Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Switched To Code:Blocks Compiler

I couldn't live any longer without intellisense and instance jumping, so I ported my Open Watcom projects from their shabby IDE over to Code:Blocks free development IDE. About a thousand times more productive, all the perks of Visual Studio, yet can still output to five operating systems with one compiler. Very good development environment for cross-platform products of all kinds.

I am still working on the real mode x86 server first, will release it, then the 32 bit protected mode, followed by Win 32, then Linux and FreeBSD. Should be plenty busy this year. I will release the accompanying book with the real mode x86 version so that all future books I write will be leveraged off the Vault-OS architecture. Whatever it is running on, your Lua scripts and JSON configuration files should be 100% portable to that instance of VOS.


Anonymous said...

There's every chance that Microsoft will release a VaultOS before you do.... *Yawn*

Texas Arcane said...

I'm looking at it right now. I'd call it a beta version.

If I get a version out before end of summer, will that mean you were wrong?

Anonymous said...

So March 2012?
You said you had a beta and were looking for testers ~4 years ago on aussurv.

Need some coaching?