Tuesday, June 14, 2011

As Predicted On Vault-Co in 1998

Back then it was called "TEX ARCANE'S SURVIVAL REPORT" and it was dummied up to look like Drudge with three columns of black & white.

We were channeling Robert Kaplan's book THE COMING ANARCHY and J.R. Nyquist's ORIGINS OF THE FOURTH WORLD WAR which we had only read that year. A powerful effect it had on us, Padawan, yes. I had vivid nightmares with many events described in Nyquist intermixed with cameos of Neal Diamond as a quisling for Red Chinese occupational forces and dreams of a sky filled with neutron bomb air bursts. In one dream I had visions of bones so tightly packed I could walk across from the second floor of a shopping mall to the building on the other side without touching the ground.

Funny thing is that as time went on, the dreams went away but the enormous effect they had on my psyche didn't. I turned my anxiety into concrete action and did something about it, instead of developing a drinking problem or throwing myself vigorously into watching more spectator sports or watching reality TV shows. It's not survivalism that is neurotic. Neurotics never do anything about their anxiety. The definition of neurosis is defining survivalism as neurosis. That's neurotic. Pushing fear down into your subconscious where it can't do you anything but harm is stupid. If you face up to it, you'll develop a wry sense of sardonic humor about it the way I have and it will do for you what it is supposed to do - keep you alive by resulting in action.


Anonymous said...

Have you been diagnosed with a mental illness Tex? I think you said something earlier about some treatments, or attempted treatments, in your youth. I know you've self-diagnosed yourself more recently with an autistic spectrum disorder (and of being a Neanderthal of course).

I'm not sure if it's the elites pushing this, but there seems to be a view that someone reading this blog could form a suggested diagnosis that the author is a paranoid schizophrenic

Supposedly high levels of dopamine can make paranoid schizophrenics believe every event is significant - ordinary events appear intensely meaningful. Paranoid schizophrenics are often global conspiracy theorists. The cognitive parts of the brain creates paranoid tales in an effort to explain the constant red alerts blaring from the dopamine circuits.

What are your thoughts on this?

Neil Diamond said...

That's so funny.. I've been having dreams about you too ;)

Sleep tight.

Anonymous said...

When you say it ten years ago, you are crazy. When the media start saying it now, it's cutting edge science:

Edjumacashon in action. This could be the point where it swings for the public to finally realise what is happening. Very late on.

Anonymous said...

Texas Arcane said...

I've never been diagnosed with any kind of mental illness, ever.

So you think somebody who accurately predicted very, very big developments like a new Ice Age and the collapse the U.S. economy back in 1998 based on the writings of two pultizer prize winners and a Nobel Laureate is less mentally healthy than say ... a guy like yourself? Outside of being ordinary (statistics show a large part of the modern population suffer from all kinds of delusional thinking) what sort of other advantages did you think you had over me?

If I were delusional, aren't we supposed to be living in the globalist utopia right now, with Dow Jones at 30,000 and shuttle bringing back Helium 3 from the moon? If it turns out a person actually has a more accurate perception of the world around him, does that still mean he is crazy? If I had a less accurate perception of the world, wouldn't the world we live in have no resemblance at all to the one we live in now?

Did you predict the collapse of the U.S. as a global power economically first, then militarily back in 1998? A new Ice Age and a Maunder minimum in 2001? Because if you did, you're not crazy, buddy. You're one brilliant sonofabitch. I'd bet dollars to donuts you're way, way better adjusted than 99% of the population at large. In fact, I reckon to have such courage and independence from other people you'd be a very, very strong human being mentally. Ordinary people would look like china dolls in comparison.

Go on ahead and tell me again about how anybody who is different is first inferior, then crazy. Yeah, the rest of the population are some real winners, they are. Like Tom Cruise - perfect at everything without every doing anything! Or something like that. Ordinary folks are so friggin' nuts I have trouble even articulating their deranged ideas.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:27

What exactly is a "global conspiracy theory"? To question the motives, means and actions of governments and elites? When every day new things come to light now that about their real intentions? They are so panicked right now that anyone who has legitimate questions such as these is labeled a "paranoid schizophrenic conspiracy theorist". If you can't see a pattern in all this like say, cultivating anti-muslim sentiment home, invading their countries while at the same time allowing millions of Asians and muslims in our nations, then you have to be the dumbest person that has ever lived.

Anonymous said...

