Friday, June 24, 2011

Homo Sapiens Is A Brainless Meat Puppet

Watch as the Koch brothers operate their goyim flesh toys like marionettes with Jedi mind tricks. These are not the droids you are seeking.

Something is wrong with Sapiens.

Something is wrong.

Natural evolutionary processes are not capable of creating a creature so pliant, so obedient ... so utterly vacant of a soul. So devoid. So completely empty of volition.


Anonymous said...

Getting ready for WW3:

Obama should be impeached for authorizing and extending war, says Congress:

The "chosen tribe" Cabal has no regard for any legal proceedings says nothing is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

C'mon Tex, what gives?

Are ya just goofing like you did a couple of years back with that gag about "The Big"?

Given your track record, using self-styled Socialist Bernie Sanders' protestations regarding Neo-Con Koch brothers support for think tanks that attack SocSec (one of the little ponzis) while we near the collapse of the BIG PONZI makes no sense, and is way out of character.

Is someone holding a gun to your head while you type this non-sense?

Bad Dad