Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This Just In : Osama Suicided With Vince Foster's Handgun in A Washington Park

This and that weren't true. That wasn't quite true, actually it was false except for one part which was kind of true if you forget the first part that was false. The rest was true as originally conceived except for the false part which is retracted but the remainder continues to be false unless we think we can declare it true at some point in the future.

Here's a real true photograph of the situation room - with all the laptops turned off. Totally true and completely unposed in any way. No, but seriously.

No, but otherwise, that part about assassinating the real true Osama was totally true and what have you and had he not been instantly sent to the bottom of the Mariana Trench we could have proved it. Furthermore, the false parts do not necessarily indicate the story was false, rather that the true story contained within it falsehoods.

What was the technical term they used for this in my psy-ops training in the Army? Wait a second, it's been 25 years, it will come back to me ... oh that's it ...



Anonymous said...

Look at Barry's body language in that photo. He doesn't look like a world leader. He looks like an angry teenager in the principal's office.

Anonymous said...

China is basically warning the KWA that f*cking with Islamabad means f*cking with Beijing, which also means f*cking with Moscow which ultimately means the imminent formation of a giant radioactive glass crater in place of the KWA.

Russia and China made the mistake of giving them some leeway in the Libya situation by allowing them to pass the "No-Fly Zone", which has later magically escalated into a full blown invasion and massive bombardment of the entire sovereign nation allied with Russia and China. They will not be making the same mistake again by considering the creatures they're dealing with as a sane entity that could at least be negotiated with.

WW3 here we come! Make sure to enjoy the spectacle that is the absurd and pathetic remainder of the American Civilization in its last days, the dumb slaves over which it dominates celebrating the death of the head "terrist" Ali Baba, and the the thermonuclear war which will soon eradicate them altogether.

If an entire nation suddenly finds itself cartoonishly retarded as a whole through social/cultural engineering, degeneration or for whatever reason else, it simply gets f*cked. It gets used and abused by whatever sociopathic clique that manages to be a litte more cunning than the common Pan troglodytes which means it takes over it's entire governance, uses them as tools to further their aims and dumps em' off when they're finished.

Kwanzania is now in the process of getting dumped after being used for decades because they've LET themselves to be used and abused by various sociopathic interest groups and persons simply with IQ's over room temperature which was more than enough to outsmart the Kwanzanian populace.

I mean just look at these... creatures;

U S A! U S A! U S A! U S A! U S A! U S A! U S A!

j said...

Alex Jones was making an interesting point: that revising the finer points of the story is actually a psychological ploy to boost its credibility. It gives the illusion that the government is really trying to get all the little details right, while taking the larger issue, of whether or not the story is true in the first place, off the table.

I think it's also extremely interesting that the story is gradually getting less demeaning of Bin Laden. First he hid behind his wife and used her as a shield. Then he didn't do that, and now he was unarmed when they shot him. It's rather cunning; it makes the story feel as though the government were trying to be brutally honest in the telling; after all, they could tell us any story they want, but if they're rescinding details that would have made them look better, surely it must mean that they're trying to tell the truth as accurately as possible, right?

Sadly, this is probably orders of magnitude too sophisticated for the average American to grasp. Even to suggest that such a tactic is being employed would be regarded as tin-foil hat level paranoia.

Anonymous said...

Globalists are the real threat:

confident and paranoid said...

Are they even trying anymore?

They used to try to fool all of the people all of the time, but that was hard and took a lot of effort, so as time went on they moved to just fooling some of the people all of the time.

Later still, it changed to fooling some of the people some of the time, and now they've reduced themselves to only fooling the semi-literate and developmentally-delayed when the weather is bad outside and they had nothing better to do anyway.

Anonymous said...

Face it, fellas. No matter what is reported, you won't believe it.

You guys find it easier to believe it's a massive conspiracy involving the entire White House, Navy SEALs, Pakistan, and who knows who else than you do to believe the much simpler story -- that we actually went in and got the guy.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 4:09 PM

Amongst other reasons, there is no "we," fapper. There's the people who run the Kwa as a for-profit venture and there is everybody else, the people they are standing on top of.

