Saturday, June 25, 2011

Before The Idiocracy

I just finished watching ANY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE with Clint Eastwood, the second highest grossing film of 1978. It's a comedy with very complex overtones that is whimsical and ultimately says something about what it means to be a man. It is subtle and lighthearted and way too intellectual for the Kwanzanian of 2011, who would be mentally incapable of even comprehending it.

The protagonist travels across the country to fight a legendary brawler named Tank Murdoch, getting his heart broken by a tramp played by Sandra Locke. At the climax, he discovers the legend is a paunchy old has-been and decides he doesn't want to be this guy after all. He throws the fight and takes a dive. No Rocky-style finish where the only victory that one can have is being the "winnarz" for a while until another monkey deposes you. This film is about a lot of different things and the audiences of 1978 understood it without having to try hard. Eastwood's character is very similar to the classic Neanderthal. He isn't particularly interested in the hierarchy. What drives him are his dreams and his desire for a woman who can understand him. He doesn't think in the homoerotic, high-strung "winnarz and losers" chosenati frame that is what rushes in to fill a vaccuum. He wants a place in the world and he creates it around him with what he values, not what the televitz tells him is valuable. His best friend is an orangutang and it's easy to see why - the monkey is one of the most human characters in the cast.

In the transition from the American to the Kwanzan, there is so much soul that was lost it is hard to quantify. The result is a creature that is unfit to live anywhere ... under any conditions. It wants to be the "winnarz" but in becoming this abominable, child-like idiot it has lost the capacity to amount to much of anything at all, in particular to add up to a man.


Anonymous said...

Watched Joe Kidd yesterday.

Great actor!


Anonymous said...

Sapien is not smart-e-nuff to create new concepts out of thin air.

He just can't.

You ask him to make up an interesting story, and he comes up with a slightly different version of something he's already seen.

This is why all modern forms of entertainment are fail.

Music, Games, Movies, TV.

There all just copying each other.

There are no morals or values mentioned.

Just an excessive amount of sexually sugestive jokes, and repetition.

I find it more difficult with each passing day to be amused by the garbage I am expected to enjoy.

Video games in particular, have degenerated to the rank of skidmark.

Are you gonna finish Grimoire soon, Tex? Or will we be enjoying it with a side of
"The other white meat" in a few years from now?

Please, I don't think I can stand another "Queers of War" Game.


Anonymous said...

Tex, you'll probably not find a better movie that explores the contrast between the Sapiens and Neo psyche the way you describe it than Alexander Payne's SIDEWAYS. The one character is all about loyalty and being passionate and enthusiastic about your hobbies and interests, while the other guy is all about cheating on his his future wife and using hobbies for show-off. There's a highly symbolic scene in the beginning of the film where the Neo character is called to remove his car because he has parked in a way that disregards the "barracks arrangement" you described in an older post. I re-watched the film recently and in the light of your descriptions on the differences between Neo and Sapiens it was like watching an entirely different film. I kept repeating to myself "this is like that thing Texas Arcane was talking about". Although during much of the film the Neo is portrayed as the loser, in the end it he who stands out as the true winner while his Sapiens "friend" is shown to be a pathetic being who would screw even the best of opportunities in his life in order to satisfy his sexual appetite - and he would have screwed it not been for his Neo friend there to save him. Alexander Payne's films are like a lighthouse in the sea of crudity and stupidity that is modern Kwan cinema. I also recommend ELECTION which explores a similar premise.

Anonymous said...

G'Day Tex
Hows Vault-OS going? it looks like its died a quite death? Say it ain't so.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I knew you would back down on that "Why I respect Glen Beck" tirade of yours. That was really shortsighted of you, and quite unusual for such a righteous blog.

The guy has been Murdoch's shoeshine boy for years, and is a former alcholic and drug abuser who converted to the pseudo-religion of Mormonism. I still don't understand why he started hitting the truth on Soros, but I suspect it was his dementia kicking in. It is obvious that he is now quite aware of the desires of his zionist overlords though.

Anonymous said...

Black Mob in Peoria Illinois: "We Need to Kill All the White People Here!"

"Tonight, around 11 p.m., a group of at least 60-70 African American youths marched down one of the side streets (W. Thrush) to the 4 lane main drag (Sheridan). They were yelling threats to white residents. Things such as "We need to kill alll the white people around here". They were physically intimidating anyone calling for help from the police. They were surrounding cars. Cars on the main drag had to slam on their brakes to either avoid the youths blocking not only all four lanes, but a large section of the side street as well. fights were breaking out among them. They were rushing residents who looked out their doors, going on to porches, yelling threats to people calling the police for help.

This is the fifth large mob action in about a month

Story was buried - but it is still available in the Google Cache.

