Saturday, May 14, 2011

WW3 : ITZ COMING ... China-Pak Alliance?!?!?

Read the article.

Chinese government confirmed to be building massive supply tunnels and underground train routes into Pakistan to supply them during a war with India!!!!! These tunnels are a hundred feet underground and designed to survive nuclear blasts.

PLA on the ground in Pakistan cooporating with Pak army in logistics exercises.

Still think Chinese people are intellectual slackers or maybe can't see the big picture? I would venture that the leaders of China are just this side of Vault-Co in their ability to foresee which way the wind is blowing. They are definitely way ahead of the Kwa, Europe and Australia in knowing how this is going to go down.

You couldn't make this stuff up.

One good thing that may come out of this is that India will remain on the other side instead of falling into the arms of the Chinese.


Anonymous said...

Russian defense department: The pact signed between China and Pakistan signals that the final showdown between the East and the West has begun:

Note that the pact also enables the massive in numbers Chinese army to use the Karakoram Highway to gain direct access to the middle east.

The more countries that fall into the hands of the Chinese, the better. It will ensure that Kwanstein will, hopefully, have to deal with more threats than it can handle, masking it easier to meet its well-deserved destiny. Which is to be razed to the ground, like Carthage, and its memory forever vanish. That's the price to pay for acting as the military branch of the Rothschilds and the City of London by invading one country after the other - like Hitler did - and destroying national sovereignty worldwide in order to shove down people's throats "democrassy" and "human rights" -globalist style:

Texas Arcane said...

Amen. Let it come quickly.

People who believe it can be fixed will still admit they don't like it the way it is now. Well, I'll go one better.

I will like the Kwa better when it is a radioactive crater haunted by crows. It will be a good Kwa at that time.

I will remember it as the place I was born in, a beautiful nation with nothing but hope stretching out in front of it. Since that nation will never return, I believe the monster that is there now should be put to death like the abomination that it is.

Anonymous said...

They are lining up, taking sides, firming their strategies.

During WWII many countries, like Romania, waited for Germany to conquer Europe until they jumped on the winning side. Unfortunately, they hitched their wagon to the wrong horse and paid a terrible price.

This time some of the non-superpower nations are lining up with what they see as the ultimate winners, which is China-Russia. Apparently Brazil has signed on and Pakistan as well.

Japan will sit the next one out, as will most of South America. NATO will be ineffectual at best, or will jump ship at worst. The latter decision would be the smart move. Two major land wars last century is enough for them, especially when the war that's coming is a no-win if they stick with the Kwa. They only survive if they don't participate. And damned few with survive the radiation clouds at that.

England will be toast. I seriously doubt that Russia and China will ever forget what England did to them over the past few centuries. Not to mention the fact that the Chosen People own the place, as they also own the Kwa.

The South Pacific nations will go with China, as will Australia unless the Aussies somehow get sucked into the maelstrom.

Canada and Mexico are screwed.

Ironically, Africa will be spared most of the blast devastation, with the exception of North African nations. The country of South Africa will likely get it's hair mussed in order to get rid of Israel's influence.

I don't have to even mention Israel's fate.

I believe that Russia and China are letting the Kwa play itself out wrecking and messing with most of the nations in the ME and, indeed, the entire world. They hate it, but they have to wait.

Russia and China are biding their time, waiting, watching, finalizing their strategy.

Every day they get stronger and we get weaker.

The big question is when will they strike? I believe they will hit the Kwa before the Earth Changes start (and I ain't talking about global warming, lol) getting extremely severe. They want us out of the picture before the Earth get shaked and baked by whatever the hell is happening to the planet.

After the dust settles, what is left of Russia and China can deal with each other, but their main objective is to utterly wipe out the Kwa and the physical existence of the Zionists.

I'm guessing that the world's population will drop to a few million, the same as it was at about 6,000 BC. But then again I've always been an optimist. :)

And so it goes. The new Earth will be eventually repopulated again and over time people will forget what happened and, most importantly, why it happened.

And maybe in 15-50,000 years the people of Earth will have developed their technology enough to blow most of themselves away again.

Anonymous said...

Looks like hot wars, fought over energy (like in Fallout the game) are inevitable.

So much for fusion being, "just around the corner". Clearly the people in power, who would be in a position to know, don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Let hope our new lords and masters will be as benevolent as those we are losing. I can imagine they are not into individual freedom too much.


Sam said...

...Australia is no option since there will be a collapse of mountain ranges (which currently are over 2000 meters yet no longer when the Earth crust shift manifests)...

Texas Arcane said...

Thanks, that link was good for a laugh.

That's right, don't migrate to Australia. We don't want you and our immigration standards are too high for you anyway. In fact, tell all your friends they will never survive the "Crustal Shift" down here, they should stay right in the middle of ground zero where they are. That's the safest place for them to be. For me, anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Well said Anon 9:34.