Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vault-Co Predicts Some Craziness Now

I have a strong feeling that mass phenomena like this millennialism represent a kind of rolling wave of emotion with different levels of fear, dread and euphoria going through the whole population. Lots of people are having a really hard time trying to get their heads around the idea. Apparently the fringe elements were onto something all these years. People who were not the majority consensus turned out to be correct. Things were going to get bad. I know this because lots of those people have written me privately lately to begrudgingly concede that Vault-Co may have been onto something ten years ago.

Like in cancer victims - the first stage is denial. That's what this krapture rubbish has been about. Now comes the second part, just like in a cancer patient. Rage.

It's not the true believers I am talking about. The ones who genuinely believed they were leaving today probably will be the most harmless. It's the other 90% who had their fingers crossed behind their backs, hoping Christ was some kind of casino machine that pays off in convenience when the real world gets scary. "Yeah, sure, I go to church. If this rapture thingamajig is coming I'll be the first to go. I do good deeds and things. I can't even pay my mortage lately. If Jesus is coming back he'll definitely get me first." Watch that crowd. I think we will see something there in coming weeks.


Anonymous said...

I've been warning about the coming collapse of the US government since 1993. Most of the sheep think I'm certifiably nuts. Sadly, I'm the only sane one - it's the sheeple that are delusional. A tiny minority are waking up and starting to admit I've been right and that more and more of my forecasts have been proven right. My forecast timing is not perfect but the direction and magnitude of the trends forecasted have been right.

Dr. R


DirectNIC was hacked Friday evening (PST). Apparently a DDOS attack was used. It is unclear if the master tables themselves were hacked, or if this was part of a Cache Poisoning attack. Apparently their servers were still routing to malware sites early Saturday. Is this a test run for something worse? Doesn't seem like Anon's script kiddies, as skilled as some are, would be up to this.

Anonymous said...

Who says the rapture hasn't happened? There is only 144,000 people going and I wouldn't think they'd be big wigs that'd be missed. Then life goes on for the next 7 years getting worse and worse.

Anonymous said...

"There is only 144,000 people going and I wouldn't think they'd be big wigs that'd be missed."

You think a congregation wouldn't notice that one or more of its members, went missing without a trace, on a certain date?

That might wash before the age of the internet, but information is shared so quickly and easily now.

They call me Moe! said...

"There is only 144,000 people going." Are they all going to be Jehovah-Can-I-Get-A-Witness members? The group that the holds the record for the most failed End of the World predictions?