Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dribbling Raving Madness of the End Times

Spanking now tacitly forbidden in the empire of decay

The United States is overcrowded with newcomers whose only distinction in their countries of origin was their abysmal failure to maintain anything resembling a stable civilization. They are now busy with their task of turning their new home into an exact replica of the third world dumps they fled from. Quite happy to revise their host culture, they are not bright enough to realize they have never demonstrated a capacity to create anything half as good anywhere else.

They strongly object to child abuse in Texas. Child rape is okay if you're a sports player.

They're not the really crazy ones, though. The real crazy people are the natives. The citizens of the West have completely lost their minds. They are a powder keg of madness everywhere you look.

Idiocracy chemistry fail. I don't think the people in charge of security have ever heard of "water treatment."

There's nothing more important than special rights for sodomites at times like these. Good to stay focused on the relevant issues. Sure, we may have a nuclear war soon, but nevertheless it is critical that gays marry. It's a high priority.

Crazy, deranged sheeple are easily herded. It's like shooing mental patients into the cafeteria. Give'em a whiff of pudding they'll shamble anywhere. It's forbidden to even try to leave and live sanely elsewhere according to your own rules. All beasts must play the sick game.

Does all this lunacy bother you? Be patient. Soon a humane euthanasia will be imposed on all dissidents under the supervision of a doctor, which means it's okay and official.


Anonymous said...

it seems reasonable to me that if people fifty years ago could see future headlines that read 'mom arrested for spanking child' or any of the insane crap that assails us daily they would have withdrawn their support, consent, funding, whatever and just let the society fail. simply not worth saving... and you expressed a similar sentiment some time back.

it also seems entirely possible that we are witnessing such a state of apathy now, i believe the builders, the thinkers, those who work for a better tomorrow may just have stopped contributing as to prolong this nonsense would be real insanity, and a little cruel.

Anonymous said...

"I think the Strauss-Kahn case is a good chance for us, because it shows these people are corrupt, sick in their minds, so sick they are full of vices and those vices are kept under wraps on their orders. Some of them like Strauss-Kahn rape women, others are sado maso, or paedophile and many are into Satanism. When you go in some banks you see these satanistic symbols, like in the Rothschild Bank in Zurich. These people are controlled by black-mail because of the weaknesses they have. They have to follow orders or they will be exposed, they will be destroyed or even killed. The reputation of Strauss-Kahn is not only killed in the mass media, he could be killed also literally."

Just wanted to highlight this from the second to last link. That's the kind of "leaders" we have. Now why would they be into satanism (Isis worship)? Is it just a hobby or do they believe in these things? Maybe they're most of them schizophrenics, as implied in "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare".

From a less reliable source, but makes sense within the known framework:

"Arizona Wilder says that the princess Diana death was a ritual public sacrifice to usher in the Age of Horus. Because the magicians like to mirror dates, and the dark goddess Hecate's number is 13, the 31st of August was chosen. It was a mirror of an Isis, Osiris, Horus ritual because 3 people died and the unborn baby Diana was carrying was the very special 3 months old. Apparently Baron Rothschild had to be in the tunnel at the 13th pillar where the accident happened to take the soul of Diana - and indeed an ambulance did arrive on the scene a minute after the crash. Bits of Diana were then eaten by the hierarchy."

Don't start your day without angrily saying to yourself "Our satanist leaders are fucking mental patients." Or something to that effect. Will improve your self-confidence and make your day much more pleasant.

Anonymous said...

LOL ....

Teenage Flash Mob Robberies on Rise

wrong adjective, but we must maintain that sweet CultiMulti BS

the Inniguration continues

thank you so much, guilty whitelibs

and by GWL I mean "future meat"

Fathers Day in Amerikwa marks the sad loss of Men from male culture


Anonymous said...

Told ya, Tex:

Anonymous said...

Only the best, brightest and craziest will survive the apocalypse...

I suspect that most survivors wil fall in the later.

Marcus said...

I see you put the links I provided to good use. Those that have already given in the insanity are already dividing into packs of hyena like animals. Almost a de-evolution in society if you will. I believed I was done having to deal with such monsters years ago. It seems I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

They still allow spanking in the public schools of rural Missouri, where I live. The principal has a paddle, a secretary must stand witness of the event. Parents must opt their children out, otherwise the default is that spanking is acceptable punishment for misbehavior.

Anonymous said...

If you're a mere psychopath, you won't have the motivation necessary to form a secret cabal and work hard and long enough to acquire control of the world.

If you're also schizophrenic, then you'll have all the motivation you'll ever need.

Put two and two together, and you'll realise that's exactly the kind of super elite that should rise to power on any planet in a Darwinistic universe given enough time.

Anonymous said...

"Put two and two together, and you'll realise that's exactly the kind of super elite that should rise to power on any planet in a Darwinistic universe given enough time."

Well said. They're also known as adaptive types and they occupy the positions of every major institution (including the church), corporation and bank for at least 150 years. It is key for the Darwinian-adoptive worldview to prevail in order to shift humanity towards a polarity of dominance-subjugation where the subject, stripped entirely from its humanity, is merely a response mechanism to the primal emergency system of fear and command.

Anonymous said...

P.S. A good example of reducing humans to mere adaptive organisms, incapable of any spontaneous action but susceptible only to fear/command responses from external stimuli, as a necessary condition for ruling absolutely over them is the "flesh is stronger" scene and accompanying speech by Thulsa Doom in Conan the Barbarian (diametrically opposed to Conan's father advice early in the film that you can't trust the things of the flesh):

A video about the symbolism of the movie:

The whole movie is a blueprint of the ancient (prehistoric in fact) plan of the secret societies. Most people don't even have a clue.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me lose my night's sleep.

Does Tex have any further revelations about our situation, beyond the Neanderthal-Gilgamesh stuff?

Not that I would take anything they put in movies seriously if I didn't suspect they use them for processing the group mind, so at least the symbology must be somehow meaningful (so that the group mind will understand it subliminally).

Of course, as Tex says, there is always hope for individuals. Someone always escapes, becomes enlightened, unites with God. It's also easy to ward off any unwanted psychic influence from the masses simply by having contempt for them.

Anonymous said...

PS.2 It's not just CtB, of course. The analogies found in Blade Runner are eerily similar. In BR, as in Conan, also exists a "pyramid of power" structure where the "God" figure lives (Tyrell Corporation tower) and where the orb of the Sun is central (Sun worship).The all-seeing-eye symbolism permeates the both films. Then there's the rebellious character and act analogy of Roy Batty (Conan) who kills the "father" figure Tyrell (Thulsa Doom). Tyrell and Doom share the same philosophy; "more human than human is our motto" says Tyrell echoing Thulsa Doom in his "flesh is stronger" speech. There's serpent worship in Conan and Zhora's "serpent dance" and other numerous references to the serpent in Blade Runner. Lastly, the lisespan of the "created" species in both films is much shorter than that of their "creators".

Needless to say there is more than just coincidence or "fiction" in these films that came out the same year...

Oh, and I don't know if you're familiar with an animated French film called "Fantastic Planet". It's about an alien humanoid race that is much bigger and lives much longer and uses puny humans as pets and slaves. Funny, isn't it?