all overnight. All gone now like it never was.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

As Predicted On Vault-Co in 1998

Back then it was called "TEX ARCANE'S SURVIVAL REPORT" and it was dummied up to look like Drudge with three columns of black & white.

We were channeling Robert Kaplan's book THE COMING ANARCHY and J.R. Nyquist's ORIGINS OF THE FOURTH WORLD WAR which we had only read that year. A powerful effect it had on us, Padawan, yes. I had vivid nightmares with many events described in Nyquist intermixed with cameos of Neal Diamond as a quisling for Red Chinese occupational forces and dreams of a sky filled with neutron bomb air bursts. In one dream I had visions of bones so tightly packed I could walk across from the second floor of a shopping mall to the building on the other side without touching the ground.

Funny thing is that as time went on, the dreams went away but the enormous effect they had on my psyche didn't. I turned my anxiety into concrete action and did something about it, instead of developing a drinking problem or throwing myself vigorously into watching more spectator sports or watching reality TV shows. It's not survivalism that is neurotic. Neurotics never do anything about their anxiety. The definition of neurosis is defining survivalism as neurosis. That's neurotic. Pushing fear down into your subconscious where it can't do you anything but harm is stupid. If you face up to it, you'll develop a wry sense of sardonic humor about it the way I have and it will do for you what it is supposed to do - keep you alive by resulting in action.

Sapiens Girls Got A Planet of Microcephalic Bastards Because They Bred Them

Neanderthal girls went for the good boys for a half a million years and that's what they got. Generation after generation, better characters and better men.

Sapien girls got the men they deserve as well. They dug the tiny brained impulse driven slack jawed idiotic psychopaths - exactly the sorts of males that Neanderthal girls sent walkabout when they reached maturity.

I've been thinking lately - what if the entire Sapiens race is nothing more than a breeding population that was established by Neanderthal rejects? Maybe the girls got so picky after 500,000+ years they were rejecting more males than they were giving the seal of approval to. These discards may have clustered in a valley somewhere and formed a village of their own and begun to breed with other mental defectives. With their increased birth rate due to promiscuity and a distinct lack of choosiness for mates, eventually they got the numbers on the Neanderthal aristocrats and were able to pose a menace to the communities that expelled them for being aggressive towards their own kind and otherwise being marked as damaged goods. It was the revolt of the dysgenics. The unfit may have gotten the jump on their betters with the help of an unexpected change to the climate.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Planet on the Brink : Apocalyptic Geopolitical Flashpoints Everywhere You Look

Arab spring leads to the Arab winter. Sho 'Nuff. Israel about to get a cold shoulder from people they used to pay a lot of money to pretend to be friends with.

Notice there are plenty of people in Tel Aviv beginning to realize that out of several possible futures, they have allowed some ranting ultraracist maniacs to steer the nation into a situation in which it is absolutely doomed. These jeeniuses took over the helm after they killed Rabin and have been doing a swell job ever since. There isn't a single wrong move they have not taken.

Rabin would have given up a little land, it would have achieved some stability and allowed the country to build up a little more infrastructure and it's population. The two peoples might have found an uneasy alliance that could've lasted fifty years. It didn't mean they would have to stop hating each other, but Rabin knew that with peace might come strength for the country. So of course, they shot him. He was making way too much sense.

Turkey sending troops into Syria. Freaking powderkeg. Don't sneeze.

As a group in terms of large scale dynamics, men have no control over their fates. They are machines driven like automatons by biological forces they are not aware of or bright enough to understand.

Individuals, on the other hand, are always a wild card. The individual will always surprise you. You cannot say any one particular individual is doomed. There is always the chance that an individual person could survive through brains, willpower, foresight, cunning, fierceness, happenstance or just dumb luck. The masses are however, utterly doomed. I say it with certainty. For them, there is no hope at all. Anybody investing time in the primary institutions is wasting their energy being a beautiful loser. That is a battle that has been concluded. For example, if I was lobbying for a civil defense program, that would be idiotic and a total boondoggle. On the other hand, trying to create and share a civil defense program of my own with my own individual effort is bound to help somebody somewhere. That's how I see it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cataclysmic Sun Eruption Rewrites All The Rules

Notice how in one second all existing scientific dogma is overturned and we discover that scientists (at least in the modern era) don't really understand much of anything about much of anything. What little they think they know turns out to be utterly wrong.

Here at a single stroke, the entire premise of Vault-Co for over 10 years is validated neatly. We have said that scientists never knew enough about the Sun to be able to predict what it will do during transitional phases or ever fully understood how it interacts with Earth's magnetosphere. We were right about that. Everybody else was wrong.

