Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beautiful Losers : Vote Your Way Out

Kwanstainia is one of the most corrupt regimes on the planet. Diebold has a small incinerator installed in every voting booth that burns your ballot as soon as it is received.

George Soros, a radical marxist foreigner, is spending money to see to it that his agents decide who gets "elected" in the United States.

Think about it, 'zanians. None of this has anything to do with Constitutional government or the rule of law ... it's about "Demockrassee," which the sheeple believe somehow magistically works to benefit them. I saw it on televitz, it must be true.

You will be marked, humanely dispatched and your existence scrubbed from the record as though you had never existed. All reactionaries will not be tolerated by the new regime.

All psychopaths agree - what is needed here is Soviet-Style psychiatry to correct doubleplus ungood wrongthinkery. Nothing is funnier than leftists promoting edjamafacation and their scienmajistical ideas.


Anonymous said...

"Diebold has a small incinerator installed in every voting booth that burns your ballot as soon as it is received."

No, the average 'Kwan still gets the candidate he deserves. The country can still be saved by the vote. People can only be blameless in monarchies.

Anonymous said...

Texas Arcane said...

Saps keeping sapping and rubes keep rubinating.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the concepts of treachery and treason have disappeared, bit of a free-for-all on the way down, anything goes.

Abolition of fiat currency might help, as might decentralisation of government and finance - thereby eliminating those little power bottlenecks that foreign interests like to manipulate. Make politicians accountable for their actions ie borrowings and subsequent asset sales, ban lobbyists etc.

Many measures could be implemented to save the west but i might as well try to grow a nuclear submarine in my garden. Bankers for all their faults know human behavior, they have had for centuries an acute understanding of greed, weakness and the trappings of dishonesty.

As long as people feel the need for leaders, and those leaders can be corrupted, then the game continues until it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

You got it wrong, Tex. It doesn't go into an incinerator, it falls into a septic tank.

It doesn't matter if you vote.

Any apperance that you have a say in politics via your vote is Fag-Thinkery.