Friday, May 27, 2011

U.S. Air Force General : China is getting ready to fight and win a Third World War

Kwanzanians baffled. The globalist paradise was supposed to be here by now. This is like one of those icky serious things. Effeminate she-hes presenting as leadership not actually mentally equipped to dwell for long on real world or hard mechanics of human survival.

They were only laying low until their forces were built up to parity or better.

Vault-Co prediction : Kwa will be a radioactive glassine crater watched over by ugly crows, forever.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to the work of J.R.Nyquist and the various Soviet defectors, the U.S. should have known this 10+ years ago.

However, it twould appear mountain peasants in dresses and sandals were more important.

- deadman.

Anonymous said...

The clock is ticking!

At the moment China is like a million times better prepared to war than a socially decaying Kwazania.

They have massive, almost infinity size bunkers, a perfectly disciplined, machinelike army.
Their new tank: Type 99A2 MBT is much more advanced than M1 Abrams and it is just the beginning!

Kwazania is going down, day after day.

It is all connected together: nations madness, ice age, solar storms, super tornado storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, new world war. Like one huge chain reaction. "Misfortunes never come singly." "It never rains but it pours".

Just one spark and the sky's on fire.

Anonymous said...

Genghis and the Mongols were excellent military strategists AND tacticians. Their descendants are no less savvy.

Mao-Mart has been acquiring tech and materiele since the Golden Years of Bubbaville. They showed a US Aegis group their short range VIF-in-terminal re-entry mode missiles during an exercise near Taiwan. Required very very sophisticated pulse motors. That was a decade and a half ago. I wonder what they have now. Aircraft carriers ? We doan need no steenkeeng aircraft carriers. We just need to manufacture all the VLSIC sets you buy for your military, imperialist lackeys !

With the [inevitable] decline of Japan, that pretty much leaves South Korea as the final domino

They won't need tanks, except for internal control. They and Russia will control energy in the Asian landmass. Game over. The AngloAm campaign to control the ME and the Caspian Basin are doomed, courtesy of impossibly long resupply lines. Besides, our military is scheduled for endless PC-gayed up internal death and legal hassles, courtesy of Western Suicide programming

As soon as the SinoSov Renaissance maxes out, the chances of CONUS getting canned sunshine delivery goes way way way up. Dollar death will mark the moment.

Prepare Accordingly y'all


Anonymous said...

LOL "she-hes"

Did you coin that one? Brilliant.