We used inductive reasoning. They used ejamafacashun. Edjamafacashun lost.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Money Is Just A Concept"

... and when you don't have any of that "concept," it is possible to die screaming eating babymeat amidst a sea of nuclear fallout. But that's the feelgood hit of the summer rose-colored glasses scenario.

It ain't a double dip. It's a double tap.

The housing market will find a bottom when ZOGBux reach parity with bird cage liner

The Beginning of the Panic

Kwanzanians want to know when the pain will end. The pain hasn't started yet.

The thin veneer of multkult is fracturing

Everything must go, the nation is being stripped of all furnishings right down to bedrock

The Kwa has been living in a fantasy world for a long time. Reality bites back.

Who is throwing kerosene on a fire behind the scenes? Worship your destroyers, you will be destroyed. No big surprises there.

Controlling The Food Supply : Another Vial Opened

Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, "A quart of wheat for a day's wages, and three quarts of barley for a day's wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!"
- Revelation 6:6

Divine admonition to PACK IT.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sapiens-Bots Protect Their Masters Like Machines

Everybody should own a couple. They're perfect for small chores and odd jobs around the house. I like to dress them up in little jackets as lawn jockeys and have them hold a lantern at night.

I've outgrown the question of asking where their masters came from. I understand their masters. They are simply psychopaths and sociopaths who know how to use these 'bots as tools to get the power they crave.

The question I want to ask is, where did these Sapiens-units come from? They are the real human enigma. One can see the forces of nature producing psychopaths and sociopaths. It makes sense in terms of biological game theory. So their masters are explainable. Where did these genetic wind-up toys that they command come from? I cannot think of a way to explain their existence naturally.

I suspect they are product. Their masters are merely opportunists who learned the command words needed to give these machines orders. Their original creators, I am not sure who or what they were. Those who order them today are simply taking advantage of their basic nature, which is mindless obedience.

If we answer "they must have been aliens," that's just an easy out, which is a Sapiens answer - he always seeks the path of least resistance intellectually. We should be asking first and foremost as to when they were manufactured. If we can narrow down to when they came off the assembly line, we can start to form ideas about how they came into being. The reason it is so hard to track Homo Sapiens in historical time is that before he was interbred with Neanderthals he simply left so little traces behind it is as if he were just a disposable unit with no artifacts of any kind around him. When I imagine his habitat before he mixed with Neos, I visualize this featureless barn with stables painted bland white inside where he was retired to each day to sleep until morning. A stable with no tools, no musical instruments, no art, no weapons, no textiles ... nothing but a mattress to lay on and breed before sleeping.

Postmodernist History Is Bunkum

Diffusion. The only theory that made sense in 1955. Europeans spread out and colonized the world at least 30,000 years ago. They weren't newcomers anywhere. They were the original native people of the planet. History doesn't lie, postmodernists do.

Everywhere you look, the evidence points to the ruling classes being of Neanderthal descent wherever you dig'em up. The less Neanderthal they had in them, the greater the likelihood they were zombified slaves without souls who left nothing but their bones for a witness, passing through eons without so much as painting a cave wall.

What do you call a "human" with no Neanderthal genes? It's a trick question. Humans without Neanderthal genes show no evidence of humanity, consciousness or reasoning of any kind. It's been the case on this planet for a half a million years.

You'd expect them to be overrepresented in both bad guys and good guys. How could it be otherwise? Sapiens can only obey. He has no capacity for good or evil.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Magnetic Fields ARE The Universe

... and therefore capable of causing changes on both the Sun and it's satellite the Earth that have been drastically, catastrophically underestimated.

The idea of a magnetic field being "here" and "there" is antiquated, inferior 20th century science from populist quacks like Carl Sagan. Remember, any science dumbed down to where the sheeple can understand it is likely to be crank science.

The universe is infinite, without a beginning or an end and it is a charged field of magnetic plasma that is infinite.

The executive summary here is that magnetic fields are much, much, much more important than anyone has previously understood. They are not local phenomena. They are fluctuations in a universal magnetic field that goes on forever.

For this reason, it is only very recently that both the protective and destructive potential of magnetic fields has been grasped and even then only by a small subset of mankind. Too late for most to do them any good.

The Kwa Is Looking At A Very Rough 2012

British doing the post-game analysis

This is childlike introductory thought on the subject. The sort of people who write for the mass media are universally unqualified to be writing for the mass media. Not a Mencken or a Twain in the bunch. H.L. Mencken couldn't get a job writing for a newspaper nowadays.

