Saturday, June 18, 2011

If Everybody Starts To Sound Like Vault-Co, Does It Still Mean We're Nuts?

Called the 'science story of the century." I guess when NASA concedes, that means it must be true.

None of the people involved understand what all this means. Vault-Co continues to be the only useful frame of reference on this subject.

As I've said before, it's time to give Robert Felix a Nobel Prize. He is well overdue.

The Brits are trying to laugh about this because the only alternative is to cry. Kiss Britain goodbye. Imagine the incredible Hulk pounding the nation of Britain into a glacier of frozen catpiss headfirst. That would be like a reprieve compared to what is actually going to happen in Britain.

Even the hardest of the hardcore global warmthinkists is throwing in the towel. Seriously, the ringleaders need to be marched out into the cold against a brick wall while somebody hands out cheap bullets to the all-night firing squad. They'd have to be the most pathetic bunch of clowns that the human race has ever been afflicted with.

Note that the conservative, rarely committed scientific groups have used strong language indeed in speaking about this. This might very well be the closest thing they ever give you compared to a real warning. I'm only a layman - or at least that's what I feel like - and I can tell you with extraordinary confidence that when the solar jetstream appears to have vanished and shows no sign of coming back, this means it is going to get very, very, very cold down on this planet. Consider that because of their constant need to remain respectable to the orthodoxy that pays their salary, these official scientific groups may not be capable of speaking in the same plain language we do here on Vault-Co. THIS IS BAD STUFF. SCIENCE FICTION APOCALYPTIC STUFF. BILLIONS STARVING AND TURNING TO CANNIBALISM STUFF. TOTAL CATASTROPHIC MELTDOWN ON THIS PLANET AND THE COMPLETE COLLAPSE OF CIVILIZATION EVERYWHERE STUFF. PRAY FOR A COUPLE NUCLEAR WARS TO WARM IT UP FOR A WHILE. THAT BAD. Dig deep and PACK YOUR RICE.

We published this link 7 years ago. You need to read it again if you have not seen it before. This is the future. You do understand this means everyone else you trusted to tell you the truth got it completely wrong. About everything. Only here did you get the straight chop. Robert Felix himself never went far in anticipating the result of his own conclusions. We did that for him here at Vault-Co.


Anonymous said...

You keep putting forward the notion of a nobel for Felix, after a nobel was awarded to Obooga - for peace of all things and he at the helm (allegedly) of at least four overt wars, i submit to you that a nobel prize can now only be seen as a serious blight on ones reputation.

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They call me Moe! said...

As soon as they start selling those Nobel Peace Prizes on Ebay I'm gonna get me one just like da Prez got!!!

Felix is smart, but not part of academia. He'd be better off to put up a PayPal button on his site and all of us believers send him $50 bucks.