Pakistan apparently isn't having any of it. Like most people who suckle at the televitz teat, you are not aware yet that the Pakistan police are saying with absolute confidence there was no firefight and the helicopter crashed on touchdown. Right there, a whole 'nuther pack of lies.

When the Navy Seals "took the body," they must have also taken all arms on the property, because the Pakistan police said they not only found no weapons in the "compound" (apartment) they found no expended rounds. So the Navy Seals must've been catching their brass with a spare hand and putting it into their pocket before it hit the ground.

They found two dead unarmed men at the site. That's all they are reporting at this time.

Anonymous said...

You guys find it easier to believe it's a massive conspiracy involving the entire White House, Navy SEALs, Pakistan, and who knows who else than you do to believe the much simpler story -- that we actually went in and got the guy.
end quote

firstly, obvious troll is ..well, you know.
yep it's easy to believe the whitehouse and press, because they're umm, like, all about , like honesty and such. and stuff.

Anonymous said...

There were no weapons found on the three dead bodies, and none of them is Bin Laden. Hopefully, by the time I'm writing this, the State Dpt hasn't changed the fairytale story once more.

Anonymous said...

God bless you Tex. It's great to see someone out there who won't bend or break to the tide of consensus because the herd starts moving that way. With the nature of the herd those who think otherwise end up feeling like there's no one else who notices what is wrong. The pressure to conform is massive and depressing for many. Hearing a voice that says otherwise makes a difference.

Anonymous said...

The story has changed because it was hastily delivered before the SEALs gave their after action reports. Three dead bodies in the compound. Bin Laden killed and his body removed. Bin Laden wasn't armed. He wasn't shielded by a woman but a woman was hit in the leg in the room when Bin Laden was taken down.

I don't see a problem with this revision. Somehow this means it's all a conspiracy? Would you expect a story that was delivered right after the heat of battle by someone who wasn't in it to remain constant or would you expect it to change after the actual combatants made their report?

And why is it a bad thing that we went in and killed Osama? Because it happened while a moderate Democrat was in the White House?

Sure. It's a conspiracy. He's been dead for years. We're working hand in hand with Al Queda over this because of course if we weren't they could blow the story wide open about how Osama died years ago.

Really, the conspiracy theory involving dozens if not hundreds of people in the U.S., Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Al Queda members makes much more sense than the idea that maybe we did find him and did successfully conduct a covert mission to take him out.

And to think we might have accomplished all this during the new ice age while ITZ HAPPENING. Amazing!

Texas Arcane said...

Note the frequent use of "we" in the posts above. This guy is living vicariously through these tall tales. "We" went in and got him. "We're" all in this together. That's right. You and your homeys are all down in this together. I'll bet they pour one out on the ground for you every night.

It's like spectator sports except here they get to partake in a Tom Clancy style story.

It's their vanity through which they can be destroyed. Oy vey, so easy these goy. A sin it would be not to take advantage of.

Anonymous said...

Is that the best you got, Tex? Ad hominen attacks?

People often use "we" when referring to actions their country takes, often in the negative. "We should get out of Iraq." Haven't you ever heard that one?

The problem is your little conspiracy is a tenuous house of cards, and the gust of one little fact is all it takes to blow it down.

Really, we're talking about a conspiracy that requires the complicity of two White House administrations, a branch of the armed forces, officials in Pakistan, and the compliance of Al Queda itself.

And to what effect? To boost Obama's popularity ratings?

Your reasoning is comical and absurd. It's like you're a Neanderthal or something.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:31

Yes. The only reason to question this bad episode of Chuck is because a "moderate Democrat" is in the White House.
Now go hang your flag back on the porch, pat yourself on the back for being smarter than those "paranoid conspiracy fanatics" and go back to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Here's a fine article with a lot of good links for the Anon here who believes in the official narrative.

He/She (probably a "she", too conformist and authority-worshiping) might not exactly be a rocket scientist or anything, but the article just summarizes everything so well it might even convince little miss "we got him" here...

Here's a good quote from the article;

"The official narrative is easy to believe if you choose to switch off your critical faculties, and allow the Washington spokespeople and media moguls to take over, directing you what to think and when to think it. Conversely, sifting between the truth and the lies… requires effort."

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:44

We both know the truth is a hard pill to swallow.

Waking up is hard if there is a government installed snooze button.

Thank you again Tex.