Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Clock To Last 10,000 Years

It might just make it to the next magnetic reversal. They'd better hurry with building it.

Interesting related story courtesy comment poster.


Anonymous said...

These guys aren't that optimistic. They probably expect something very soon:

Anonymous said...

That vault for storing data formats is a good idea. Already so much information has been lost and there is no way to retrieve it.

Digger Banks said...

The clock is so irrelevant. It'll be abandoned when our priorities become survivalist.

However many years later if survival happens, it will be re-discovered (reasonably soon after since it is chiming) and it'll be dismantled for scrap or destroyed for kicks.

America's projects like this (see clock link, see seedbank) are always individualistic, are located conveniently, full of ego and very optimistic. Europe's projects in comparison (see genome link, see seedbank) are far more pessimistic, located very inconveniently and are far more functional, and therefore more future-proof.

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