Anybody who thinks these kinds of debts are ever paid off doesn't know history

China says they are out of zogbux, forever. Last person in the Kwa turn out the lights.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Breakup of America : First Moves To Sell Idaho To Chinese Nationals Taking Place Right Now

It's over, Kwanzanians. You're finished. It's time to throw in the towel and you never really even put up a fight.

The Kwa will be divided up into subplots and used by China as a landfill for it's industrial waste. The current tenants will be ground up to use as road base when they repair the interstate highway system to facilitate garbage delivery. Kwanzanians will finally discover reliable careers as rubber-mixed tarmac.

In ten years, the Kwa will not exist.

Mind you, this is the upbeat optimistic feel-good hit of the summer scenario. They probably will not get off that lucky.

Chittum Classic From 2003

More timely now than when it was written.

Zany GloboWarmThinkists Emit Hot Gases At Both Ends

Web searches destroying the planet. A truish factoid that is self-supporting through self-referential integrity.

Oxygen stealing hack wants tattoos for non-druids and other unholy sorts

Mitt Romney seals his doom

Boring Gramsci disciples are boring. Everyone is laughing at you, warmthinkers. I know how important the "consensus" is to mental defectives like yourselves, well the consensus is that you have lost your minds.

World Bank says it needs a lot more revenue to bail out members who force maids to give them blowjobs

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Abyss : The Kwa Will Not Return

The UK is right behind them along with all of Europe.

Ten years ago when I quoted Robert Welch on this site, lots of people had no idea what I was talking about or my apparent fascination with the Birch Society.

It's simple. The Birch Society was right. Everybody else turned out to be wrong.

What is the plan? It's simple. The plan for you is that you should die and have a cheap funeral, along with everybody else you love. That's their plan.

They don't need you any more. You are being phased out. Average IQ WASPish types no longer have any place in the overall scheme. A far simpler animal will do just fine as a servant. You are not even required as slaves. You are simply an obsolete breed of farm animal that is being held in a temporary holding stockyard until the truck arrives you to take you to the slaughterhouse. You will be walking up the ramp to the nailgun and still wondering what in the heck seems to be going on. It is not necessary for you to understand what is happening, merely that you stay in line and follow the beast in front of you.

This is what the global elites watch in shuttered silence behind closed doors while sipping $300.00 a bottle champagne.

Vaccinating Against God

Nothing should come between the common man and his abject worship of the State. Nothing. It's all about removing the best parts and replacing them with a desire to shop and watch more porn.

Panic Beginning In Kwa, President Camacho Attempts To Maintain Calm

You notice the President keeps pointing to me sitting in the grandstands during his address. This tells you we are all in big trouble.

After ten years, now all Kwanzanians are suddenly talking like Tex since 1999.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oatley Electronics Does It Again

Very nice solid state geiger counter. I am going to get one to fob that analog output into a digital counter that I can hook up to with RS-232. I figure a PIC or a Basic II Stamp would work well for this.

They've retrofitted the military RADAC case we advertised previously up here with the kit inside it, powered by a more conventional 5 volt supply.

The False Flag That Is Coming

Since World War III is a done deal, there is the question of some provocation that must needs be ginned up in order to get the manboons hyperventilating and sufficiently manic that they will fall into formation with an M-16 and a candybar when told to do so. This will lead directly to a bit of this-and-that.

A Struggle With Evil At The Microscopic Level

Atheists think it's all so simple. It's actually so complex, it defies human imagination. It is only their tiny brains that are simple.

In the injunction against fornication, the Almighty is trying to protect you against things you cannot possibly even comprehend, forces working against you which have a peculiar brilliance of their own which is difficult to even describe.

Our ancestors called them demons because that was all they could grasp.

There is a rich microcosm and macrocosm around you that regards you with such indifference it cannot even be described as despising you, rather it is capable of annihilating you by means of your own actions without you even knowing what you are doing to yourself.

Basically, if you adhere to the ten commandments and fear God, things will tend to go well for you if it is accompanied by your repentance to Christ. Maybe you just aren't smart to understand how and never will be. Nonetheless, if you let God be true and every man a liar, things will be well with you in some way that is very hard to articulate. On the other hand, if you do not fear God and proceed on your own wisdom, things will not go well for you. I can assure you of this. I was an atheist for sixteen years and there's a reason nothing was ever quite right for me. When you walk away from the protection of God, you are entering a very dark universe with some very nasty entities working on many different levels of reality all at the same time ... the one thing they have in common is that they will all expedite your destruction. You can always tell when atheist ideas are infiltrating a population. It's when they begin to die.