Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why I Respect Glenn Beck

My feeling about Beck from day one was the same no matter what.

His paycheck was signed at the bottom by Rupert Murdoch. There was no way this guy was not a counterintelligence tool promoting straw man agitprop.

Anybody who told the truth about anything on televitz would lose their job in a heartbeat. Period. That's a fact. The mass media is run by some very, very evil human beings.

So when Glenn Beck first began to hit some real themes, like exposing George Soros, I thought this stuff is brilliant, they've even got their media puppets doing fake exposes on the major figureheads now. Talk about quality misinformation.

I was wrong. It's important to me to say this out loud.

Beck was fired immediately after this show aired.

I don't think this was a false flag operation to give him credibility. I guess he finally got a little too accurate despite the revenues he was bringing in. You're chopping at the root when you start naming names like George Soros and describing his massive smokescreen of global institutions.

I reckon George made a call to Rupert, they talked about ten minutes and the call came down to axe Glenn Beck, no matter what money he might be bringing into the network.

Note in this article on April 7th, these pathetic assholes were still pushing a "recovery." Lies, damned lies, media gibberish and statistics. These critters lie the way mammals breathe. It's the most natural thing in the world to them.

P.S. If you want to know what kind of sick bastard wrote that article linked to above, he actually defends Soros against a charge that Soros himself has openly confessed to numerous times ... George helped the Gestapo confiscate wealth and property from Jews who were dispatched to concentration camps and also got rich collaborating with them as an informant. If this guy Soros wasn't at Nuremberg, they should have let everybody else go.


Anonymous said...

Nice read, and agreed on Soros. Evil Incarnate. Both he and D Rock have the same hollowed our/red-rimmed eyes that bespeak great inner rot.

Listening to Beck go full-in on the DeadOsamaLoveFest was weird, especially since the econ deathspiral continues. Why focus on one more crazyassMuzzfuck set to room temp ? Stay focused on the Money Changers; they're running the show

It amounts to nada. Zip. Bupkis. It's diversionary. The ongoing hype about a ventilated head pic is just more of the same.

Something big is imminent.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Tex. You've always got something insightful or interesting to read here.

The more I see here and elsewhere, the more difficult it is not to laugh at the media and tv as they spin these stories to cover up the truth.

I agree with Tex and OhioDude - something big must be in the pipeline for them to be pulling these moves. Desperation, at least.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter even if he was for real in his "expose" against Soarse. Because it comes at a time when Saurus is already well-exposed and the most hated person in entire world. Too late at the party. He just jumped on the bandwagon and looks like a Lyndon Larouche/Alex Jones poor relative. His show about him made no difference at all. While on the other hand the damage done to the Tea Party by the likes Of Beck and Palin - practically neutralizing it - is irreparable. This is the standard by which he should be judged.

Anonymous said...

How Soros/Rothschild masterminded the Greek-Euro crisis through their decades-in-the-making, groomed puppet-globalist plant, the Greek PM. Euro-Crisis was an inside job much like 9/11. Believing it was a crisis due to "corruption" and "tax evasion" equals believing the 9/11-Bin Laden fairylale:

More on Soros/Rothschild coming from neocons and banker insiders:

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