Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cataclysmic Sun Eruption Rewrites All The Rules

Notice how in one second all existing scientific dogma is overturned and we discover that scientists (at least in the modern era) don't really understand much of anything about much of anything. What little they think they know turns out to be utterly wrong.

Here at a single stroke, the entire premise of Vault-Co for over 10 years is validated neatly. We have said that scientists never knew enough about the Sun to be able to predict what it will do during transitional phases or ever fully understood how it interacts with Earth's magnetosphere. We were right about that. Everybody else was wrong.

We used inductive reasoning. They used ejamafacashun. Edjamafacashun lost.


Anonymous said...

Heads up on a spelling mistake. You've got "ejamafacashun" and "Edjamafacashun". Not sure how you spell it exactly, but given you've got two alternate spellings, I'm figuring one is wrong.

Also, what exactly was cataclysmic about this eruption? I know a lot of geeks will get to see an aurora borealis for the first time because of it. Are you predicting a geekaclysm?

Texas Arcane said...

Both spellings are incorrect, deliberately. This is parody.

Anonymous said...

holy crap
that's the funniest thing I've seen in a month

Tex, your refreshing lack of irony never ceases to brighten my darkest internet

keep it up