The only part I found interesting
"GNS Science seismologist Bill Fry said the latest two earthquakes were on a different fault to the one that created the quake which devastated the city in February"

Anonymous said...

When it's feminists, it's not paranoia about males and an evil patriarchal conspiracy to rule over females, it's being independent, courageous, penetrating. Global-warming alarmists aren't being paranoid when they predict doom, they're being "scientific". Etc.

When it's someone who has actually read and thought widely, it's probably paranoid schizophrenia. Manboons themselves are such poor thinkers they can't imagine someone else knows something, unless it's Mr. Professor. Mr. Professor probably knows. So as long as Mr. Professors aren't overtly worried, you shouldn't be, either. You should be worried about domestic abuse (i.e. men) and the apocalyptic warming of the planet, because Mr. Professor says so in the news.

That's how ordinary people "think". Not being a pathetic victim of Group Think* is an automatic sign of mental illness. *media created illusion of consensus to be more precise. It's easy to sell a "consensus" to people who never read anything, or if they do, they don't remember what it was about.

I don't wish to underestimate the problem of reading and just not fucking learning. I swear I've known people who read dozens of serious books every year but never apply anything of what they've read to the real world. They can't seem to connect any dots, at all. It's almost as if they read out of social obligation rather than in order to learn. They talk & write like their minds had been formed and made up at 15, and no amount of new facts or arguments will change their fixed model of the world now. They seem to have certain key opinions they stick to with schizophrenic force in the face of massive evidence that would convince any sane person that they're either wrong or a good case could be made to that effect.

What could be more insane and irrational than being unable to accept the possibility that a nonconformist may have a reason (beyond faulty psychology) for holding different opinions?

I wish it were otherwise, but it looks like the vast majority of humans are mostly incapable of true reason (reason in the service of facts rather than self-affirmation).

Anonymous said...

Mexico's Tales of Bus Passengers Forced to Fight to the Death

With that he ordered several of his men who were sitting inside another SUV to bring the sledgehammers and the men gave a sledgehammer to each man. "Ok listen up assholes, the trick is this, we are going to pair you in twos, and you are going to fuck up each other with the sledgehammers, and the one who survives will join us in our work and you get to live, while the one who does not survive, well you get fucked," he said sarcastically making his men laugh out loud. The passengers were stunned by the instructions from a narco who resembled more a nazi than anything else, they could not believe this was happening to them. Everyone grabbed their sledgehammer and took their position with their pair. They stared at each other with a look of pure fear. "Ok, fuck each other up," ordered El 40. […]

[After the fight] Comandante 40 gathered all the Zetas and said, "that is all for fun and game for tonight cabrones. Bring me all the winners" and they brought all the men who had killed their partner with the sledgehammer and El 40 said," Welcome to the Special Forces of the Zeta, the other military."

Isn't America that formerly white nation, that for some crazy reason, decided it would be a good idea to turn brown?

Let us know how that turns out.

Anonymous said...

What do the OBL "assassination", Obama's demand that Israel returns to its pre-1967 borders and the arrest and public humiliation of DSK have in common?

Obama's popularity was shrinking. 2012 is an election year. Something had to be done, to show that we didn't lose the Afghanistan war and went there for good reason, before we start withdrawing our troops in July 2011. Bin Laden is "assassinated" everyone happy, war won, bad guy dead.

Obama's popularity was shrinking. 2012 is an election year. Obama is being accused of being a puppet of the banksters who bails them out with taxpayers' money. The overplayed public parading of an elitist bankster with handcuffs will convince the average Kwan idiot that Oabama isn't afraid to go against teh evil banksters.

Obama's popularity was shrinking. 2012 is an election year. America is accussed as being run by the Jews and supporting Israel. Although there's nothing new here, there is increased awareness about it to a point of a consensus being formed. Obama declares Israel needs to go back to its 1967 borders. See? Barry not afraid to chastise teh evil Israelis.

Obalmy against Jews and banksters. All this playacting is massive psyop. Planned by his two puppetmasters, Soros and Brzezinski. PR "Shock and Awe".

Anonymous said...


Texas - I had to censor my response (which included "up your ass with a meathook", and an invitation to chat here in L.A.) to the first anonymous coward comment to this post. I thought it better to give you a laugh. I found this gem of a comment at zerohedge iraq cash theft. Says adeptish on Tue, 06/14/2011 - 21:12: "reminded me of a guy i was working with in London back in '94, he had just hooked up with a hot aussie sheila(girl) and went to Australia House on the Strand to inquire about emigrating, they asked him if he had a criminal record, his reply...I didn't think you still needed one".

