Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Abyss : The Kwa Will Not Return

The UK is right behind them along with all of Europe.

Ten years ago when I quoted Robert Welch on this site, lots of people had no idea what I was talking about or my apparent fascination with the Birch Society.

It's simple. The Birch Society was right. Everybody else turned out to be wrong.

What is the plan? It's simple. The plan for you is that you should die and have a cheap funeral, along with everybody else you love. That's their plan.

They don't need you any more. You are being phased out. Average IQ WASPish types no longer have any place in the overall scheme. A far simpler animal will do just fine as a servant. You are not even required as slaves. You are simply an obsolete breed of farm animal that is being held in a temporary holding stockyard until the truck arrives you to take you to the slaughterhouse. You will be walking up the ramp to the nailgun and still wondering what in the heck seems to be going on. It is not necessary for you to understand what is happening, merely that you stay in line and follow the beast in front of you.

This is what the global elites watch in shuttered silence behind closed doors while sipping $300.00 a bottle champagne.


Solsys said...

The headline of this post links to an article titled "After 29 months of the most left-wing presidency in US history, the American superpower is heading towards the economic abyss."

Can there be more blatant misinformation than that ? Completely partisan, completely forgetting about the very structure of the US economy ? (which is "non-partisan" as the current POTUS would say)

What's happening here, are you drunk or what ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tex. Serious question. Has any of your predictions over the last 10 years come true yet? Would prefer a link to the original post. Thanks, Anon.

Anonymous said...

They forgot the 5th, most likely, future city: Barter Town.


Anonymous said...

Mystery disease kills 300 sheep within an hour

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

More on the cyber-war front. Psychopathic ZOGoldman Sucks colony threatening that any cyber-attack will be dealt with full-scale military response. Considering how easy it is to set up a cyber-false flag attack, we can all guess the implications here:

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 12:56 AM

You must be kidding. I think by asking this question, you have answered it.

- False flag attacks by U.S. government (1999)
- Collapse of U.S. Economy starting in 2006 (1998)
- Worldwide volcanism as we approach 2012 (1999)
- Unusual solar calm (2003, before sunspots vanished)
- Collapse of U.S. dollar (1998)
- Increases in food and fuel prices worldwide due to climate(2001)
- Extreme lethal cold weather in change to Ice Age (2002)
- Election fraud in U.S. (2002)
- Fort Knox empty (1999)
- China starts WW3 for new world hegemony (1999)
- U.S. would lose all freedoms in march to New World Order (1999)

... and at least a million others.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anom 12:56 wanted links Tex, too bad the old content of your blog is gone.You could link to some of your posts on survivalist forums though, if you want to shut him up. Anyway, I stand by your predictions being correct, except that several times your timing was way off.

You are almost always right, but your habit of always setting exact dates hurts your credibility in the eyes of those that can't see past it.

Your neanderthal theories are quite recent though, considering up to 2009 you frequently mentioned believing they were savages unrelated to modern man.

joe said...

Since this is from your neck of the woods I'm guessing you've already seen it but just in case, get ready to laugh your ass off and cry your eyes out at the same time, cause the AGW cult is taking another swing at it.

Texas Arcane said...

I had a vast sea change in beliefs about all human origins in 2010, with the publication of the new genetic research.

Lots of stuff that had been inconsistent in my ideas for decades cleared up almost overnight. I had believed there must be some other mechanism at work in Asperger's because mainstream science had said it could not be the other thing, despite appearances. My mistake amongst others was assuming anything that the mainstream said with such certainty must be true. Now that I know different, I no longer make that error when I encounter new information in the media about our biological history. I just take the facts and ignore their conclusions.