I want to inform the white anti-whites reading this blog, the above is the future for YOU and ALL of your descendants.

You will not be tolerated in the coming white republics. If you advocate for non-whites in white nations, you will be immediately deported to a non-white nation.

Zero Tolerance for White Anti-Whites!

Anonymous said...

Suspected flash mob rips off Upper Darby Sears (With Video)|met:300|cat:0|order:1

UPPER DARBY — A mob of about 40 people stormed into the Sears department store on 69th Street Thursday, and in a flash stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, officials said.

Anonymous said...

Anons 9:13 and 9:15 ....

File under the massive and ever-growing "Missing Adjective" header

No cowering, PC driven media outlet can bring themselves to speak a simple Truth ...

These are NOT cases of Lithuanians gone wild .... nahmean ? Noamsayin ? Woid Disshiforeel

The spring winds ever tighter


Anonymous said...

Have you tried this technology?

I have to wonder about you if you haven't.

Texas Arcane said...

Vault-OS for Win32 is going strong.

Over the weekend I broke some of my code up into modules to support plug'n'play support for just the protocols the particular installation should support ... you want I2C, you run the I2C daemon, you want CANBus you run that daemon. This seems to be working. (I only have 2 actual CANBus devices to test with) I am continuing to work on the HTML interfaces as the primary GUI for everything, still have some work to do on this stuff. The monolithic nature of the program originally has given way to a more modular approach but I still have a lot of Lua hooks and tests to create.

Note that this program has been tested on Windows NT, 98, W2000, XP and Win 7 as of this writing. I successfully ran it on a 5 megabyte installation of Windows 98 for nearly two weeks without any crashes and it was talking over the network non-stop.

I will get a new site as a placeholder soon for VOS, sorry I let the other one expire but I have been too busy working on the actual program.

Texas Arcane said...

Another change I made on the weekend is I got rid of static libraries for SQLite and Lua and switched to DLLs because both the daemons and the main program can then use the same code base for both.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cleve!

I've been following Grimoire for years and have been very happy for your progress recently. I was disappointed to see the site has gone down. Have you given it up for other projects, or is it still in production? Sorry - for posting this here, but I don't know how else to contact you.

All the best - I wish you success!

Anonymous said...

No response?

Orgone generators supposedly convert harmful frequencies from the environment into beneficial ones through a simple structure consisting of antennae (aluminum scrap metal), crystals and gemstones. I've been reading about orgone a lot in the past few days and generators of it seem the most promising innovation in a hundred years in terms of battling disease (especially cancer), no kidding. Their pioneer (not inventor, since he only invented accumulators), Wilhelm Reich, was imprisoned on bogus charges, "in August 1956 several tons of his publications were burned by the FDA -- a notable example of censorship in U.S. history" (Wikipedia), and he died of "heart failure" days before he was due to apply for parole; so I would take this deceptively simple tech very seriously, at least seriously enough to test it, since apparently the U.S. government went very far to see to it that no one would. I haven't received mine yet, but they're said to make you sleep and feel better immediately when in their vicinity.

Texas Arcane said...

Grimoire, Vault-OS and my personal web site will be back online soon. I neglected to renew my site and only got email notification after they had expired.

Before the end of the week.

Texas Arcane said...

I think when the U.S. government goes to the trouble of bulldozing/burning something with a court order giving themselves permission to do so, there must have been something to it. If Rife and Reich had been mere cranks, wouldn't it have been enough to simply close their operation and confiscate their property? This alone would have been pretty outrageous (one thing to tell somebody to cease operations, another thing entirely to seize their property) and yet with both Reich and Rife, the government came in and physically destroyed their equipment on site.

Reich's stuff was piled up on site with armed sheriff's deputies posted and his stuff was burned. Rife's clinic was physically bulldozed and carted off within 72 hours of the warrant being served. Was it really necessary to knock a perfectly good building down with a bulldozer to put it out of business? I don't think so.

I heard Reich's staff was forbidden even to collect their good from their office desks before they started the fire.

If Reich and Rife were "crazy," then what do you say about a government that can only stop two "crazy" people by resorting to physically destroying their sites ala IDIOCRACY where the guards blow up a taxi cab because it was supposed to have a fugitive inside it?!? Even if they were both "crazy," (I don't think they were) I'd say that must then mean the government is raving psychotic.

Anonymous said...

"Video games in particular, have degenerated to the rank of skidmark."

I remember reading about Stephen Spielberg, showing up at the biggest computer game convention of the time, in the early 2000s.

From then on, the convention went from a serious affair, to who could spend the most on bright flashing lights, booming music and booth girls.

Once they get the scent of money, the dumbing down always follows.

Anonymous said...

