Friday, June 17, 2011

Detroit '65

Jetsons. Looks like the cities you see in FALLOUT 3 before the war.

Beautiful. Wonderful. Amazing. That's the magic.

Esau got swindled by his brother Jacob again. Lost it all overnight. All gone now like it never was.


Anonymous said...

That was like message found from an extinct civilization

Anonymous said...

Somehow the great majority of people just seemed to lose their minds in the 60's, for no reason. Theories of magnetic field changes are as good as any others.

Anonymous said...

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw in the title sequence: "Detroit-City on the move".

I worked as a contractor on a Goldblatt's Department store in Gary, Indiana in 1976. As I drove into that shithole I saw a sign that said " Welcome to Gary, Indiana- The City On The Move".

The sign was rusted and had bullet holes in it....I shit you not, and this was in 1976. I cannot imagine how depraved and corrupted that place must be now, some 35 years later. Have they resorted to cannibalism by now? I wouldn't doubt it. These proto-humans are just animals.

This was because the city was infested with negroes who turned it into a place no decent person would dream of living in. Even then, in 1976, the police had to wear riot helmets IN their squad cars because the animals would throw bricks down on them from the rooftops, trying to crush their skulls though the roof of their cars.

Most, if not all, of the inner city was burned out and the sidewalks were filled with debris and abandoned cars. It looked like a vision of Hell.

I had a negro armed guard that was provided by Goldblatt's security to escort me from my truck to the store and back. I carried a .45 1911 as well, which was given to me by my Dad, a WWII vet. It was his and it served me well.

This was a taste of what awaited every American-White populated city that was about to be over-run by the multi-cultural diversifier's. Thank you so much Chosen People.

But we knew. We knew this was fked up. We just moved to a whiter area, right? We ignored it. And we are paying the price for it daily today. We ran out of white.

I was a young kid of 20 when I visited Gary, Indiana and East Chicago, and East St. Louis Missouri, and a few other multi-culturally enriched places back then in 1976.

I learned real quick what was coming. And I got ready.

I can't believe it has taken this long for everything to go to shit. I underestimated the richness and productivity of white America and how long it could sustain this corruption.

But it's now finally the end of the line for the Kwa. And I'm laughing about it. The bloodbath that is about to happen is well deserved and is a long time in coming.

We will see how well this multi-cultural paradise copes with the proto-human animals raping, murdering and burning on a national level. No single incident like a L.A. or New Orleans, no sir!

Everyplace.....all the time.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
-Galatians 6:7

Anonymous said...

When you see minor nuclear hell being unleashed on people through a "minor" accident or hiccup without trying much it's easy for anyone awake to see that they can really spread horrors if they were trying with their weapon caches.

Every time something like this happens it only shows that PACKING IT makes sense. How many close calls can someone take before they start getting thoughtful and wake up?

I've tried talking to people before about these things, but it is like they are in a dream. The most obvious things seem to slip by them. Even when you hold their hands through the path of logic to help. As soon as some disaster happens and the media are telling them that all is well they start mumbling and repeating it before shuffling off. Still, I think maybe the one in a thousand (or so...) will listen and pick something up, so I still give people that chance to listen, just as you do.

I can't imagine what it is like being Tex if it like this way for me.

Anonymous said...

ANC Youth President: Whites must leave or die!

The radical white hating youth corps president of South Africa called on white farmers and business owners to vacate their property and leave South Africa. ANC followers have been conducting a campaign of mass murder against white farmers since the ANC took power.

This reminds me of the summation of the Dred Scot Decision of 1857, which was “A black man has no rights under the (US) Constitution that a white man need respect.” A white man has no rights under the present South African Constitution that a black man need respect.

U.S, law specifically denies refugee status to any white person in South Africa no matter how he is treated.

Under US immigration law, no South African white has any rights that a black South African need respect.

US immigration law states that Africa is for the Africans.

Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for everyone.

Anonymous said...

what happened?? why did it all go so wrong?? surely it simply wasnt the 'japanese car' that destroyed this city like you sometimes hear.

Anonymous said...

Everything turned to shit in the 60's. The increase in wealth and spare time in the 50's are partly to blame for that.

Multi-culturalism and complacency did the rest.


Anonymous said...

Anon 10:20pm.....No, it wasn't just foreign competition that was the death knell for places like Detroit. It wasn't even the mis-managed corporations, although that played a big role. And no, it wasn't all the Union's fault either.

It was the Dismal Tide. That's the expression I use to describe what has destroyed our Nation. A combination of Affirmative Action gone wild, A deliberate shifting of America's manufacturing base from here to Asia. A Federal Gov't gone wild with deficit spending. Do-Gooders and Liberals running rampant.

It's all this and more. But mainly it's the destruction of the White Race as a viable, independent, strong entity. Most of the White's have long since lost any measure of what they're worth, what their children are worth, what their culture is worth.

They don't care about abstract ideas like that. They only care about buying shit and watching shit. They want to be entertained. And they are...they are being entertained to death, but they don't see it. They laugh at morality. They giggle like children at any mention of Patriotism. They look askance at anyone who would dare stand up and say that White's are better then all the others.

We lost Detroit and all the vestiges of European, White Civilization because most of our people didn't think anything was worth fighting for.

So now they are losing everything.

Anonymous said...

"Multi-culturalism and complacency did the rest."

Use of attack words (racist, supremacist, Nazi, etc) specifically targeting white people did it:

White people respond to negative conditioning - until they reach a breaking point. When that breaking point is reached, often history is made.

The so called Greatest Generation are also responsible. They didn't stand up to the anti-whites, when they shouted racist. Instead they backed down and our children were left defenseless, so the mass brainwashing could begin.

They should not be called the Greatest Generation, they should be called the Back Down Generation.

Anonymous said...

Soon in Kwanstein saying that Bob Dylan made some average albums will be punished under hate crime legislation.