Sunday, May 1, 2011

This is Nothing, I've Got Bigfoot Droppings In My Fridge At Home

Bet you anything Osama Bin Subcontractor has been on ice in a meat locker at Langley, Virginia since the summer of 2001. They probably planned all along for this to act as ballast to the stock market but they're not very bright with the timing. It no longer matters to anyone. The collapse of the Kwa is in full swing and this won't affect anything.

Just imagine yourself in the shoes of somebody thinking this will help Obama and maybe bolster his campaign. Try to imagine how much contempt they have for the average intelligence of the Kwans. They're probably right, of course.


Anonymous said...

Diversion from the "birth certificate".

j said...

I'm reading the comments on various articles on this around the web. Lot's of Americans talking about how proud this makes them. Too funny.

Lord Haw-Haw said...


They found Obama's birth certificate in dead Osama's robes.

Hot August Night said...

The media's been beating up the fact that The Crapper promised to "unleash a nuclear hellstorm" in the West if Bin Subcontractor was ever captured or killed. A nuclear or dirty bomb attack by The Crapper somewhere would allow Western governments to further increase "security measures" which they have recently been taking an absolute hammering over by civil libertarians and the broader public (ie.- the airport pat-downs and scanners)

Anonymous said...

Will Trump demand to see the death Certificate?

Anonymous said...

"DNA testing confirmed that it was bin Laden, sources told ABC News."


A quick scan of the bin Laden wiki article didn't reveal any obvious way for the U.S. to have acquired bin Laden's DNA prior to his "capture" yesterday, but I guess I would have to be a bit paranoid not to believe that the U.S. keeps DNA records of insignificant foreigners in anticipation of their becoming significant terrorists in hiding whose bodies will have to be identified through DNA comparison. That doesn't sound funny to anybody else? Could be just me.