Rife had interesting ideas and the extreme, malicious reaction towards him does beg for conspiracies. He looks like a guy with brilliant concepts that never worked in practice for technical reasons, not fundamental flaws.

Reich is trash and orgones make even less sense than quarks and gluons.

Texas Arcane said...

I don't think Reich made much sense when I read him. The intriguing thing about him was - what could he have possibly said or done that triggered such nerd rage in the government it could only be satisfied by an open air book burning? It makes you wonder.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Rocky lost the fight in the first film. His love was so great he wasn't interested in hearing the split decision, and neither is the audience.

Government then and government now will make examples of people just for the hell of it. Reich was a kook. Rife in 100+ years might just be seen as ridiculously ahead of his time and technological era, if ITZ doesn't show up by then.

Anonymous said...

Tex 6:08

Agreed, Reich's WORDS were a bit inscrutable and downright nutty. However it was his WORKS that got him in trouble. The reason for the bonfire is simple. His "cloudbusters" and "orgone cabinets" could alter weather and heal disease, threatening two industries that were starting to burgeon in the fifties: Weather manipulation and big pharma. But even more problematic BY FAR, was that his tech could be engineered into a free energy device, converting the sea of raw undifferentiated charge we all live in (called "space-time") into DC.

Easy equation: Build a free energy device - get killed, locked up or bought off. Overnight. Back in Tesla's day, they let you live out your life, THEN they steal every single notebook from your laboratory.


Anonymous said...

Can you relink to the long, sort of Lovecraftian story about a trip to Alaska or something like that, that you linked to a year or two ago? It was written as a first-person narrative and had somewhat of a fictional feel to it. I didn't read the whole thing back then but would like to read it now.

Anonymous said...

Tex, it seems Nyquist and others think the demise of the dollar is not that imminent as you seem to think. I agree with you that it will soon be worth as much as toilet paper, but considering the geopolitical reality it seems it might be "undead" for quite a while. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Also, kwanzaanians ignore their own backyard:

Latin america is getting divided between russian adn chinese influence, getting ready for a 3 way communist gangbang on Kwanzania.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:20- It can be found at The story is called "The Never Ending" by Dan Eden.

Anonymous said...

"Grimoire, Vault-OS and my personal web site will be back online soon."

How far away is Grimoire?

Anonymous said...

Want to know why sapeins won over neanderthals?

Neanderthal predation created modern humans begins with a radical reassessment of Neanderthal behavioural ecology.

Neanderthals were 'apex' predators - who resided at the top of the food chain, and everything else - including humans - was their prey.

Anonymous said...

And...Strauss-Kahn just walked away...

I bet you are as surprised as I am(sarcasm).

Texas Arcane said...

That Vendramini book is new age garbage. I visited the site.

TSB. (Typical Sapiens Bullsh*t)

Jacob means To Deceive in Hebrew.

Anonymous said...

"Latin america is getting divided between russian adn chinese influence, getting ready for a 3 way communist gangbang on Kwanzania."

The only thing I'd disagree on is the word communist.

China if anything is Nationalist Socialist. Apart from their obvious nationalistic policies, they issue debt free currency.

As for Russia, with the rise of China they are becoming very chauvinistic.

So yeah, IMO communism is dead in those countries and it is not coming back in the foreseeable future.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:45 PM

Of course DSK walked away since the case was an obvious set up. The maid was linked to drug lords and weird bank accounts. The objectives were:

- Convince the average kwan moron that the US justice system works.

-Show to the average kwan idiot that Obalmy isn't afraid to against the banksters.

- Neutralize any chance DSK had to challenge Sarkozy

- Let the US seize direct control of the IMF and dictate the Greek bailout procedures in way that suits Obalmy.

These have already been achieved and no further action is necessary.

Anonymous said...

Jacob means grabber, leg puller, to grab/take by the heel to supplant in Hebrew.

Texas Arcane said...

It is also synonymous with Swindler, deceiver, conman and shyster. At least if you can get access to the politically incorrect (honest) translations.

Esau has nearly four times as many connotations and in fact is a synthesis of several Hebrew expressions at once. Whoever wrote the Bible talks like they have Asperger's Syndrome. Or maybe people with Asperger's Syndrome are similar to the author of that book in their capacity to understand things.

"Leg puller" means several different things at once, which would be obvious to anyone not desperate to triage the word into some simplistic literal meaning.

Texas Arcane said...

Have you ever noticed the similarities?

Cain would do anything to secure God's blessing and kills his brother Abel to get it.

Jacob was also so hungry for his father Isaac's blessing he would do anything to get it, including cheating his brother of everything he had.

Why is one a bad guy, the other not? Both of them would seem to be bastards.