Anonymous said...

Before taking credit for predicting a new Ice Age and/or US economic collapse, shouldn't you wait until they actually happen first?

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 9:07

Are you sure you should be browsing this blog? I need a sign out front with a little midget holding his hand in the air reading YOUR IQ MUST BE "THIS HIGH" TO GET ON THIS RIDE.

Go and get some sleep, you don't need to visit this blog. You'll only get yourself agitated. You need to rest up for the coming Smurf and Rainbow Pony Utopia ... I can almost smell it now! It's like cordite and burning baby meat ... those Rainbow ponies will be here shortly and you'll need your beauty sleep when the time comes to mount up and ride away to enchanted fairy land.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:07

Where I reside usually we have 5-6 months a year of summer and the temperatures this time of the year are well above 30 degrees Celsius. Needless to say that this year, it's mid June and we hadn't seen a summer day yet.

As for the economic collapse, you are already bankrupt it just hasn't been officially announced. See here for details:

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:07

The capitalist parts of the US economy are, by the admission of its investment bankers, dead.

Those same bankers are telling Bernanke to give them QE3, or else.

Anonymous said...

After re-reading the history of the Cathars, I have come to a full circle realization of the limited capacity of human thought. We exist as a repeating cycle of preprogrammed sheep. We are a programmed machine, for the most part, incapable of thinking of life beyond the confines of the barnyard fence. We have a limited memory, and are built to serve an overlord who has always seemed hidden in the last 500 years. Just as then, anyone who thinks outside of “the box” is set up for annihilation.

Texas Arcane said...

I was reading the translation of the Creations of Enki last night and it spoke of each race and their accompanying designed weakness which was intended to forever keep them from challenging the "gods."

One of the servants created by Enki had hands too weak for manual labor, so he was given the task of counting money and repeating orders from the "gods" to their slaves. "This one was given the illusion of mastery so as to buffer the 'gods' from supervising the slaves directly." Interesting, innit? These are not the Sitchin translations, these are the bog-standard classic translations used in every university.

The race of "Enkidu" was said to be so bizarre and comical that the "gods" kept the men without waists around for the laughs. It wasn't until they began comparing notes that they started to realize the race of "Enkidu" ("Enki's mistakes") had been given a few too many gifts including the ability to see the big picture and associate all information into one consolidated library in their heads, things none of the other slave races could do. Enkidu was said to have an "ancient wisdom" inherent in his makeup in which his conclusions seemed to be bigger than the sum of his information. This is how Enkidu was able to give Gilgamesh such perfect advice at every step of their quest for immortality, even predicting things before they happened.

For these and other reasons, the "gods" decided that Enkidu's race must be exterminated and all memory of his kind wiped out. this was summarized in the "Curse of Humbaba" in which the demon-god screams out that "Enkidu is the most dangerous of all the creations of Enki and shall not be permitted to persist in the world, rather become a living ghost!"

Some people have suggested that the story of Enkidu predates Gilgamesh, since there are more statues uncovered in ancient Sumeria of Enkidu than there are of Gligamesh. It is possible these tales are tens of thousands of years old and originally were not about Gilgamesh at all, rather the legend of Enkidu.

You couldn't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

"You couldn't make this stuff up."

Correction: Someone did make it all up

Anonymous said...

Enrichmentation of detroit continues. Critical mass will soon be reached(i.e: Liberia)

Anonymous said...

June 17th, 7:28 am.... some one made up EVERYTHING you/we know, or else how would you know it! Me too! Everything you read is someone else's opinion.

Using logic and a few investigative skills, one may be able to determine the truth, or a portion of it, from the bullshit.

Tex is one of those rare individuals who can separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, in the bullshit department. I'm a little slower on the uptake, but I am getting better.

To those of you who are mocking Tex with accusations of having a mental illness, I got to say...are you kidding me?

First define "normal", then get right back to me.

If what is happening around you today is considered by you to be "normal", then, are the one who needs help.

Anonymous said...

There's a fine line between genius and madness.

Yes, Tex is batshit insane, but buried somewhere in his paranoid ramblings are nuggets of undeniable truth.

It's easy (and fun) to mock him but when the shit goes down, he's the one with a fully functional Vault. And Ive got respect for that.


Anonymous said...

Nyquist and Kaplan are neocon scumbags.