Thursday, June 2, 2011

The False Flag That Is Coming

Since World War III is a done deal, there is the question of some provocation that must needs be ginned up in order to get the manboons hyperventilating and sufficiently manic that they will fall into formation with an M-16 and a candybar when told to do so. This will lead directly to a bit of this-and-that.


Anonymous said...

Tex, you mentioned Lewis Mumford before on vault-co so I did a search and found this reading of an excerpt of his work. Wow fascinating stuff. Just a few lines and I feel like I had some sort of epiphany into secret knowledge. The reasons of why those things we're currently witnessing are happening are becoming clear, together with where we're headed. I loved the connection with mankind's past. You don't even have to resort to conspiracy literature to understand the machinations of the powers that be currently. Thanks for mentioning him.

I also found this interesting assessment of Mumford's work from Carroll Quigley:

Anonymous said...

Just so I understand, the false flag is going to justify WWIII? And who wants WWIII to happen? Some shadowy group who will build a world government once the war is over?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:59

And Bin Laden was killed by SEALS on May the 1st because they showed the war room photo, and he did 9/11 cause he said so in his recordings, and globawarmthinkery is a real threat because the bearded old man in the desert who is as real as Ben Kenobi said so in one of his recordings, and there is no false flag terrorism and no shadow government, and all the talk of a world government and a NWO by the elites is just for testing the microphone before the actual speeches/interviews, and America is fighting to bring democrassy and freejum to the world, and we'll all live happily in the globalist utopia that was promised, fuck Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

Anonymous said...

Good timing for this important development in relation to the Lewis Mumford video I linked to. China takes the war front to the cyberspace and accuses the Kwa of cyberwar and internet false flag terrorism:

"Faced with this warmup for an Internet war, every nation and military can't be passive but is making preparations to fight the Internet war,"

Anonymous said...

What's interesting is the Chinese are accusing the Americans. What would the Americans have to gain by doing this?

Sarkozy and Obama met recently to discuss plans to control the internet...

Start a "Cyber War" and the people will cheer, as you shut down their free speech, on the Internet.

Problem Reaction Solution.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:59,

Um... why are you here at this blog, of all places, asking "questions" like those?
Just so you understand:

1. If there is a false flag it will be used to justify CONTINUING WWIII (as you put it). In actuality the "third world war," if you want to call it that, has been going on since the early 50s and will continue until the end of the current world age (not much longer now). People have many names for it: WWIII, Endless War, War on Terror (Terra). The name that hits closest to the mark is simply "the military-industrial complex." Again, most people tend to think that this is a simple eventuality in a capitalist society in the midst of a contentious geopolitical world. We have to fight to defend our freedoms blah blah, so of course defense contractors are going to do well blah blah. What most don't see is the SIMPLE FACT that any military industrial complex CANNOT exist except in an atmosphere of continuous conflict.

2. There are too many factions to list who desire conflict/chaos, many of them even state it clearly and directly in their tenets (Think Fabian Society for starters).

3. The so called "world government" doesn't just happen instantly, it has been building steadily for hundreds of years, and has been pretty much fully realized (albeit covertly) for about a hundred years now. What you are seeing unfold currently is not the formation of a world gov't at all. The shadow governments (who have held the real power for years) are simply stepping out of the shadows.

Now, I have no idea if you're going to come back and read this, or if you just fired off a trio of (sarcastic) rhetorical questions to try to make yourself feel superior to the "conspiracy nuts" and "end-of-the-worlders" here. Either way, you asked...